[BANGTAN BOMB] '작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv)' Dance Practice (Eye contact ver.) - BTS (방탄소년단)

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bingo冰 Today, 06:21
lobinha -cute
lobinha -cute Today, 06:09
Ivy Turner
Ivy Turner Today, 06:06
This video reeks of awkward at moments, and I loved every second of it! 💗
caitlin l
caitlin l Today, 05:53
i love when tae is playful !
Layal Al-Hroub
Layal Al-Hroub Today, 05:25
I love Taehyung in this video he’s so cute and funny 😍
Lujille Kim Estrada
Lujille Kim Estrada Today, 05:20
3:04 look at V i believe I can fly🤣
Lujille Kim Estrada
Lujille Kim Estrada Today, 05:17
Jimin legs!🤣
멋진정국 Today, 04:55
Prince Min Yoongi
Prince Min Yoongi Today, 04:27
Bless the cameraman 🙏
Exotic Unicorns
Exotic Unicorns Today, 03:40
Seeing Jimin smile makes me so happy :)
yasa tak
yasa tak Today, 03:15
2:46 😂taete & kookoo
Me hackearon no tengo foto
Me hackearon no tengo foto Today, 03:13
V is the best hahaha is funny :)
Deidre Muhammad
Deidre Muhammad Today, 02:59
I am officially a BTS stalker😆🌹Such awesomeness in just the rehearsal?!Way cool🐳👏
candra siregar
candra siregar Today, 02:55
saranhaeo oppa
Ana de Campos
Ana de Campos Today, 02:38
2:45 eu vi isso taehyung2:55 eu vi isso namjoon 3:10 eu vi isso jimin
조뽕 Today, 01:57
짐벌로 찍었음 좋았을텐데... 너무 흔들려요
انيقه بضحكتي
انيقه بضحكتي Today, 01:15
2:46 look at that😂😂 What tae doing to kook 😂😂😂
Batata Beagle
Batata Beagle Today, 00:49
Olha a filha da putagem
Van Park
Van Park Today, 00:28
NamJoon te ves hermoso 💜
Arindaa Today, 00:26
Lupita Mendoza
Lupita Mendoza Today, 00:07
Lindos chicos. Pero q ya agarren la onda de no al maltrato. Pues sabemos q hay maltrato por sus manager. Abran los ojos!!
_MīMī RåppĘr_
_MīMī RåppĘr_ Yesterday, 23:59
Hyeseong 0910
Hyeseong 0910 Yesterday, 23:55
jin love u
Rika Artika dewi Tika
Rika Artika dewi Tika Yesterday, 23:39
Iam so very love to Jungkook ♥️
lilmochiix Yesterday, 23:36
i love the eye contact 🥺💓
ARMY_9_JIKOOK Puerto Yesterday, 22:05
رويه الكعبي
رويه الكعبي Yesterday, 20:58
Kam Vivian
Kam Vivian Yesterday, 20:23
看boy with luv dance practice,结果广告就是boy with luv的V FanCam。哈哈哈,真巧 😁
PinkyBars Yesterday, 20:20
What type of shorts is namjoon wearing?
KataraSu Yesterday, 19:57
Ребят, я знаю, что русские везде. Может мне кто-нибудь объяснить, кто из них есть кто?
Remains Yesterday, 19:54
jin is the only serious one lmfao
HIKE Gaming
HIKE Gaming Yesterday, 18:50
Bts following the way of txt.
zerrin erol
zerrin erol Yesterday, 18:46
ı love btssss
Kaden Jishie
Kaden Jishie Yesterday, 18:23
Why did V hit Jungkook butt?! 😂. 2:46
jaminsprite Yesterday, 18:06
100% not lying, my favorite casual look from Jiminie
Teten Balbin
Teten Balbin Yesterday, 17:32
soooooo cuuteeee
Azzahra Maghfira
Azzahra Maghfira Yesterday, 17:14
jimin's shoes😅
Dimas Cahya Putra
Dimas Cahya Putra Yesterday, 17:00
1.56 jimin laught hahahaa
Galaxy of Toast
Galaxy of Toast Yesterday, 17:00
I saw Tae touch J Hope's butt😂 and when he and rm he just pause
Enx Gonzales
Enx Gonzales Yesterday, 16:31
3:05 jimin copying rm is gold 😂
Fadhila Shafia
Fadhila Shafia Yesterday, 16:28
2:46Look what V did
aaratae sea
aaratae sea Yesterday, 16:24
Im laughing like Jimin when Jhope & Jungkook "oh no" part😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
goen de aimar
goen de aimar Yesterday, 16:20
I Love you BTS
JoJo Da ARMY Yesterday, 16:12
Is it me or does anyone else find the foot work so satisfying?
GRETCHEN T. Yesterday, 16:12
go bts we love you
Subil Garcia
Subil Garcia Yesterday, 15:56
I just wanna say they are so cute
Марина Жиганова
Марина Жиганова Yesterday, 14:53
2:45 шлеп.!
e s r a a
e s r a a Yesterday, 14:51
1:56 how JK for got to say 'oh nah' and jimin was dying in the back 😂😂💜2:45 how Tae slapped JK's butt 😂2:14 how he just stops when the camera zooms in 😂and how jimin spinned in the end 😂 is way more fun to watch than the original
Icesipper Yesterday, 14:30
What happen to V face at 1:23
Vminkook namjin Sope forever
Vminkook namjin Sope forever Yesterday, 14:29
Everyone is so cute today