Madonna - God Control (Official Music Video)

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Kasparov Uremakl
Kasparov Uremakl Today, 13:38
time to listen to walk of life by dire straits
Statelesslife Unconventional Art Channel
Statelesslife Unconventional Art Channel Today, 12:43
Madonna Should Help Rising Artist in creating beautiful Music that spreads PEACE not Violence in our lives!
Erre Gi
Erre Gi Today, 12:03
Today I'm happy, Madonna is rehearsing one of my favourite for Madame ⚔️ tour, RESCUE ME ☑️
Allan Martinez
Allan Martinez Today, 11:24
Continue work for a new World order, bitch
Tennessee Jermyn
Tennessee Jermyn Today, 11:03
You dont get it at all
miya oberman
miya oberman Today, 09:42
Thanks so much! Other types of different secret weapons also there are,, I have not idea concrete who and why did it on me,,,Many time i was on border between death and life And i had very hard personal life from this,Many years some criminal clan prevented me in everything (i think its were my husbands relatives and this sect also where bring people for sacrifice like victims to devil may be ) And now i am again under repression here in Yerevan.. I dont want escape with this problem to other country,,because i want decide this problem with humans rights especially women right with kids,, Now my sons adult,,,and with big difficulty I raised and grow them here in Yerevan ,,without any social benefits without a permanent job and good support of my relatives Constant blackmail and secret threats and extortion of small money now intrigue because of our 2-room apartment where I and my sons and husband live together . And nobody cares what I feel and I want.It's a big shame! I have high education & and many time i tried have good job in communicating with people ,but they are want what i work in very low workplace for kidding on me and show my position in this society to my sons how i am loser and lonely,, With respect and love . This problem in everywhere ,,
William Hewett
William Hewett Today, 08:08
Madonna has more money than God!She is richest female artist of all time.She is one of the biggest music ICONS in history...She can do what she wants...The Queen
William Hewett
William Hewett Today, 08:04
This is art!The Queen
M Today, 07:24
4 mil views in almost a month talk about a has-been
Justin Porter
Justin Porter Today, 07:03
Total crap. Worst music and singing on the internet. Time for Shady Pines Madge.
Fernando Venancio
Fernando Venancio Today, 06:59
Judy Heller
Judy Heller Today, 06:48
This song was not good.
Felício Antônio
Felício Antônio Today, 06:30
per fei ta
Classic Daytime TV Archive
Classic Daytime TV Archive Today, 06:25
This is a pile of shit.
Larissa Costa
Larissa Costa Today, 06:18
Bancar a música do feat da Anitta vc não tem né agora lançar outro clipe tem kkk
Franco Arias
Franco Arias Today, 05:59
me encanto pero no debería involucrar a la iglesia
Erre Gi
Erre Gi Today, 04:34
"Batuka" video Friday
Guaxinim Estrela
Guaxinim Estrela Today, 04:25
o vídeo foi bem produzido Deus abençoe Madonna eu sou do Brasil 🇧🇷 um abraço 🤗
T Sommers
T Sommers Today, 04:23
There wasnt anything about this video that spoke to me. Just more of the same nonsense scare tactics.
Monsieur Carpio
Monsieur Carpio Today, 03:47
The look may be a tribute to Raffaella Carra?
Cecilia Marín
Cecilia Marín Today, 03:46
Quien tenga list que las publique y veamos quien trabajo. Sigo en línea trabajando.
Kuthreeh Degone
Kuthreeh Degone Today, 03:42
Madonna, Celine Dion, Nana Mouskouri, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears and Taylor Swift are the best selling female artists of all time <3<3<3
Kuthreeh Degone
Kuthreeh Degone Today, 03:41
Thank you for your music Queen Madonna <3<3<3
Kuthreeh Degone
Kuthreeh Degone Today, 03:41
Amazing song <3<3<3
Betania Ramosshitt
Betania Ramosshitt Today, 03:40
Nobody can be this iconic. I have no words, madonna is the definition of a legend
ACUARIO 81 Today, 03:37
Mahgnon Ferreira
Mahgnon Ferreira Today, 03:34
Chorro todas as vezes que assisto 😥, eu te amo Madonna 💕❣️.
lillac Today, 02:56
Kuthreeh Degone
Kuthreeh Degone Today, 02:30
Madonna is ssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooo beautiful <3<3<3!!!!!
Written In The Stone
Written In The Stone Today, 01:32
THANK You Madonna. Finally A Song With A Message. I Like Entertainment just tired of Seeing Twerking Videos With No Message to Our Children. 💖 THANK YOU ✌🏿
Metamorphosis Today, 01:05
Pami RB
Pami RB Today, 00:48
Porqué los gays siempre son representados como locas en parrandas?Porqué Madonna siempre se burla de Dios y de la Madonna(Virgen) como firma en sus vídeos?Esos guantes son porque sus manos muestran las arrugas de sus 80 de vejez que el botox no enseña en su cara plástica.
Gina Sousa Branco
Gina Sousa Branco Today, 00:24
“Protesto” disco music! Another invention of Madonna and Mirwais. Wake up!
JG Pablo
JG Pablo Today, 00:04
Frida Khalo
Erick Halaback
Erick Halaback Yesterday, 23:45
Masterpiece ❤👊👑 @Madonna....única!
Tai Johnson
Tai Johnson Yesterday, 22:46
This was the most fucking artistic thing I seen in a while this song has 85 plays from me alone so far
gabriel paez
gabriel paez Yesterday, 22:19
Madonna is art
Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo
Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo Yesterday, 22:14
Madonna, Celine Dion, Nana Mouskouri, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Adele are the most successful female artists of all time!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo
Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo Yesterday, 22:14
I ❤️ this iconic song!!!!!
Jack Yesterday, 22:07
Bit dark having gun shots and people screaming and dying every time you play the video
Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo
Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo Yesterday, 21:46
Madonna has 47 number 1 dance hits (Medellin is a number 1 dance hit), 22 International number 1 hits, 13 USA number 1 hits, 14 UK number 1 hits!!!! 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️
tubeMonger Yesterday, 21:42
I like Vogue.
Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo
Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo Yesterday, 21:08
Madame X is a Billboard 200 number 1 album 👏❤️❤️❤️
Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo
Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo Yesterday, 21:08
Iconic song and album 👏
Agata Bravo Gonzalez
Agata Bravo Gonzalez Yesterday, 20:58
Larga vida a la reina Madonna! Pd. La única vez que te me caíste fue cuando grabaste con Maluma.
Jeff Stein
Jeff Stein Yesterday, 20:49
This isn’t artistry, folks. It is a famous woman using her platform to spread fear. The subliminal effects are palpable, and obvious. Not buying what she is selling.
Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta Yesterday, 19:16
this the tru Madonnish stuff.. awsum
J O Y C O M P L E X Yesterday, 18:44
Anti-Gun -
fumero Yesterday, 18:09
let's write each one of us: from which year we are Madonna's fans? i am from 1997 ! <3 i was 12 yrs old