Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care [Official Video]

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Gesiane Dias
Gesiane Dias Today, 00:16
Alguém do Brasil aquiii vamo braaasssiiilll 🇧🇷
EK17a Linus Malm
EK17a Linus Malm Today, 00:13
I fucking love uuuuu :p Are u even rich ? Please sign my Cock during my powernap justiiiin!
Giada Esposito
Giada Esposito Today, 00:07
Beast Bombe
Beast Bombe Today, 00:05
Da svideo is aber net so gut geschnitten oder war das absicht
Anna Coghlan
Anna Coghlan Today, 00:05
Ed - what shall we call the song?Justin- I don't care!
MaximalBehämmert Today, 00:02
Whaa.... wh... what even.... why?
hakuna matata
hakuna matata Today, 00:02
i hope i'm not the only one happy that justin looks hot again...
Rachele Di Marzo
Rachele Di Marzo Today, 00:01
When you don't know how to use photoshop
igos naille
igos naille Yesterday, 23:57
Paul D
Paul D Yesterday, 23:53
panda youtuber 909 tv
panda youtuber 909 tv Yesterday, 23:51
Justin eres gay jajaj gay gay gay gay gay gay gay
PabloBMX YT Yesterday, 23:51
Paulo londra
Stephanie Yesterday, 23:51
Looks like a pewdiepie video
Laser2120 Yesterday, 23:51
Is this really the official video ? looks low budget but maybe that's the effect they were after. A nice remix of this song https://youtu.be/FGU1eAFuhKg
Emanuela Santos
Emanuela Santos Yesterday, 23:50
Brasileiros que esculta deixa um like 💖👍
Important Or Silly Or Dunno
Important Or Silly Or Dunno Yesterday, 23:49
Drugs: 0%Flexing: 0%Swearing: 0%A budget of $10: 100%
Boludeces no.
Boludeces no. Yesterday, 23:49
That happens to them for hiring me as a video editor. 🤷
Michał Czapiewski
Michał Czapiewski Yesterday, 23:41
Hit of Holiday 2019🌞🍹💪!
Noor **
Noor ** Yesterday, 23:39
اين انتم ايها العرب 👀 لو بس اني
Carlos Bedoya
Carlos Bedoya Yesterday, 23:38
That happens when they let Justin edit the video hahaha
Ashley Missy
Ashley Missy Yesterday, 23:38
Very catchy . :-). Canadian fan .
Kalkidan Lemma
Kalkidan Lemma Yesterday, 23:37
JB sweeet
Panda Girl
Panda Girl Yesterday, 23:36
This is THE best music video Ever!!!!😍
Trip Films
Trip Films Yesterday, 23:36
What happens in my dreams
Arni Tandon
Arni Tandon Yesterday, 23:34
when u give 2 kids access to the green sreen
glanda pillai
glanda pillai Yesterday, 23:34
1 like = 1 crazy Photoshop feature involved in this music video!!!
Awiatorek yt
Awiatorek yt Yesterday, 23:32
QueenN 2010
QueenN 2010 Yesterday, 23:29
You are to funny
Ttv fortnite
Ttv fortnite Yesterday, 23:25
Tom Tommy
Tom Tommy Yesterday, 23:24
This video shows us how to reap in lots of money (with millions’ views on YouTube) & using green screens (budgeting)...The rich is getting richer & the poor getting poorer..
xH3adx Yesterday, 23:22
Is that Brad's mam 😂😂😂
Abdullah Sayem Nabil
Abdullah Sayem Nabil Yesterday, 23:21
Editing gone wrong
Gabby Ro
Gabby Ro Yesterday, 23:19
Editors: how many effects do you want?Ed: yes
BlueFireJack Yesterday, 23:18
Justin Bieber = Pedobear
Fearsome Br0
Fearsome Br0 Yesterday, 23:17
Loving that green screen
limeymax Yesterday, 23:16
Probably the worst song this year nothing new from Ed Sheeron! Could a Colab get any worse
Sindy Merari
Sindy Merari Yesterday, 23:14
I don ' t care like
Justyna Krzykowiak
Justyna Krzykowiak Yesterday, 23:12
Fajna muzyka
Cait X
Cait X Yesterday, 23:08
I watched this high.
Neeki Kumari
Neeki Kumari Yesterday, 23:07
I really don't care what is happening in this video , just love this song
Kieran Stark
Kieran Stark Yesterday, 23:06
Ever find it funny how a song is so severely broughr up and yet it only hit a hundred-minnion views? So far, I Don't Care is an example.But I don't care, who else does?! XD
Ирина Донецкая
Ирина Донецкая Yesterday, 23:05
Кайфую от клипа💗
Sully Rosul
Sully Rosul Yesterday, 23:04
I hate Justin bieber. He is a racist bastard and is rude to his own fans. Everyone please hate on this guy.
Gerlane Souza
Gerlane Souza Yesterday, 23:04
Gerlane Souza
Gerlane Souza Yesterday, 23:03
Renzo Rotela
Renzo Rotela Yesterday, 23:03
Paulo Londra 🔥🎶
Sweet Summer
Sweet Summer Yesterday, 23:01
Who else came here fromhttps://youtu.be/FwD-biRduMk
Ivan Vestic
Ivan Vestic Yesterday, 22:58
Uvik ćeš bit mali pičkić.
Tina McClure
Tina McClure Yesterday, 22:58
First of all let me say that I DON'T THINK IT WILL EVER BE POSSIBLE FOR ME TO NOT ABSOLUTELY LOVE ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF ED SHEERAN'S MOUTH! OMG I could literally listen to the sound of his voice 24/7/365. Ok now I'm a huge fan of Justin also but have to admit how surprisingly GREAT this song with the 2 is. I just never really think of Ed or Justin as the kind of artists that really need anyone else to make anything they sing good and honestly never ever has it crossed my mind " You know if they had so/so sing with them this would be much better"! But props guy's you are great together... Keep doing what you are and don't ever think that your true loyal fans will ever doubt or turn our backs on y'all. Love Yas
Jachym Holoubek
Jachym Holoubek Yesterday, 22:56
That green screen is horrible