ZAYN, Zhavia Ward - A Whole New World (End Title) (From "Aladdin")

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disneymusic 11 May 2019 01:17
Wish granted. Tickets are now available for Disney’s #Aladdin, in theaters May 24.
Kare Kook
Kare Kook Today, 06:28
Amo y amaré esta canción por siempre... ❤
bababa baba
bababa baba Today, 06:26
I like zayn and zhavia version But brad and lea is the best :)
Chris 05
Chris 05 Today, 06:24
Soack Leon
Soack Leon Today, 06:24
One Direction :)
raihana palaguyan
raihana palaguyan Today, 06:24
Zhavia's voice was really amazing and different. I loved the way she sing ❤❤ zayn also was a great voice.. nice combination 😍
Minh Quang
Minh Quang Today, 06:23
Aladdin is absolutely excenlent. You should watch this film.
ZADDY ZAYN Today, 06:23
Jinny Fam
Jinny Fam Today, 06:22
all respect for these two but i think they're better.
ZADDY ZAYN Today, 06:22
Dwi Savanisa
Dwi Savanisa Today, 06:21
normie ko
normie ko Today, 06:21
Darren espanto and Moressette sings way better you guys have to check it out
justsimming Today, 06:20
ok I literally spent the whole time in the end title and never heard the song excuse me???
bee nikmah
bee nikmah Today, 06:20
Angel Harrison
Angel Harrison Today, 06:20
They sound BEAUTIFUL but she's wearing WAY too much make up. I think she would be so much prettier without all of it jmo.
Melissa Espinoza
Melissa Espinoza Today, 06:19
I like the Spanish version more Becky G should of done the English version too
Marvi Delfin
Marvi Delfin Today, 06:19
Zayn and Zhavia sang it like was their own song 😍 they gave it a whole new vibe ❤️ amazing collab Disney!!!
Tyler Castelli
Tyler Castelli Today, 06:17
Meu Zayn 😍
cindy potts
cindy potts Today, 06:16
Zayn is daddy😍😍😍
LittleJohn Floron
LittleJohn Floron Today, 06:15
Goosebumps damn! Their voices blends so perfect.
cirujales christian
cirujales christian Today, 06:14 watch this version. Thank me later
osmium techs
osmium techs Today, 06:12
The first few seconds hear ike indian classic music..really loved😘
Monica Ailyn Gomez Ascencio
Monica Ailyn Gomez Ascencio Today, 06:10
Zayn👍 Peabo 👍 Regina 👍 Zhavia beautiful voice but not enought
Kingブランドン Today, 06:09
Line Poon
Line Poon Today, 06:07
YOU KNOW WhAT?After I listen to this......🧞‍♂️My ear is pregnant👂🏻🤰🏻
Palmo Today, 06:07
La cagaron maziso con un clásico
Hilal Yalcin
Hilal Yalcin Today, 06:06
why does the white girl have dreads
subhan affandi
subhan affandi Today, 06:05
abejeng cak
subhan affandi
subhan affandi Today, 06:05
subhan affandi
subhan affandi Today, 06:05
aku mau ke indomaret, ada yg mau nitip ?
Ricky Nelson
Ricky Nelson Today, 06:01
Jaqueline Rodriguez Mireles
Jaqueline Rodriguez Mireles Today, 06:01
Y Becky G ???? 😡
Mel Vlsayako
Mel Vlsayako Today, 06:00
I can see that Mena is perfect for Aladdin now 💕
Kurung pa
Kurung pa Today, 05:58
Aaa meleleh
FREEZONE PH Today, 05:57
They ruined the original song 😑😣😒
Dayane Brunken
Dayane Brunken Today, 05:56
Zayn for the next Aladin please ❤️❤️👏👏
Philip Martin
Philip Martin Today, 05:56
This is not a good version of the song. The guy has a great tone to his voice but he slurs his words like hes drunk. The girl doesn't have a very large range in her vocals and is trying to hard to sound like a R & B singer . The music video comes off like there's no unity in the singers and the way the song is arranged it feels like they are both soloist. Not a duet. These two look and sound depressed. This is a love song people!!! Act like it!!
Julie Ann Ebreo
Julie Ann Ebreo Today, 05:54
Watch A Whole New World in Wish 107.5 covered by Darren Espanto and Morissette Amon
aulia Suci
aulia Suci Today, 05:53
arielle 잠재 의식의
arielle 잠재 의식의 Today, 05:52
anyone else get extreme goosebumps from zayns voice at the beginning? bc damn
Sofia Beltran
Sofia Beltran Today, 05:51
Chris Tampadong
Chris Tampadong Today, 05:49
Please watch a new version of this song! Darren Espanto & Morissette Amon on wish 107.5 bus! A radio station here in philippines.ty
Jane Pinto
Jane Pinto Today, 05:49
Linda , mas prefiro a versão de 92
Micaela Argandoña Villca
Micaela Argandoña Villca Today, 05:49
Es hermoso....💞💞💞💞
Gbriss De Herculean
Gbriss De Herculean Today, 05:47
Great Zayn
Crystal Tocci
Crystal Tocci Today, 05:45
This song was already a bop but now it’s a bippity fucking bop
Ful John Ilustrisimo
Ful John Ilustrisimo Today, 05:44
On my opinion this two is good, but i still prefer the old version of the song, because it's so magical.. ❤️😍
rissa. qiss
rissa. qiss Today, 05:42
Have you watch Aladdin?
Aan Hanisyah
Aan Hanisyah Today, 05:40
Mildred Divina
Mildred Divina Today, 05:40
This sounds sadder than the original version