Halsey - Sucker (Jonas Brothers cover) in the Live Lounge

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Rob W
Rob W Today, 00:01
Why's she wearing a wig?
Callmerandom Today, 00:00
Omg halsey have a Great voice. The cover is amazing!!!
Electrolyte Yesterday, 23:57
Is this perfectly autotuned?Or this is better than the original version?
Farzana Islam
Farzana Islam Yesterday, 23:13
4:34 that small laugh of victory.. she knows she slayed it..So Cute 💜
billyboatman Yesterday, 22:29
Prefer this version for sure. But then again... Halsey.... (Heart Eyes)
Kashoot me
Kashoot me Yesterday, 22:22
Her laugh at the end was EVERYTHING
Kashoot me
Kashoot me Yesterday, 22:20
The jonas brothers: let's make a fun family friendly songHalsey: makes it sexy
Afireinside912 Yesterday, 21:41
So much autotune
Hannah Yesterday, 20:54
this is magicalll
Mary Grigorian
Mary Grigorian Yesterday, 19:24
Queen slay🤤❤️👑
Jairah Rodriguez
Jairah Rodriguez Yesterday, 18:42
This needs to be on spotify👌
Jairah Rodriguez
Jairah Rodriguez Yesterday, 17:57
Wow the saxophone person is the best👌
It’s me Amanda
It’s me Amanda Yesterday, 17:36
Halsey kinda sounds like Bianca from Sup I’m Bianca tbhI’m probably the only one who thinks that
Blazena Yesterday, 17:30
3:35 OMG.. she is amazing singer, wow 😍
Dontlaugh atme
Dontlaugh atme Yesterday, 17:22
I think she is a bottom but damn she is a complete mommy here !!
jaffar abboud
jaffar abboud Yesterday, 16:52
IT sounds like James Bond music Me : okay give me a 100 more of that
Oscar 7
Oscar 7 Yesterday, 16:30
Never knew Bad Bunny played drums.
Dead Soul
Dead Soul Yesterday, 15:44
Wow she killed it ,love that jazziness & she has the cutest nose ever
Lyrics 24/7
Lyrics 24/7 Yesterday, 15:26
this is so good i have listened it atleast fifty times already....im a "nightmare" to my parents......
hanan pink
hanan pink Yesterday, 15:05
0:23 0:24 why does it sound like " it's in the gutter where i left my lover" 😅
Villa Mad
Villa Mad Yesterday, 14:34
camera guy at 1:22 didn't think we would know would ya
Rob D
Rob D Yesterday, 14:02
Anyone notice the drummer looks like a sketch artist’s drawing of a bank robber?!
Felix Natad
Felix Natad Yesterday, 13:52
Try speed at 1.5x :)
Maria Krause
Maria Krause Yesterday, 13:41
Wow, her growling is just perfect!
Lily Dot
Lily Dot Yesterday, 12:20
Damn Girl😍
Purva Tiwari
Purva Tiwari Yesterday, 11:27
The three Jonas brothers together could not do what Halsey did here!.....Yeah I said it.
Sophie CW
Sophie CW Yesterday, 10:56
Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
Alireza Keshavarzian
Alireza Keshavarzian Yesterday, 10:14
She sounds like golem from the hobbit.. 🤣🤣🤣
Raj Kneesh
Raj Kneesh Yesterday, 10:03
When did James Charles start singing so well
Jodie Martin
Jodie Martin Yesterday, 09:38
Love her ... but... that wig needs to go.
Melanie C
Melanie C Yesterday, 09:15
Tiene una peluca? Hahahaha P.D. Me gusta más que la original!
Ayelet Sofia
Ayelet Sofia Yesterday, 08:56
On Halsey will turn Pop to jazz with a touch of rock
emily’s trillers
emily’s trillers Yesterday, 07:41
is nobody else obsessed with 2:16
Kyle Mapson
Kyle Mapson Yesterday, 07:31
Jerseyyyyyy squaddddd
vvfrte qqew
vvfrte qqew Yesterday, 07:21
Old fan before Halsey x bts
Thaís Chaves
Thaís Chaves Yesterday, 06:28
This on 1.15x is perfect.
Nicolle. art
Nicolle. art Yesterday, 05:43
Me: sucker it's a great song, nick makes it sound so sexy, Joe's voice is mmmmmmm, and Joe moves are hot i-Halsey: Hold my saxophone
Chanel Waldorf
Chanel Waldorf Yesterday, 05:32
Ok but that blue eyeliner is EVERYTHING ⚡️
booming system up uh, ty track ty track
booming system up uh, ty track ty track Yesterday, 04:13
when will she stop making me all gay i--
Erique Johnson
Erique Johnson Yesterday, 03:49
This is gen Z baby making music!
Kinesis Lee
Kinesis Lee Yesterday, 03:48
1.25 GUYS much better
Lissette Yesterday, 03:29
i'm a sucker for halsey
Lara Kara
Lara Kara Yesterday, 03:26
It must be forbidden to look this good ❤️
Anatoliy Kuzyakin
Anatoliy Kuzyakin Yesterday, 03:04
1:22 Good moment 😂😂😂
SparrowGirlEver Yesterday, 02:51
oh damn wow feels like im gonna make the ex I don't have jealous by being the most beautiful badass thing ever
woof Yesterday, 02:44
jonas brothers ‘sucker’ but sexy
NoUse001 Yesterday, 02:03
Ungifted girl, common voice and average singing skill, not impressed for sure...
Sam Calderon
Sam Calderon Yesterday, 01:45
My girl put this on to have sex the other day.We are now expecting our first child.
kristin heathen brewing
kristin heathen brewing Yesterday, 01:40
Good stuff
Harmony Rowe
Harmony Rowe Yesterday, 01:10
I think she sounds very basic like ten other artists. Not really impressed and I keep trying to like her stuff but I can’t. The song 11 mins was even talked about in an interview and I was so pumped to listen and it wasn’t impressive..