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Tyshon Sullivan
Tyshon Sullivan Today, 12:03
It's funny how I found this song while I was high
How Yu Chua
How Yu Chua Today, 12:00
“ Why is Manfred in the room?”
Laili Hamed
Laili Hamed Today, 11:58
0:12 BaYaBoOom🤩🤪🥵
Shlomi Hayut
Shlomi Hayut Today, 11:56
So trash omg...
BX BARRE Today, 11:50
People: why u broke up with Kanye!!Travis: she fell my mind with ideas 😂😂
Enter your Name
Enter your Name Today, 11:49
You can tell he takes lsd by this video looool
Jerod Tereshka
Jerod Tereshka Today, 11:42
Ooohhh spooky
_latto_ Today, 11:36
I don’t like being eaten by Travis Scott
Bonja Flores
Bonja Flores Today, 11:35
This request has been looking like a super bowl party..
Cryss Cross Curry
Cryss Cross Curry Today, 11:35
Ayyy! Stretch tooth strong 💪? How many boxers you see biting the ropes 😂.?Never the less, i must congratulate you on your excellent "win over the masses" campaign.Racking them views up....
Mohamed Mohamed
Mohamed Mohamed Today, 11:34
OG TANTI Today, 11:33
Im the goat in the room-2pac
Masimba Today, 11:23
The first time I heard this song was in church 🤦🏽‍♂️
Evans Haga
Evans Haga Today, 11:22
looking gosh every time
ice b
ice b Today, 11:21 this is my rap
Lil Ziploc
Lil Ziploc Today, 11:18
indian version is better
Bezel Rockie
Bezel Rockie Today, 11:17
i fucking love this shit
Zaid AlNasserOfficial
Zaid AlNasserOfficial Today, 11:15
My drunk thoughts
Joel Miranda
Joel Miranda Today, 11:10
cena pesada
Jordan Vinson
Jordan Vinson Today, 11:08
"I'm the gayest in the room"-lil nas x
Fii Ran Walker
Fii Ran Walker Today, 10:58
Loy Nas bong I love you haha Like 1k
Billz Y
Billz Y Today, 10:52
@2:08 Travis drops his shoes. Bots fighting manuel boys for them.
lachhab salah eddine
lachhab salah eddine Today, 10:39
Travis mood❤❤
МЭРИС Today, 10:20
I visited Travis's mouth
calvin. Today, 10:14
i was the fastest to the womb, i hope i make it outta here
dosam tabuu
dosam tabuu Today, 10:12
Travis: I'm the highest in the roomBillboard: fair enough.
Oswaldo Jimenez Canales
Oswaldo Jimenez Canales Today, 10:11
Which will be the name of this album??
Lupe V
Lupe V Today, 09:45
“rahise and shiiyeen”- Kylie 2019
Michał Tomczyk
Michał Tomczyk Today, 09:44
lit 👌 💯 🔥
Flaming sword_xxx
Flaming sword_xxx Today, 09:42
They be looking into my eyes but what they see they all despise That’s royalty at its finest . Yeh boi we be the highest . We never lie we be doing dis shit ever since we were the youngest. Yeh bish we keep real hot cuz we be honest and keep it royal cuz we the Gods thah put people in the spotlights on the dot no we never lie we never liee. Cuz we be doing this like the 24 to the 7 mmmmm lol felt the vibe and went with it. Each like means y’all felt tht shot
Rotton_tomatos69 Today, 09:41
“I’m the highest in the room”Snoop dog 2019
Ali Chahrour
Ali Chahrour Today, 09:40
Travis: I made the song of the year Kylie: Riiiise and shiiiine
Erick Santiago
Erick Santiago Today, 09:39
Alguien que hable Español que de reporteee🔥
philip Rostholder
philip Rostholder Today, 09:38
cultural scat.
Andre Richardson
Andre Richardson Today, 09:23
Yall mfs weirdo's n boring asf just like the damn song n keep it moving😒
Jakub Byliniak
Jakub Byliniak Today, 09:15
jong lee
jong lee Today, 09:10
0:55 Does this look DANGEROUSS?
Ben Uncanin
Ben Uncanin Today, 09:09
whos still watching 2019 octobre #lit #HIGHEST IN THE ROOM!😂
kr3wthroughnthrough Today, 09:08
“I wish a nigga had more room” -Inmate/Cellmate
A&I Skits
A&I Skits Today, 09:03
Mumble rap and camera deep throught..... 😂
Phax. Today, 08:59
Travis-“I’m the highest in the room”Kylie-“Ruuuhiiisee and Shiiine”
Asalie Rayder
Asalie Rayder Today, 08:58
No. #1 on Billboard Hot 100☁
Tasneem Al-Sanousi
Tasneem Al-Sanousi Today, 08:58
I just believed that Travis Scott is really a legend .
Dj Shimul
Dj Shimul Today, 08:50
Free 1M পেতে চাও তাহলে আমার চ্যানেলটা সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন
Blurr187 -YT
Blurr187 -YT Today, 08:49
Was that a red bee flying around ? Isn’t that like slang for the psychedelic drug 2-CB ?
Ash Ash
Ash Ash Today, 08:47
"she saw my eye know that i am not her dad"- Tyga to stormi ,2019
Irina Zedelashvili
Irina Zedelashvili Today, 08:46 1 Hour With Lyric
Gerippu Today, 08:38
Trippy Duck
Trippy Duck Today, 08:33
"This is actually a good song in the room"-me