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Eli Hight
Eli Hight Today, 00:10
To those of you who disliked this video.... why?
AdzBrandMusic Yesterday, 23:48
Dope shit
Jessica Cobb
Jessica Cobb Yesterday, 23:44
I cannot wait til the album drops!
Cole Dione
Cole Dione Yesterday, 23:30
I see you, Young Slim Shady
Nicol Orozco
Nicol Orozco Yesterday, 23:30
Joey The Misfit
Joey The Misfit Yesterday, 23:30
Check out my music
kvh Yesterday, 23:28
so you stole a shopping cart for this?
Flavius Baias
Flavius Baias Yesterday, 23:21
Fake Eminem 🖕🏻🖕🏻
Blackbox er
Blackbox er Yesterday, 23:20
Copyright free?
SoFrostyYT Yesterday, 23:17
dang Nate, stop popping off
Super Satisfying
Super Satisfying Yesterday, 23:14
Mr No Pollution
Mr No Pollution Yesterday, 23:02
mutaz almyar
mutaz almyar Yesterday, 23:00
So fucking great 🖤🖤
Eduard Kasyuga
Eduard Kasyuga Yesterday, 22:54
Who are the white guys?
hello Im goonk
hello Im goonk Yesterday, 22:53
Bucs RBeast
Bucs RBeast Yesterday, 22:51
Aye everyone tell as many people about NF so he gets more popular and gets more money he honestly deserves it for what he’s been though. He’s also the most talented and underrated.
Dylan Wiegert
Dylan Wiegert Yesterday, 22:42
Ryan Inderjit
Ryan Inderjit Yesterday, 22:38
That dude from EFB R.I.P him he says “he’s forgettable”I think he wants to die rn
dead kpop inside joke
dead kpop inside joke Yesterday, 22:38
I literally can't stop listening
Cresyls Yesterday, 22:36
On the FBE reaction to NF a guy called him forgettable (reference to that in this song?)
AARON AMOS Yesterday, 22:33
I love the acoustics
Dylan Wiegert
Dylan Wiegert Yesterday, 22:33
NF: let's make a song about a mental disorder that no one understands how it works Audience: GENIUS!
Bryan Delgado
Bryan Delgado Yesterday, 22:29
My favorite song from now
Lauren O'Neal
Lauren O'Neal Yesterday, 22:25
This song is so rappy and beautiful good song NF or songs
даниил задворный
даниил задворный Yesterday, 22:17
Krasava, kachaet :*
Jen Yesterday, 22:10
Makeda Brathwaite
Makeda Brathwaite Yesterday, 22:08
EvoL _Deathpunch
EvoL _Deathpunch Yesterday, 21:53
Let this be how many times you wanted to press the like button🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dusty Diamond08
Dusty Diamond08 Yesterday, 21:51
this song is awesome
Ellie 124
Ellie 124 Yesterday, 21:50
You sound like Logan Paul 😂
Celino Calin
Celino Calin Yesterday, 21:47
This is another example why lyrical rap is way better than mumble rap
Nathan Pena
Nathan Pena Yesterday, 21:44
What was the thing that hes wearing called I wanna get one?
Matt Gable
Matt Gable Yesterday, 21:31
This man's genius cannot be overstated. Both musically and visually. So hype for this new album.
Danny Times
Danny Times Yesterday, 21:30
You are forgettable
Devan holbrook
Devan holbrook Yesterday, 21:18 heres a link to my newest track check it out and leave feedback
Musyafirda Dewanova
Musyafirda Dewanova Yesterday, 21:04
Sooo soo fuvking littt brio
dirt rally fantic
dirt rally fantic Yesterday, 20:59
13 mil ain't emenemYour kinda a clone to be honest
kyleFN Yesterday, 20:58
NF:Where the beat go?Me:i dont know why are you asking meNF:Oh aint that something Me: wOw tHaT wAs WiLd
Yxian Playz
Yxian Playz Yesterday, 20:37
this dude is like token
MrWalkerston Yesterday, 20:32
Deb Ballon
Deb Ballon Yesterday, 20:13
Waited -- not in vain-- for the very last scene more than I wait for the end scenes in Marvel movies. Epic, so deep. !!!
Zenos Villondo
Zenos Villondo Yesterday, 20:13
Oh my gosh this is SO attention-capturing! Logic must collaborate with NF!
StrongTino Yesterday, 19:56
Eminem left the chat.
Hateem Ahmad
Hateem Ahmad Yesterday, 19:52
Now ya'll done it
coooolibri Yesterday, 19:49
pretty powerful and im really happy to get 100% of the lyrics!
Noob_Tactics Yesterday, 19:46
This is what u call a hidden gem kids
Louise Malcolm-Green
Louise Malcolm-Green Yesterday, 19:34
only 13mil views people don't know what real rap is
М Rida
М Rida Yesterday, 19:32
Seems like Cormac McCarthy "road"
Todd Hammel
Todd Hammel Yesterday, 19:31
Raps sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast
Todd Hammel
Todd Hammel Yesterday, 19:30
To good