Ed Sheeran - Beautiful People (feat. Khalid) [Official Video]

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TOP EXPLORE Today, 13:53
elmo games
elmo games Today, 13:50
I like how Ed is just awkardly photoshopped in around the video. See 1:53 for example
Amihan Victoria Martinez
Amihan Victoria Martinez Today, 13:38
Ed is Edited Hihihi I love this Music
Nabeela Mouissaoui
Nabeela Mouissaoui Today, 13:17
Loved it loved it loved it
Olivia Sobremonte
Olivia Sobremonte Today, 13:13
I love you Khalid💕💕
Akhil Nambiar
Akhil Nambiar Today, 13:11
Woah!!That's cute
ひゆー Today, 13:10
CHANG LIN GOH Today, 13:03
These are the timings Ed and Khalidwas in the vid 1:26 1:36 1:51 2:37
Reynalyn Today, 12:51
Now im more convinced why im so connected to Ed, Because we're not beautiful! ❣
WAVXZ Today, 12:47
Ed Sheeran: drops songs with literally every artist he knows *actually gets views*DJ Khaled: am i a joke to you
Knock About
Knock About Today, 12:39
Absolutely No One:Youtube Comments: Memes
Aditya Rawat
Aditya Rawat Today, 12:31
I feel bad for the people who always show how awesome their social life is after they see this video they will think it was all for nothing.lol
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Today, 12:29
Ed Sheeran is the greatest musician and a human being. I love you man🙏
sahil mahadik
sahil mahadik Today, 12:19
i saw you ed
Kelly D'Or
Kelly D'Or Today, 12:09
Love frm Dar_Tz (East africa)
gio care
gio care Today, 12:03
This video, somehow, after an entire life following the beauty ideas everywhere nowadays, made me realize that all this perfection-frenzy is really _nothing at all_.
Ana Patterson
Ana Patterson Today, 11:57
Ok I love this video so much
Fahlevi Today, 11:56
2:37 Did they cropped ed sheeran and put it on top of the Hummer scene. Look like a troll photo tho when you paused the video.
Reyna Aja
Reyna Aja Today, 11:18
Lin Shin
Lin Shin Today, 11:11
Thank God we have Ed Sheeran! We need more real music.
Vicstone GR1
Vicstone GR1 Today, 10:59
1:51 I love how Ed looks in this shot lmao.
OMIM Today, 10:50
Something about this song is really wholesome and beautiful! 💓
hema dadi
hema dadi Today, 10:44
Beautiful song 👌👌💓💓💓
Abhijeet Singh
Abhijeet Singh Today, 10:41
i think the people with pure soul kind helpfulness and sacrifice for others are the most beautiful people in this world .,.. beauty comes from inside Love From India
Pardhan. G
Pardhan. G Today, 10:13
Kya bta bhai osm m😘😘😘
Tadar Yama
Tadar Yama Today, 10:06
Love this song 😍😍
Nikki Gupta
Nikki Gupta Today, 09:59
I am from India
Calleigh Sells
Calleigh Sells Today, 09:12
The most loyal guy ever lol
Kamaljeet Kalsi
Kamaljeet Kalsi Today, 09:06
That's such a "beautiful" video!
Simeon Alfredo Tabe Doa
Simeon Alfredo Tabe Doa Today, 09:05
thats what you call "mendalam" 😄☺
Anisa Mardiana
Anisa Mardiana Today, 09:03
I miss this pure kinda song. Atleast we still have a artist that’s normal ( PS, no hate to other artist )
Samuel Brem
Samuel Brem Today, 09:03
Hey guys, I know nobody would read this and nobody will listen to this, but maybe you'll do! Here's my cover of beautiful people.https://youtu.be/ML5YGLJTPpk
rose Water
rose Water Today, 08:53
Um so yeah ...... come down here to New Orleans and Acadiana and this is already our motto. We embrace everyone . We do not like fake people . We laugh at them and think “ I hope they can find joy one day” ...... and we watch in awe of our beautiful Mexican , black , white, Cajun , Spanish , French , Italian .... Vietnamese ( many cultures and races ) parade down our streets . Every walk of life , every body type .... join in ! All of Southern Louisiana too ! We already know what Ed is expressing ..... and we adore him for it !!!!!!
Charnz McTavish
Charnz McTavish Today, 08:51
Pure love and how beautiful it is.You can feel it in this song.
Mohamed Darwish
Mohamed Darwish Today, 08:47
Respect and love to Ed An Kalid
Thanakit Thongkham
Thanakit Thongkham Today, 08:36
Love love
Puppet Master
Puppet Master Today, 08:25
Be yourself.
TheJester Today, 08:11
I used to get bummed out that my bf and i were so awkward. I wanted us to be cool and smooth like couples i see in movies. This song made me think about it. Thats not who I am or who Im attracted to. I fell in love with him because hes a dork who makes me laugh and im sure he fell for me for the same reasons. Pretending to be someone im not would be an insult to that connection we share.
Satyam Tiwari
Satyam Tiwari Today, 08:11
realistic song and video is soo nice.... !!
ForeverGrace Today, 07:51
Producer: How many songs do you plan to post?Ed: yes
longchicken Today, 07:44
Sam Snelling
Sam Snelling Today, 07:44
How many time did you view this and not notice ed an Khalid ...took me at least the 10th
Diego McFly
Diego McFly Today, 07:29
It’s my favorite song of his new LP. It’s an amazing song.
Karl Von
Karl Von Today, 07:26
so underrated and beautiful, thank you Ed Sheeran!
WenChao Liang
WenChao Liang Today, 07:21
Ed Sheeran VS Pitbull
Felecia Wane
Felecia Wane Today, 06:35
What is the blue logo in Ed's every music video supposed to mean?
Matt Vargo
Matt Vargo Today, 06:23
just gonna put it out there. HERE B4 A BILLION!!!
Tharun Kumar
Tharun Kumar Today, 06:22
Anon 47
Anon 47 Today, 05:48
We just found 20k fake people in this video lol ... I mean who else would dislike this video ?? This is actually an important topic to be talked about right now ... Our world has changed into a way where fat or dark or disabled people should not even exist in the world by only showing the “perfect” shaped and toned people as models . As if everyone who exists should be models and fake ..I mean wtf is even the deal with hyping about balenciagas , gucci and all those stuff about ? When you buy those expensive but not that worth it things remember that there are people who are dying because they don’t get their daily bread ..No matter how fake or “popular” or “lit” you are trying to be deep down you are still YOU ... ✌🏻
বিন্দু মাসি Bindu masi
বিন্দু মাসি Bindu masi Today, 05:39
ভিডিওটিআমার মন ছুঁয়ে দিয়েছে আশা করি আগামীতে আরও ভাল ভিডিও উপহার দিবেন ।আপনার জন্যশুভ-কামনা রইলো । আমিও চেষ্টা করি ভাল কিছু করার জন্য ।সবার দাওয়াত রইলো আসবেনকিন্তু