Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Movie) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

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lunatic nea
lunatic nea Today, 00:11
Haha davis
Manuel Solorzano
Manuel Solorzano Today, 00:09
I wish you can go to my Brithday in june 20
Greta Giana
Greta Giana Today, 00:06
This is amazing!!
piria claro
piria claro Today, 00:06
Greta Giana
Greta Giana Today, 00:05
Maariyah Shamsi
Maariyah Shamsi Today, 00:04
This video is actually kind of funnybOoGiTy, bOoGiTy, bOoGiTy
Toton 22
Toton 22 Today, 00:04
hello cowboy the trap !!!!
Lemon Today, 00:04
I’ve been singing this for eight hours now. My throat is horse
hamzah Farooq 786
hamzah Farooq 786 Today, 00:02
Doc : you have 5 minutes to liveMe: plays thisDoc :this is 5:09God : allow it
Fêde. Today, 00:02
tik tok.
HyperDeath 02
HyperDeath 02 Today, 00:01
Random people: How many girls do you want in your party? Lil Nas X: No one. I want just my horse.
Modibo Quaye
Modibo Quaye Today, 00:01
Someone trying to be better that him 2:24
Hamza EkerHD
Hamza EkerHD Today, 00:01
%3 cars %2 girl%95 horsee
Luis Games
Luis Games Today, 00:01
"Official Movie" WTF :v
Modibo Quaye
Modibo Quaye Today, 00:00
People when they see PEWDIEPIE 1:37
Xavier Vulpine
Xavier Vulpine Yesterday, 23:58
The new redemption looking great
Beyblade Rox
Beyblade Rox Yesterday, 23:58
Legend says the horses r still in the back
AidenMax Playz
AidenMax Playz Yesterday, 23:57
The profile tho
DJ BENCE Yesterday, 23:57
Despacito NO! Old Town Road YES!
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Yesterday, 23:56
0:01 Red Dead Redemption 3 CONFIRMED!
El Farolo
El Farolo Yesterday, 23:55
now my gta v are rdr 2 lol
Vkn Prazzo
Vkn Prazzo Yesterday, 23:55
Je suis pas le seul francais j’espere
Terrance Powell
Terrance Powell Yesterday, 23:54
You can't tell me nothing
Delilah Germaine
Delilah Germaine Yesterday, 23:52
If you want the actual song go to 1:34 You will thank me later
JADOLIVE: YUSUF yasak Yesterday, 23:52
0:26 I just angry
Kim Wright
Kim Wright Yesterday, 23:52
I. like. this. song
ray wehrmeister
ray wehrmeister Yesterday, 23:51
Leigh Petersen
Leigh Petersen Yesterday, 23:51
How much you have you made off the you tube videos so far. Please tell me you monatised this video. Hahahahahaha
Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Wiseau Yesterday, 23:51
The trailer rambo the last blode
ray wehrmeister
ray wehrmeister Yesterday, 23:51
ray wehrmeister
ray wehrmeister Yesterday, 23:50
Jacob Jaafar
Jacob Jaafar Yesterday, 23:50
who else stayed for the post credit scene😳
ray wehrmeister
ray wehrmeister Yesterday, 23:50
i love this song:D
Billy Yesterday, 23:49
Help me hit -100 million subscribers because I have $1 in my bank account
ray wehrmeister
ray wehrmeister Yesterday, 23:49
Im gonna take my horse to the old town road' im gonna ride till i can't no more
chiquita dunlap
chiquita dunlap Yesterday, 23:49
Banana 🍌 have you gone make it home or you can get it to me go to see the dentist tomorrow and I’ll let yeiuw is the morning bae I was just y’all like you I know I’m a little girl but I wanna was y’all good morning friend thank you so much 😊 was a nice day I wanna I gotta get to you get the rest of the day off and get eurieiieie 👨‍⚕️ sed you. Need some rest all day tomorrow and yes
xMadara3x3 Yesterday, 23:48
Dance move at 02:26
Minecraft Gamer
Minecraft Gamer Yesterday, 23:47
This was played in full blast in my class LoL
ray wehrmeister
ray wehrmeister Yesterday, 23:47
Im gonna take my horse to the old town road' im gonna ride till i can't no more
Badabun []v
Badabun []v Yesterday, 23:47
Someone see the Diplo's cameo?
Hazel Harris
Hazel Harris Yesterday, 23:46
Love you
Geek 2.0
Geek 2.0 Yesterday, 23:45
Tijn Gomarus
Tijn Gomarus Yesterday, 23:43
Theres a problem..I can only like this video once
Jok3r shot
Jok3r shot Yesterday, 23:42
1:47 i Love moments
Ehsan Safi
Ehsan Safi Yesterday, 23:38
Who.else is doing that dance
Tasha Mac
Tasha Mac Yesterday, 23:37
He's smart rap and country ole yeah he definitely will get a lot of hits FYI don't sleep on the country music
Gabito :v
Gabito :v Yesterday, 23:36
This song is so epic bro 1:36
LILROAST Yesterday, 23:36
Lil Nas X looking at the views like100k - Can’t Wait for a million even though its premiered with 500k watching already💀😂1M - Still not enough hold my horse10M - We doing sum progress, gimmie bacc my horse🐎🤠50M - Old Town Road isn’t my only song😤100M - Bump this I’m Finna Go Diamond on these niggas🤠
Summer The Wolf
Summer The Wolf Yesterday, 23:35
Appears In kids backyard*Staring ContestKid: MAMAIm gonna take my horse to the old town roadMe: Wth
Chub Chub Flores
Chub Chub Flores Yesterday, 23:35