DJ Snake, Sheck Wes - Enzo ft. Offset, 21 Savage, Gucci Mane

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terrible gamer
terrible gamer Today, 05:58
Enzo Miot
Enzo Miot Today, 05:08
Ó azideia
The _Evidence
The _Evidence Today, 02:28
Caiden Wood
Caiden Wood Today, 02:14
I need a rari and lambo
Meryl 0308
Meryl 0308 Today, 01:57
2:22 sounds like he said : however raised me should be in jail hoe
walid braija
walid braija Today, 01:12
what is the number of views
Leo Garcia
Leo Garcia Today, 00:52
This is so underrated but dope
Issa Hassan
Issa Hassan Today, 00:09
I ain’t play boi I’m not carti. I felt that 🔥
YunGut Man
YunGut Man Yesterday, 22:59
The hook sucks sick. Offset and 21 killed it.
Niggis Nigger
Niggis Nigger Yesterday, 22:44
zeus 9532
zeus 9532 Yesterday, 22:35
I am here for offset, 21 savage, and Gucci mane like if you are to
walid ben talha
walid ben talha Yesterday, 22:34
لي شاف dj snake في بجاية 😍 يخبط جام 🤙🏾🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
KynG Byrd
KynG Byrd Yesterday, 21:58
3:51 sheck wes wearin church pants wtf : }
cool Lee man
cool Lee man Yesterday, 21:57
Rap taking over pop music
Surge Yesterday, 21:46
Sounds better at 1.25 playback speed
Kaeloo Wii
Kaeloo Wii Yesterday, 21:46
What do you choose for DJ snake ?Rap songs - LikePop songs - Comment
AMMAR AZAM Yesterday, 21:44
21 savage india fans likes
hena sardar
hena sardar Yesterday, 21:25
Well done dj snake
Dee Chandler
Dee Chandler Yesterday, 21:22
fucking love this song yo
Stephen Cifuentes
Stephen Cifuentes Yesterday, 20:14
Do snake over dj Khalid, all star line up right here!🔥👌
Gisselle Reyes
Gisselle Reyes Yesterday, 19:48
Offset verse 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tamil Tech mobile PicsArt editing
Tamil Tech mobile PicsArt editing Yesterday, 19:18
❣️ super........🔥......🎧.....🎬......💯
Bubba Yesterday, 18:20
Just came here to dislike the video.Nothin against you Snake but just against that "sHrEk wEs" nigga
Infenalle Yesterday, 17:59
Lmao nobody talking about Gucci Mane’s verse
Tak City
Tak City Yesterday, 16:59
Ivan Ivica
Ivan Ivica Yesterday, 16:47
Offset and Gucci mane got the best verses
Lalchhuanawma Chhuana
Lalchhuanawma Chhuana Yesterday, 15:43
I'm here for for Savage and u?
Chainz [†]
Chainz [†] Yesterday, 15:21
the best meet up
R. Porter
R. Porter Yesterday, 14:10
Savage snapped
Honest Fella
Honest Fella Yesterday, 14:07
Damn offset is really good rythem talents
Mitch Barnett
Mitch Barnett Yesterday, 13:28
Then they sucked each other off
Isaac Guillermo Gonzalez Villeda
Isaac Guillermo Gonzalez Villeda Yesterday, 13:28
me encantó esta canción
Kristopher Watson
Kristopher Watson Yesterday, 12:57
Oh my god this went hard
Joacos Smith
Joacos Smith Yesterday, 12:55
Enzo Yeahhhh
Александр Крит
Александр Крит Yesterday, 12:46
Нормально так-то рамирес поднялся
SNS_DeathHunter SShunter
SNS_DeathHunter SShunter Yesterday, 12:45
21 savage 21 21 21
Emil Johnsson
Emil Johnsson Yesterday, 12:40
who has the best werselike offset comment 21 savage
Brandon Cooper
Brandon Cooper Yesterday, 11:06
I just wanna cop me a Diablo
Off Beat Creator
Off Beat Creator Yesterday, 10:57
Gucci has been ignored by everyone who has watched the video 😂
Jordan Mills
Jordan Mills Yesterday, 10:34
Offset best rapper ever 👌💯🔥
Feliks Kucharski
Feliks Kucharski Yesterday, 09:27
Icy like a polar bear ❄️
MAN PREET Yesterday, 08:46
Nice song
Ameer aliraqi
Ameer aliraqi Yesterday, 08:08
Enzo dj snako
Raul Hurdu
Raul Hurdu Yesterday, 07:19
I played this song yesterday and one friend told me to change it and I was there like "oh wait I want to listen to Offset's verse only"
Andrew Mcgilberry
Andrew Mcgilberry Yesterday, 06:46
The beat is fire
Unknown Desconosido
Unknown Desconosido Yesterday, 06:00
David Akramov
David Akramov Yesterday, 05:43
Dj snake looks like a gta v online dude
Zuber Khan
Zuber Khan Yesterday, 04:04
sadly editor
sadly editor Yesterday, 03:50
Big up for the Algerian 👌 #sami
Fookin Illegals
Fookin Illegals Yesterday, 03:48
0:09 I though I heard “I need a pencil a pencil”😂