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Caleb Streich
Caleb Streich Today, 13:06
6:09 and Delia just left the garage door open like 5 minutes ago.
BEING HARSH Today, 13:01
Awesome!!Logic X Eminem
Khethelo Zungu
Khethelo Zungu Today, 12:58
What a great idea. XD Well done.
Trump Coin
Trump Coin Today, 12:37
No ones gonna say anything about how stacked Chris D’elia is?
ItsDa VinciMe
ItsDa VinciMe Today, 12:24
Chris just nailed it deym!! lit
MattyAllen Today, 12:03
John doe
John doe Today, 12:00
Logics music is for depressed teenage girls
Olivia Andrade
Olivia Andrade Today, 11:30
This video is amazing 🤣❤❤❤❤
Olivia Andrade
Olivia Andrade Today, 11:27
A body double I'm dying right now🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ON Dickson
ON Dickson Today, 11:27
(FREE) Lil wanye Type Beat👇
Dougie Mackie
Dougie Mackie Today, 11:15
Such a power song! Had to give it a crack....
B. TheCreator.
B. TheCreator. Today, 11:04
Tbh logic was way better in this song then emenim thats my opinion logic is the next big artist mark my words.
Angel Are
Angel Are Today, 11:04
nice jacket, can anyone tell me pls what it is? plsss
ryan m.
ryan m. Today, 10:32
I’m here bc Apple Music isn’t letting me listen to it anymore for some dumb ass reason
Studio 666
Studio 666 Today, 10:30
Syke Boi
Syke Boi Today, 10:23
Why did I know that Chris was going to play Eminem 😂😂 funniest stuff ever and the guy from sandlot too 😂😂 best music video and then Eminem playing Chris omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pintarider Gaming
Pintarider Gaming Today, 10:19
yo wtf you went from 0 to 100 so quick i got backlash and now this song has splatted to the back of my brain and i cant scrape it out but i aint mad
Ali Sawari
Ali Sawari Today, 10:05
if there's a Guy like Logic, why the fuck you would listen to NF ?
Ann Hamby
Ann Hamby Today, 09:47
Church 'O' Freedom
Church 'O' Freedom Today, 09:40
Fist it's Suicide now it's Homicide
Uwe L.
Uwe L. Today, 09:38
RyLuckyOfficial Today, 09:38
this many people approve of the substitutes for this video 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
BeaRCLaW Today, 09:38
At 2x speed Holy shit
Miguel Today, 09:28
This song is trash. SO overrated. Just because its fast ain't mean its good!
Samuel Arroyo
Samuel Arroyo Today, 09:28
The best,Emenim,just when you thought he died here he comes again,with pleasure
It's Your Highlights
It's Your Highlights Today, 09:17
The only rap song with no N word.
THE3BEST078 GAMING Today, 09:14
Yo I’m so high and I can’t keep up but this shit fire
Samuel Arroyo
Samuel Arroyo Today, 08:56
Eminem,sounds nice but nothing new and his WU smh
xionz43 none
xionz43 none Today, 08:52
Great song but I wish they would use the real logic and Eminem
Travis Pearce'
Travis Pearce' Today, 08:44
Travis Pearce'
Travis Pearce' Today, 08:44
Logic is actually a sick tapper
mr lame
mr lame Today, 08:42
Logic and Eminem music fire🔥🔥🔥Then me wondering🤔Imagine Logic, Eminem, and NF FASTEST SONG EVER🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Reynolds Reels
Reynolds Reels Today, 08:31
I really love this video but if Chris’ wig wasn’t bleached it would be uncanny to Em’s recent look.
Makaveli Trained
Makaveli Trained Today, 08:19
This guy's dad lectures him about coal vs propane why is he rapping lmao
KB BF Today, 08:19
go to 3:00 who heard the N word
Smokey Chungus
Smokey Chungus Today, 08:17
Wow there is two rap gods
Kristiano El Reesio
Kristiano El Reesio Today, 08:07
qabeer haq
qabeer haq Today, 08:03
Fuck rap
saint 123
saint 123 Today, 07:54
Wtf happened at the end
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Today, 07:40
Trash 🗑
Javier Yagual
Javier Yagual Today, 07:32
Logic and Eminem are like Flash and Reverse Flash
Noob_ TV
Noob_ TV Today, 07:23
Einstein: nothing is faster than lightLogic: hoLd my beer
Kirby Iz awesome
Kirby Iz awesome Today, 07:19
So much 4 "I still wanna be alive " /and who gave him the pass?
OilField Dad Chad
OilField Dad Chad Today, 07:07
Is it me or does logic sound a little like the rapper lil dicky? 🤷‍♂️
Kyle hornhunter
Kyle hornhunter Today, 07:07
Fucking fire!!
The Curious Sicko
The Curious Sicko Today, 07:06
Good damn...that beat.
Kevin Today, 07:04
lyrical miracle
Adi Putu
Adi Putu Today, 06:59
Young Lex more better bitch!!
kamae tee
kamae tee Today, 06:59
Luv'd it
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Today, 06:51
Plz tell me WHY Em stopped???? 😭😭😭😭😭He could have finished murdering this beat.. 🕯️🕯️plus Logic with the Crazy intro🤯🤯💀💀💀💀💀☠️