Dan + Shay, Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours (Official Music Video)

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X Sings
X Sings Today, 11:57
Wow... so this is what they called the power of love...can’t relate T^T
Dewa Ayutari
Dewa Ayutari Today, 11:56
Adem banget dengerin ini, sambil ngayal di posisi itu sama gebetan yang udah punya pacar wkwk.
Kyle Vizcayno
Kyle Vizcayno Today, 11:50
This song reminds me of him, when he was young :>
momoxtie tora
momoxtie tora Today, 11:49
MBABAZI Grace Today, 11:49
Nice I just wanna be part of this
Miii đi ngủ òi
Miii đi ngủ òi Today, 11:44
Justin Bieber dễ thương qué
Tanja Thomsen
Tanja Thomsen Today, 11:43
Justin should make a country album
chantal yaku
chantal yaku Today, 11:42
I see so much love in this video≥﹏≤ ❤
Jenina Williams
Jenina Williams Today, 11:37
Amazing song job well done such a beautiful video god bless
Jake Kleine
Jake Kleine Today, 11:34
wow this is just awful. and concept stolen from macklemore lolwhat a terrible voice
Jil Gaytan
Jil Gaytan Today, 11:30
10000 horas para entender tu amor pero lo boy a intentar? Curioso por q lo dira ? Sera por q ay solo uno q entiende ala perfeccion! Ya saben el de kien. Solo lo note saken sus concluciones 💔
Maya Kimelfeld
Maya Kimelfeld Today, 11:25
Jhon Hernandez
Jhon Hernandez Today, 11:19
I'm willing to spend this 10,000 hours of mine just to learn that sweet heart of yours ILY 😍😘😍
viral video
viral video Today, 11:16
No words for jb 😍😍
Obey Gaming Zero
Obey Gaming Zero Today, 11:14
I think they doinglike jonas brothers did.
Đăng Lê
Đăng Lê Today, 11:13
Owl Hoax
Owl Hoax Today, 11:12
Stream Cher Lloyd - M. I. A NOWW
Owl Hoax
Owl Hoax Today, 11:12
stream on Cher Lloyd - Mia
Owl Hoax
Owl Hoax Today, 11:11
Stream Cher Lloyd - MIA
oh yeah yeah this hoe arnt loyal
oh yeah yeah this hoe arnt loyal Today, 11:09
Lady luck is a charm...for sure Bieber...🔥
Amalia Haqueena
Amalia Haqueena Today, 11:06
Di sini kenapa lah justin jadi bungas, suara nya jadi lebih bagus jua <3 <3
Donia Beauty
Donia Beauty Today, 11:06
الأغنية حلو بس مبالغ فيها
PRINCE ZAYN Today, 11:02
Princess Cykie Mondoyo
Princess Cykie Mondoyo Today, 10:59
Wow! the old justin bieber vibes is bcck! but i'm sad though because i really love selena for him but i support them and best wishes newlyweds!
Venom Today, 10:58
I am so happy to see justin back to his music im happy bro
Lady J
Lady J Today, 10:58
Great song, but I’m a little disappointed that their voices sound so much alike. The best duets show how the different, but equally amazing voices compliment one another. IMO
Andrei Soriano
Andrei Soriano Today, 10:55
wow is very patetic
kumayl bandali
kumayl bandali Today, 10:52
Who is here before 10000 hours
saad zaman
saad zaman Today, 10:50
Misa Chan
Misa Chan Today, 10:49
its seems that justin is really back T_T
ไพฑูล แก้วอ่อน
ไพฑูล แก้วอ่อน Today, 10:49
austin west
austin west Today, 10:49
This song be good if you left out Justin Bieber. With him in it sounds like TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cươm Vũ
Cươm Vũ Today, 10:46
Justin 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
exotitan Today, 10:46
Someone please remove my fucking sense of hearing.
Chris Mansel
Chris Mansel Today, 10:37
Dang.. U mean older J.B actually put out a GOOD song??? 😱
KiMo KZA Today, 10:32
New BORN JB i can see sound like old days dude ,....... stay on this life Track plz J even if i am Older than u but still love to hear this smart talented Guy toke our souls with his Songs when he been stepping his first steps few years ago ..to see is u learn from Older Music Super Start has ur same chance and take whats good from each one exp to protect ur new chance this time and hey i can see all ur fans here around u loved what u just did and btw we been always love what u sing since u start till now but al lovers we just wish u great life ,,,
Toriq Mara
Toriq Mara Today, 10:25
Jb fans
Sandi Yoan
Sandi Yoan Today, 10:18
Bikin iri aja
Rach Samuraii Rach
Rach Samuraii Rach Today, 10:11
Came for Dan & Shay
林小 Today, 10:09
siti khoiriyah kholilah
siti khoiriyah kholilah Today, 10:08
when I was in junior high school in 9th grade, I really like Justin Bieber, but when I entered high school I was more like exo. but until now I still memorize the song, not all of it, but I still like it
Lee Minea
Lee Minea Today, 10:03
Some say the title are 416 days, 59.5 weeks, 13.7 months, 1.14 year
Larissa Campbell
Larissa Campbell Today, 10:03
I feel like a third wheel while watching this video 😂😂😭😭
Zen ZEN Today, 09:54
This song makes me feel inlove ...I really really love you justin...
Sangita Rae
Sangita Rae Today, 09:53
Jb 💞
Brian Deeds
Brian Deeds Today, 09:52
What happens when they dont tho ??
marian vedudz
marian vedudz Today, 09:52
funny, falling in love, but there's no one.
kunlanat khumraksa
kunlanat khumraksa Today, 09:51
mnda int
mnda int Today, 09:39
I'm starting to be a fan again. 😘
Amelia Lee
Amelia Lee Today, 09:38
he is so in love with her, and it's so fucking beautiful 🥺😭😍