Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey - Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)

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ARABELLA interstellar
ARABELLA interstellar Today, 12:04
Hi, I'm just here to say that anybody hating Lana Del Rey because apparently "she can't belt/sing like Ariana Grande"( who is an incredible singer too, btw), needs to get a goddamn life. Because, Christ, can Ariana sing like Lana Del Rey? NO. they have different voices. Why would they want to sound like someone when they are professionals and not impersonators. Also, two things :1. Anybody doubting Lana Del Reys vocal prowess can check out some of her live shows online, especially compilations. She is absolutely amazing. You cannot base decisions off of one or two so-so performances. 2. Her BWYG cover -- it had major issues. They played her dirty. You couldn't even hear her, technical faults. However many fans we're amazing enough to edit it and somehow put a clean version of it, which sounds quite good. So, check that out. Please, let's not compare two amazing vocalists with VERY different styles. Bye.
societies Today, 11:51
victoria justice - I think we’re all not angels
Owl Hoax
Owl Hoax Today, 11:07
Cher Lloyd - MIA stream it nowww
Owl Hoax
Owl Hoax Today, 11:06
Cher Lloyd "MIA" now out
Owl Hoax
Owl Hoax Today, 11:06
Cher Lloyd "MIA" 🙃🙃🙃
Owl Hoax
Owl Hoax Today, 11:06
Stream on Cher Lloyd "MIA" now
Owl Hoax
Owl Hoax Today, 11:05
Cher Lloyd "Mia" stream Now
Owl Hoax
Owl Hoax Today, 11:05
Cher Lloyd "MIA"
nieve harding
nieve harding Today, 10:50
LJ Today, 10:36
I Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
GOLDEN YEARS Today, 10:27
This looks like a whole movie
Lucinda Koulaouzos
Lucinda Koulaouzos Today, 10:26
I want more Lana!!
Brett Cummings
Brett Cummings Today, 10:25
what has ariana done to her lips?
Lucinda Koulaouzos
Lucinda Koulaouzos Today, 10:25
i like miley's part the best
Kathy Mummery
Kathy Mummery Today, 10:22
devils with angel voices, that's why people call them angels =3
鬼滅の刃.まじで神 Today, 10:21
Sassi Studio
Sassi Studio Today, 10:11
" Don't call me hair gel " - Ariana Grande 2019
Swetea23 Today, 09:55
This song is bad. Eww.
Jimmy Rahi
Jimmy Rahi Today, 09:50
Ariana: BubblesLana: Blossom Miley: Buttercup
Delanor Credit
Delanor Credit Today, 09:20
I would die for a body like Miley Cyrus😍😍
23 Tauf
23 Tauf Today, 09:07
The illuminati is real. Wake up people.
23 Tauf
23 Tauf Today, 09:06
This bitch ariana dont even look good anymore. Is it plastic surgery or a wedding cake on her face?
Vegarryl Producer
Vegarryl Producer Today, 09:06
Why only 95M views and don't more?
Break the ice
Break the ice Today, 08:59
I hear "don't call me hand gel"
bob sacamento
bob sacamento Today, 08:47
Hi this is DJ. I have a math problem for you or anyone else that can solve it.. I was wondering if you could subtract military time within an equation. My equation is what is 14:00 - 5:30. And if you solve that one here's another one. What is 3:45 + 12:30? If you want to confirm your answers just respond to this post..
Merissa Taylor
Merissa Taylor Today, 08:36
Ari been slapping recently and miley love her like this
rahul chakraborty
rahul chakraborty Today, 08:31
Lana Del Rey don't know why I love you so much. ...💕
Miftah Today, 08:19
I watch this again just because SIMGM 😂
Vlad derevo
Vlad derevo Today, 07:47
Кто тут русский Скорее всего я один
Liya Taye
Liya Taye Today, 07:35
Miley Cyrus OMG
Mike Woodson
Mike Woodson Today, 07:12
Lana brought me here.
Chuuqie Soneclairé
Chuuqie Soneclairé Today, 07:04
[dan] Today, 06:57
I really like Lana but she just doesn’t fit in with the song. Her voice is like another genre and this is pop so🤷🏾‍♀️
N M Today, 06:52
Cecilia Wong
Cecilia Wong Today, 06:22
im 99.9999999999 percent sure that Miley Cyrus just licked Ariana Grande (3:19)
Morgan Tempel
Morgan Tempel Today, 06:21
34 seconds is where it starts
Rosebert Discipulo
Rosebert Discipulo Today, 06:14
Berta's Hit Chart10/18/2019Top 4Last: 4Peak: 2
Chris Fitzgerald
Chris Fitzgerald Today, 06:12
I always skip the Lana part tbh
Jaszi5 Today, 06:05
I don't like this at all...Lana you are better than these other don't need them. I feel like you were forced by the record company do this song. You are unique and amazing I think this is a waste of your time and they are trying to make you into something that your not.
Бактыбек Айткулов
Бактыбек Айткулов Today, 05:57
Lil Today, 05:57
Ummm NO TALENT. Weirdo porn star lowlifes
Ryan Liabres
Ryan Liabres Today, 05:50
Only here for lana
Eoin Tolster
Eoin Tolster Today, 05:41
Miley cyrus lyrics if sang by a man would be sexist as fuck
CoCa CoLa
CoCa CoLa Today, 05:37
Lana del Rey 👌👌🔥
Analee Ortega
Analee Ortega Today, 05:36
I love this song
Viktoria Antonesko
Viktoria Antonesko Today, 05:20
Lana del Rey 👍
Ronna Dela Cruz
Ronna Dela Cruz Today, 05:16
Playing it at 1.25x speed though 👌
AvenGirl Today, 05:13
Ariana, Miley and Lana: makes the songLana: makes the song betterAriana and Miley: NOW THAT’S WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT
muhammad reza
muhammad reza Today, 05:08
Lana is the sexiest here
Ari Virgo
Ari Virgo Today, 05:01
Lana Del Rey...Love you somuch ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ from Indonesia