Iggy Azalea - Started (Official Music Video)

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Cesar Rodriguez
Cesar Rodriguez Today, 05:44
Bitch all I need isa a sugar mommy daddy whatever comes to the table
Miamour Today, 05:42
okay, why you gotta kill the puppies thothey got money too?
Princess Nia
Princess Nia Today, 05:42
Mahsa Mahdavi
Mahsa Mahdavi Today, 05:32
Iggy, i looooove u 😚😚😚
Tingwowea Today, 05:13
I just recreated this cheetah look on my channel. She's so bad 😜
Marisol Rizzo
Marisol Rizzo Today, 05:09
Iggy looking cute 🥴🥵🥵🔥
That_gurl_ Keikei
That_gurl_ Keikei Today, 04:49
Is it just me or did she only marry him cause when he dies everything he has belongs to her??? Yes or no Izzy coming out y’all!!
Quacker Jacks
Quacker Jacks Today, 04:44
Mix vídeos Zap
Mix vídeos Zap Today, 04:30
Almojahid Kamsa
Almojahid Kamsa Today, 04:27
Everyone: Cardi B or Nicki Minaj?Me: IGGY all the way
CHARLIE SXZ Today, 04:15
Lil Cheezebag
Lil Cheezebag Today, 04:15
there's moments where she deadass looks like white nikki Minaj
Cindy Gilbert
Cindy Gilbert Today, 04:00
Not many people will see this but.....Have a good day :)
Pshar Shiroo
Pshar Shiroo Today, 03:53
She back strongly ، finally I missed this type of music video 👊😚
ashley ellzey
ashley ellzey Today, 03:52
Miss Vanjiii
Extraordinary Matt
Extraordinary Matt Today, 03:51
i just love how quick everyone was to compare Nicki to cardi once cardi had a hit and now everyone wants to say it's low to compare two rappers in the same industry. I just feel like that is so bullshit. when did that conclusion of yours go when it was Nicki vs cardi? Love Iggy though<3
MR SMITH Today, 03:48
really she needs her own style , so disappointed
funny princess
funny princess Today, 03:44
f* hot b*tch. love u
mark omar
mark omar Today, 03:33
beats so snatched from dr dre
Nere Jiménez
Nere Jiménez Today, 03:32
Que le pasa ahora a la Iggy que no enseña el culo como simpre????
Anxg 44
Anxg 44 Today, 03:16
La amooo wn
Trayway x
Trayway x Today, 03:08
This actually fire
PlayfulLogic21 xx
PlayfulLogic21 xx Today, 03:06
😮 the puppies tho
Kael Bowditch
Kael Bowditch Today, 02:45
Now we know that Iggy is a gold digger
Karla Ttorres
Karla Ttorres Today, 02:42
Anna Nicole forever <3 she was the queen of Suggar Daddys
Amya rob
Amya rob Today, 02:40
She killed it
Tiago Sampaio
Tiago Sampaio Today, 02:38
Amo ♥️
Carly Jade
Carly Jade Today, 02:26
I feel like her outfit was inspired by Carmella... Miss Money In the Bank..
Carly Jade
Carly Jade Today, 02:22
Love Iggy
Kamiru Today, 02:18
Biiitch I love that
Jaelyn Romo
Jaelyn Romo Today, 02:17
She looks so pretty! ❤️
u kno
u kno Today, 01:53
I'm a broke guy from Pittsburgh but I would treat her like gold.of I got the chance well I work union but still 1058
Nay Nay
Nay Nay Today, 01:41
Iggy is sexy AF!!!! 😋
Ervin Mott
Ervin Mott Today, 01:39
Love Me Sum Iggy 💯🔥❤️
New Estilo
New Estilo Today, 01:36
Alguem do brasil💚 fiz um react kkkkk
Sandra Zahorowska
Sandra Zahorowska Today, 01:23
Gdzie jest godzinna wersja moi przyjaciele? 🤣
Şeyma Dsn
Şeyma Dsn Today, 01:14
Iggy deserves more
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson Today, 01:00
This is awful.
Kelly Alverez
Kelly Alverez Today, 00:58
One day I’m gonna become successful and when that day comes I’m gonna blast this !!!!! CANT WAIT (I’m working on it)
lexi Today, 00:40
Iggy omg amazing
Salina Lawson
Salina Lawson Today, 00:32
Love the Anna Nicole Smith look and tribute to her hehe 🦋☺️💋😘🙏🏼💪🏼
Natasha Princess
Natasha Princess Today, 00:28
Felicia Fuehrer
Felicia Fuehrer Today, 00:25
A video song that talks about how to kill your rich husband....
Başak Today, 00:16
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo everyone
mo la
mo la Today, 00:14
Y'all rlly gon act like she didn't just say SHE KILLED THE FUKIN DOGS.. Smh bOiKill the humans das OK but em puppies.. Like das too far boo
Sajjad kh
Sajjad kh Today, 00:01
Queen Royalty
Queen Royalty Today, 00:00
check out my latest song on my channel, would be much appreciated! (:
Jobssrb Yesterday, 23:40
Why stop with views?
Abdullah Shariff
Abdullah Shariff Yesterday, 23:34
the fact that Iggy's killing the game with her new singles better than cardi and Nicki but still not getting attention for it is really fucked up
Emirhan Koşan
Emirhan Koşan Yesterday, 23:26
I think this song is very NİCEEE!!!!