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Mahima Javed
Mahima Javed Today, 06:31
Offset exited from the group Bruno mars n cardi b's song please me. Now it's the favour...
Christina Barnard
Christina Barnard Today, 06:29
Am I the only one that think he looks like Busta Rhymes 🤷🏿
Ann Davis
Ann Davis Today, 06:11
I so want Nikki Minaj on this 🤣😂 Somebody get Nikki please I'm tryna see👀 something
Maks bloxburg Videos
Maks bloxburg Videos Today, 06:00
bruno mars has left the chat
Jenna Payne
Jenna Payne Today, 05:59
Congrats kardi you're now pregnant
Deanna Satoy
Deanna Satoy Today, 05:58
Do you wanna hit the blunt? Me: 0:51
She TheOne
She TheOne Today, 05:57
🔥🔥🔥 Cardi 😍😛😛👅👄
Ann Davis
Ann Davis Today, 05:55
Cardi went awfffff she Poppin ass errrrrwhere Lawd 😍 her
itskatelynmt Today, 05:54
Fucking obsessed with this videoooo
Rosemary Perry
Rosemary Perry Today, 05:53
Man brono mad now pay back from offset it’s going to be a lot of drama a lot too this song was boom and I really like this couple and that’s all I have to say🤔🤔🤔☹️
Marwah's Toys And Fun
Marwah's Toys And Fun Today, 05:45
Til tok
Alejandro Family
Alejandro Family Today, 05:44
Whos here for only offsets verse ✋
Ycn Ktm
Ycn Ktm Today, 05:44
This nigga cant play piano
Gwen Carmelle Caber
Gwen Carmelle Caber Today, 05:41
Offset must be fcking hard when they were shoting this vid lmao
earnedmystripes Today, 05:41
Thanks, Offset for the hotass video with Cardi B but this track is garbage.
It’s Eh’Rysss
It’s Eh’Rysss Today, 05:35
But I mess with it
It’s Eh’Rysss
It’s Eh’Rysss Today, 05:34
Why did I just watch a sprint commercial
Javon Bryan
Javon Bryan Today, 05:15
I listen to this song every single day
The FireBlaster L0L
The FireBlaster L0L Today, 05:10
Offset must be lucky in that music video
Scherezadah Oka
Scherezadah Oka Today, 04:58
aaron afre
aaron afre Today, 04:56
Shit official.. until quavo get a rapper wife.. he retired
Carl Milton
Carl Milton Today, 04:53
Cardi getting better and better. love her
Carl Milton
Carl Milton Today, 04:51
I duck with him. please treat our Cardi right man. u got me back because of cardi. I support.
king Ramirez
king Ramirez Today, 04:44
Y’all know offset got them views cuz he’s with cardi right. ??
Random Person In Comments
Random Person In Comments Today, 04:42
Feels different when you don't watch the video
Jemarion Brown
Jemarion Brown Today, 04:40
This song is lit
Shook Today, 04:37
Knowing me, if I did a video with those mirrors I would smash my face into them
Glo Roberson
Glo Roberson Today, 04:35
"yellow or black?"offset: yes😂😂
Gamingz nl
Gamingz nl Today, 04:35
I wish this song was offset only
Renny roblox
Renny roblox Today, 04:08
tik tok do anything for look at the begining of the video LMAOAOAOOA
Sho Lom
Sho Lom Today, 04:07
Certified White Girl
Certified White Girl Today, 04:05
Can’t tell me this shit isn’t fucking hot.
khamon downer
khamon downer Today, 04:03
This how extra I’m tryna be with my man
Cavs Man215
Cavs Man215 Today, 04:03
Offset cumed his pants 100%
Φωτης τ.
Φωτης τ. Today, 03:59
What a beat😍
Pedro Soares
Pedro Soares Today, 03:57
Cade os BR carai
Queen Melissa
Queen Melissa Today, 03:53
Poopity scoop
Bell Ive
Bell Ive Today, 03:47
Anyone else always skip to the first 10 seconds to get to the song quicker??
Shook Today, 03:47
Nasia Matt
Nasia Matt Today, 03:40
Eli Green
Eli Green Today, 03:37
Best migo has been confirmed
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera Today, 03:30
Guys he do anything for clout
ABRAHAN SOTO Today, 03:24
Madyson Ackerson
Madyson Ackerson Today, 03:11
Bitch watch your mouth..? BITCH watch your mouth. Like if you know what I’m saying
This is My lifestyle
This is My lifestyle Today, 03:09
YøungTrippSavage 666
YøungTrippSavage 666 Today, 03:04
Is Offset on TikTok at 0:01 WTF? BTW this beat if fire 🔥
Aloysius Eiseb
Aloysius Eiseb Today, 02:42
They're also talkin bout themselves right? Coz both Cardi nd Offset knw er'one including them is a cloud chaser✌#WeAllChasingDaCloud 😂😂
LaTanza Lashay
LaTanza Lashay Today, 02:33
🔥 🔥 🔥
Crazed Mayhem
Crazed Mayhem Today, 02:29
Wow, this song really sucks.
leo Today, 02:25
On repeat all day with Xavier White - Love Questions 🔥🔥🔥