Niall Horan - Nice To Meet Ya (Official)

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Simson Hingna
Simson Hingna Today, 11:44
Very less view
Simson Hingna
Simson Hingna Today, 11:44
Niall unpopular boy
12GaugeAli Today, 11:30
Just seeing this sparked so many good memories from the 1D days, that was my childhood, and I'm so happy they are still happily making music to this day
fearless__tay Today, 11:17
0:50 it says 'small talk' on the taxi... Katy perry's new song is small talk.... Am i missing something? 😅
Hi! I'm Viaa
Hi! I'm Viaa Today, 11:02
I love it when you call me senoritaI wish i could pretend iNICE TO MEET YA
saurabh kumar
saurabh kumar Today, 11:02
Is he the same NIAL from one direction
Hornet Gaming
Hornet Gaming Today, 10:47
you know what i need now? hahaha. not number
Andrey Blanco
Andrey Blanco Today, 10:47
So awesome!!
Mia Sants
Mia Sants Today, 10:31
Por qué tan bello?😍💚
Dagmar Timková
Dagmar Timková Today, 09:52
Holly Molly 🌿🌷🌿
Niall dresses so nice now 👌🏻 so classy tight pants on him are amazing
AJ Young
AJ Young Today, 08:27
Now i knew why Harry is the most famous member of 1D...
Dzaquan Edika
Dzaquan Edika Today, 08:14
I preferred supermodel Candice Swanepoel wearing the wings in this video...
20cher09 Today, 08:12
Who released all my personal information??? For that reason I won't be paying, the ones that released all my personal information can pay!!!
20cher09 Today, 07:18
Debra and Lindsay Do Not get Anything!!!
20cher09 Today, 07:15
Micheal Hill Does Not get Anything!!!
20cher09 Today, 07:15
I Don't Want To Meet Him!!! Get Lost!!!
Jacky Marrufo
Jacky Marrufo Today, 06:41
Who votes this song to be on Victoria's Secret next fashion show?
Ana Alvarado
Ana Alvarado Today, 06:36
Holy shit I'm so proud
Annamaria Ciampia
Annamaria Ciampia Today, 06:33
He is so handsome
Thumbnail Today, 06:32
he put on sunglasses once it started raining
Deb McG
Deb McG Today, 05:59
I thought the opening of the video was disrespectful towards the woman (women in general). I like his music a lot but did not care for the video.
ganesh selvaraj
ganesh selvaraj Today, 05:52
Still waiting for that moment...😁 But it's not happening...
Gustavo Cortes
Gustavo Cortes Today, 05:34
Dean Winchester
Giorgia tiffany Villar de la cruz
Giorgia tiffany Villar de la cruz Today, 05:31
Ademas de ser tierno es super sexy como lo amoop 😍😍
Rosebert Discipulo
Rosebert Discipulo Today, 05:17
Berta's Hit Chart10/18/2019Top 19last: NewPeak: 19
Johny Francis
Johny Francis Today, 05:14
That hmm...hmmm killed Mee😍😍
Colin Lowe
Colin Lowe Today, 05:12
Good outfit
mero Today, 05:03
Why is this only 12 mil lets go
Yasmin Gabrielle
Yasmin Gabrielle Today, 04:22
Te amo aaaa
Funny Danny
Funny Danny Today, 04:20
Uhhhhhhh delíciaaaaa 😍😍
riley Capps
riley Capps Today, 03:51
I'm going to cry
Johana Tirado
Johana Tirado Today, 03:50
Marie Murphy
Marie Murphy Today, 03:31
Wow, he made a song about one night stands..
su Today, 03:26
orgulho desse homem ♥️
Ana aaa
Ana aaa Today, 03:24
puts q musica perfeita
Guss Raymond
Guss Raymond Today, 02:34
乱蘭 Today, 02:20
Happy Kid
Happy Kid Today, 02:05
Unicornio Martinez
Unicornio Martinez Today, 01:58
Niall Horan= papacito🤤💕
marie crivellone
marie crivellone Today, 01:46
Easy said and done. Not really
xxobrittanyg Today, 01:37
This video is sooo cool! I get updates Beatles vibes from this song.
prancer boo
prancer boo Today, 01:37
Jullya Vasconcelos
Jullya Vasconcelos Today, 01:24
Para de me seduzir!!!! 😍
Efi Ioannidou
Efi Ioannidou Today, 01:24
I'm in love 😍
Erinetta Subarto
Erinetta Subarto Today, 01:18
20cher09 Today, 01:08
Brandon and Chris Do Not get Anything!!!
Jimena Roman
Jimena Roman Today, 00:28
Nialls and Harry’s were my favorite release’s.
K W Yesterday, 23:59
Nice song and voice! Harry is stunning, but I feel like Niall is a great overall musician.
Ainhoa Fernandez
Ainhoa Fernandez Yesterday, 23:54
Where is this filmed at?