Good to Be Bad (From "Descendants 3"/Official Video)

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Sandra Vargas
Sandra Vargas Today, 00:09
Nossa que legal tomarem que lanse
Gabby Stern
Gabby Stern Today, 00:09
Ludmila Gonçalves
Ludmila Gonçalves Today, 00:03
Que arraso 🙄
regivaldo noleto
regivaldo noleto Yesterday, 23:54
Ah não gente essa gente nem faz tanta coisa sério Ah não eu vou assistir o filme descendentes mas eu não aguento não aguento eu sei que é meio difícil esperar mas temos que esperar até passar esse mês no outro mês e passar no outro mês aí que sim que vai né vai demorar muito masQueria conhecer muito Carlos e vi a verdade Sofia Carson o meu sonho é cantar e ser famosa ser reconhecida por todos os países não meu nome é Sofia de Andrade Noleto e eu tenho 9 anos uma criança para poder caso mas eu tô muito muito animada para ele esse filme maravilhoso tchau gente
Nicholas Young
Nicholas Young Yesterday, 23:52
Why r they bad again?
norma Ibáñez
norma Ibáñez Yesterday, 23:36
Te adoroo ybiiii
norma Ibáñez
norma Ibáñez Yesterday, 23:35
Adoro a mal y ala canción nueva
Rene Granillo
Rene Granillo Yesterday, 23:22
I love 2:10
Alex Gambrell
Alex Gambrell Yesterday, 23:20
I like the way you sing
Phoebe Yorston
Phoebe Yorston Yesterday, 23:18
The 4 vks are probably the 4 in the front.
aamir aziz
aamir aziz Yesterday, 23:17
Mal is totally the best vk. this is how much love Mal and Evie (the besties)👇
Nicole Cano
Nicole Cano Yesterday, 23:15
Omg I love descendants and I wish I can be on tv and I love to dance I wish I can be on descendants......
aamir aziz
aamir aziz Yesterday, 23:13
I wonder why my like button is blue...hmm?
aamir aziz
aamir aziz Yesterday, 23:13
So much secrets.for example Carlos house and Evie ally and their is a new trailer omg so much secrets in that vid as well like if you all agree
R Hollands
R Hollands Yesterday, 22:59
Why is Dizzy on the isle when she got invited to Auradon in the 2nd film
Vanessa Vargas
Vanessa Vargas Yesterday, 22:50
Roblox Potato
Roblox Potato Yesterday, 22:47
Okay okay don't come at me but, I ship Mal and Jay :3
Kevon Range
Kevon Range Yesterday, 22:46
I swear if I hear " you didn't think this was the end of the story did you?" At the end of the movie I'll freak
Roblox Potato
Roblox Potato Yesterday, 22:44
Seriously when does this come out... o-o
Ana Daniela 26
Ana Daniela 26 Yesterday, 22:42
Desendientes soy su fan número 1
gacha slayz11
gacha slayz11 Yesterday, 22:41
When they make a descendants 4 I wanna be in it
Bhadoreo Yesterday, 22:39
Can't wait😭
Leanndra Seonia
Leanndra Seonia Yesterday, 22:37
I love your voice mal and Evie and jay, Carlos
Keandra Warren
Keandra Warren Yesterday, 22:16
How does Evie dance in heels
Lorruana Nogueira
Lorruana Nogueira Yesterday, 21:06
123:rotten to the core1265:ways to be wicked12424:good to be bad12: what's My name
minyoung ahn
minyoung ahn Yesterday, 20:36
My fav partur life could change today, ur life could change today
Cookie Gamer123
Cookie Gamer123 Yesterday, 20:11
Amedeo Colpo
Amedeo Colpo Yesterday, 20:07
Lila BOOTIFUL Yesterday, 19:44
Evie:dancing in heals like a pro Me:trips over a trillion times
kyutiizz gurll
kyutiizz gurll Yesterday, 19:04
Ocean love
Ocean love Yesterday, 18:52
I tried to copy there moves while they was dancing and umYeah I'm not good
zoya zoya
zoya zoya Yesterday, 17:55
3.19 dove looked like a dog
Katerina Lee
Katerina Lee Yesterday, 17:47
Please tell me I’m not the only one thats hears this: 1:24 “ Come on, we can totally turn this thing around.” HSM 2 -Work it out 😉😄
Juliana Malheiros
Juliana Malheiros Yesterday, 17:47
Some people are talking about the lyrics saying Disney is teaching kids its good to be bad??? Cant you read between the lines of this song?? It screams: be proud of who you are, dont be embarrassed of your origins, even if you were born in an evil, dirty, underdeveloped place like the isle of the lost, there is hope for you. I have a 7 year old who loves the films and the characters and he gets it....
Fatima Abdul Sattar
Fatima Abdul Sattar Yesterday, 17:27
Why does Carlos say all the boys from Auradon????? In 0:36 Shouldn’t it be all the boys from the isle????? I don’t get itLike if u agree
Imani Williams
Imani Williams Yesterday, 17:25
When will y'all learn you guys aren't bad anymore sing some it's nice to be good song or whatever
Goda Mickute
Goda Mickute Yesterday, 17:12
So there bad agian?
Adriano Moraes
Adriano Moraes Yesterday, 16:58
melhor musica de todas
Roselene Velasko
Roselene Velasko Yesterday, 15:57
My Best:Sofia CarsonDove CameronCameron BoyceBoobo
Gacha Rei
Gacha Rei Yesterday, 15:44
Mal: everybody wanna be like us!!!Billie Eilish: i dont wanna be you anymore...
Unaa Bunny
Unaa Bunny Yesterday, 14:14
Omggggg!!! 😱😱
大里こうへい Yesterday, 14:13
Sumia Dawla
Sumia Dawla Yesterday, 13:53
Doesn’t this sound like bodak yellow by cardi b
Joana Sibarani
Joana Sibarani Yesterday, 13:02
Who is Waching2019
みなみはる Yesterday, 11:45
Stella B
Stella B Yesterday, 11:21
My new Favorit song ❤️❤️❤️
Amaris Straiten
Amaris Straiten Yesterday, 10:35
0:33 Be like me- Lil Pump0:41 Bodak Yellow- Cardi B 1:15 Bodak Yellow- Cardi B
Queenlily 102
Queenlily 102 Yesterday, 10:18
STOOOOPPPP I could’ve dropped my croissant 🥐
Spaß Vogel
Spaß Vogel Yesterday, 10:13
Ich liebe das Lied
Katharina hailey Alabanzas
Katharina hailey Alabanzas Yesterday, 09:42
oh yeah i like this😍😍