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ป.v นุนะ
ป.v นุนะ Today, 13:32
* ~bring it are bring it .. oh god ! i'm harm this song in my work time ! PAPAYA !!
JETメ kung
JETメ kung Today, 13:21
ArmyOfOne Today, 13:06
シムカ Today, 13:04
At least group returned to the format they had at the creation times. Without combination of man growl and their singing it is just usual and boring group which had loosed their own style
Emilio Barnaby
Emilio Barnaby Today, 12:40
Awesome Golf Fuckling Hero and u all Baby Metal 😍
lincorn six_egco
lincorn six_egco Today, 12:05
PA PA YA Is another popular food of Thai people
IslaShy Today, 11:16
Baby moetal
whood Today, 10:34
Киевстонер, слезай со сцены, заебал.
Game_ Chokchai
Game_ Chokchai Today, 10:28
🤘❤ 🇹🇭🇯🇵
พงษ์ศักดิ์ ตาชนะ
พงษ์ศักดิ์ ตาชนะ Today, 10:22
Kittipong Thiantong
Kittipong Thiantong Today, 08:49
ฟังแมร่งทุกวันเลยสาส มันโว้ยย!!!
Shifty Jim
Shifty Jim Today, 08:43
Japan really goes overboard with live performances. Why don’t our actual metal bands do anything half this cool anymore?
วีระศักดิ์ อ้อมนอก
วีระศักดิ์ อ้อมนอก Today, 08:36
santiago gonzalez
santiago gonzalez Today, 08:35
Che hermosura la rptm
Leon BenjaChula
Leon BenjaChula Today, 08:28
Hope one day I'll see live concert of Babymetal in Thailand🇹🇭. No matter what I will go to the concert. And it's will be the first concert of my life. LOVE ❤😘 you "BABYMETAL"
ya serizawa
ya serizawa Today, 08:25
Papa Ya
Papa Ya Today, 08:21
Wow this is definitely our new favorite song 😂😂
AP DevilEinz
AP DevilEinz Today, 08:21
Damnn the flow is superb!!! Papaya indeed!
ศุภณัฐ เนติรัตน์
ศุภณัฐ เนติรัตน์ Today, 08:10
we pround of u F.Hero Love u baby metal
Cynthia Clarke
Cynthia Clarke Today, 07:54
Kano looks so good here ...
리아에스YT Today, 07:12
aood Supruam
aood Supruam Today, 06:48
17/7/62 ฟังวันหนึ่งไม่ต่ำกว่า 3ครั้งเลย มันส์มากๆ
MingMIng148 Today, 06:41
I want to see concert in Thailand!!!
Epic Killer
Epic Killer Today, 06:14
Pa Pa Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Aryo Putranto
Aryo Putranto Today, 05:47
2020 FOR ASIA!!!
Unrawen Today, 05:31
Quiero un like para que BABYMETAL haga una gira por latinoamérica en el 2020!! Larga vida a BABYMETAL!!Saludos desde Argentina lml !!!
Frank Vidal
Frank Vidal Today, 05:11
¡Las amo joder! Más a Moa!
Myazcjan Today, 05:06
This song is amazing!
Thomas Mulligan
Thomas Mulligan Today, 04:45
I have been listening to these girls for a while and I love there sound. I was wondering if there were any other groups with a similar sound?
Thomas Mulligan
Thomas Mulligan Today, 04:45
I have been listening to these girls for a while and I love there sound. I was wondering if there were any other groups with a similar sound?
Pain Peace
Pain Peace Today, 04:29
Her vocals are great ...but their lyrics are funny kinda....
Djuzo Today, 04:11
I love you BABYMETAL 😁😁😁😁
Ivan Jullius
Ivan Jullius Today, 03:38
this is so cute 😌breath if you agree okayyy 7 Billion ppl agreed
Carlos Monsalve
Carlos Monsalve Today, 03:28
Go vote for babymetal!!
Hullabaloser Today, 03:22
I was one of those people who hated the last album and tour. I was all prepared to hate this year's version of Babymetal -- but can't. This is a damn good song and performance. The new girls seems fun. Every time I think I've made it out of the fox hole -- they suck me back in!!
fruityyyyyy Today, 03:19
I hope they come back to North America. Even better if they come to Canada.
Will grind
Will grind Today, 03:18
เดี๋ยวก็ผอม Today, 03:10
น้ำตาไหลเลยว่ะ ทีแรกนึกว่าพี่กอล์ฟจะแร้ฟเป็นอังกฤษหรือภาษาอื่น พอคำไทยขึ้น เหี้ยย ขนลุก
A_exe Today, 03:07
Quién diría que de una fruta como es la papaya, se hiciera una canción de "metal" 😂
julieta gallardo
julieta gallardo Today, 02:38
Gizmo aP
Gizmo aP Today, 02:22
My coworker introduced me to them and now I think I’m getting addicted. I never listened to metal before but I can definitely start with this
Dmitrii Fedorov
Dmitrii Fedorov Today, 01:59
Было сложно, но я подрочил. Но вечно отвлекал чей то бухой батя, который орал, что он папа
1220 eimei
1220 eimei Today, 01:53
郷ひろみ Today, 01:36
Evan Huber
Evan Huber Today, 01:30
This song was great until Japanese DJ Khalid showed up.
niccole hoody
niccole hoody Today, 01:16
like i said before this make a great workout song lol
Ecureuil Masqué
Ecureuil Masqué Today, 01:08
Xavier H
Xavier H Today, 00:27
Papaya en una buena ensalada de frutas con crema de leche, oie shy...
Donald Feger
Donald Feger Today, 00:08
Babymetal ichi bon #1
Gooja Yesterday, 23:53
Anyone know who the third girl is that's performing with them?