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Alia Salsabilla
Alia Salsabilla Today, 07:28
alexis ren is baddas🔥🔥
Letras Hd
Letras Hd Today, 06:40
terrible video
LNA Today, 06:07
Seeing Sophia T. Ali made me smile!
Chyna Montes
Chyna Montes Today, 01:41
She looks like justin bieber
James Sell
James Sell Today, 00:42
Anyone else spot Trevor Moran?
Sejal Desai
Sejal Desai Today, 00:19
I feel like you'd make more of an impact if you used people that didn't undergo boob jobs, lip fillers and other surgeries
Repressed Yeemo Stuck in 2005 击
Repressed Yeemo Stuck in 2005 击 Yesterday, 22:43
Jade Ungerer
Jade Ungerer Yesterday, 22:28
C T Yesterday, 21:05
I want bacon too!
Bongani Vilakazi
Bongani Vilakazi Yesterday, 20:32
Kygo please perform Ultra South Africa 🇿🇦
Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter Yesterday, 19:41
300+ vocal takes for this shit?
Zynec Yesterday, 18:59
This Song:*Exists*Depression Rates Go up to 169%
hannahpandabear Yesterday, 18:47
1:06 is that Jenn Im?
Fernanda Lemos
Fernanda Lemos Yesterday, 17:59
can someone please explain me the video with these lyrics...
Hardrell Taguibalos
Hardrell Taguibalos Yesterday, 17:39
Been streaming this a million times
Avei Riihsao
Avei Riihsao Yesterday, 17:00
1:24 what's her name?
Helen Nagooyen
Helen Nagooyen Yesterday, 16:43
sem1ra sem1ra
sem1ra sem1ra Yesterday, 16:38
i lobe you kygoooo
Mahmoud Abulkhair
Mahmoud Abulkhair Yesterday, 15:22
Nobody:Comment Section: I fElT tHaT
Silverson X
Silverson X Yesterday, 15:07
Kygo! Please release MV for "Kem Kan Eg Ringe"!
Kitty Katy Perry Kat
Kitty Katy Perry Kat Yesterday, 14:15
Why are making the song with dancing music and that titled "Not Ok"
Stella Ojideh
Stella Ojideh Yesterday, 10:32
Ohhh, so this is what goes on at celebrity events
tapan thite
tapan thite Yesterday, 09:07
Take me ☺️❤️💫
Julia Tschimben
Julia Tschimben Yesterday, 08:46
emo fish from spongebob
emo fish from spongebob Yesterday, 08:39
me: *hears song*me: oh that’s cool-me:*hears “i’m not okay”*my emo ass: I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
JOHNICA FISHER Yesterday, 08:27
This touched my soul
Danni Hill89
Danni Hill89 Yesterday, 07:16
I want one 👍💋💍
Fiz Iz
Fiz Iz Yesterday, 06:31
0:09 part.. whos that guy?anyone please?
Franco Duarte
Franco Duarte Yesterday, 06:12
Te amo gia
Juicy Fruit
Juicy Fruit Yesterday, 05:05
i like the guitar!
fausto carmona torres
fausto carmona torres Yesterday, 03:35
Seven months, two weeks and seven days Since I left, who's counting anyway? But for me the only thing that's changed Is the distance between New York and LA Seven months, two weeks and seven days Since I was so easily replaced It's so strange how I recognize her face But tell me, does she make you feel the same? Kills me to know she's sleeping in my place
pelicanobom Yesterday, 03:12
"I'm self destructing tonight"So relatable it hurts. It really does.
em vor
em vor Yesterday, 01:37
2:29who is this girl?
Future Cuts
Future Cuts Yesterday, 01:00
Song of the summer with WAVES - Don't Touch My JUUL 🔥🔥🔥
L. K.
L. K. Yesterday, 00:36
Not beautiful? Then what I am???😂
Rosa L
Rosa L Yesterday, 00:32
Is that jenn im?
N. L.
N. L. 15 July 2019 23:45
The video was good but the pizza thing got me
Colin Kelch
Colin Kelch 15 July 2019 22:21
When shit hits the fan in my life I can always count on my favorite artists to make music that let's me know I'm not alone. Cant Express how much this song and video means to me right now. Good shit kygo.
Sofia Castro Hernández
Sofia Castro Hernández 15 July 2019 21:36
Producer: What do you want in your video? Girls in a pool? in a fast car? Kygo: Let's see what the girls feel inside
speed kid
speed kid 15 July 2019 21:20
Imagine not loving kygo... Could never be me
Raxia Efreet
Raxia Efreet 15 July 2019 20:49
can someone tell me what happened in the video? i dont understand
Raxia Efreet
Raxia Efreet 15 July 2019 20:49
can someone tell me what happened in the video? i dont understand
Leo Burg
Leo Burg 15 July 2019 20:08
If you like Kygo's song, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy my new song as well. I'm an independent artist, so please don't hate on me for the self promo. I really would appreciate the support though! Much love! Link down below.
Oscar Zielfelt
Oscar Zielfelt 15 July 2019 18:32
I Just dont get it
Xonaf Enier
Xonaf Enier 15 July 2019 17:35
Nice song
Owen Mruk
Owen Mruk 15 July 2019 17:25
Song at the beginning?
Majestic Casual
Majestic Casual 15 July 2019 16:55
not ok how good this is 🥰
Marco Funaro
Marco Funaro 15 July 2019 14:26
1:50 isn't that Tessa Violet the one helping the drunk girl ?
Halit Baycuman
Halit Baycuman 15 July 2019 13:25
Zia Khan
Zia Khan 15 July 2019 13:06
Everyone is beautifull 🌷❤