TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '별의 낮잠 (Nap of a star)' Official MV

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Aylen ARMY
Aylen ARMY Yesterday, 23:45
re bellos. :'(<333333
Kiranela Yesterday, 23:12
me recuerdan a los teletubies :v
KN JP Yesterday, 23:05
Thanks Bighit for the art
Bts Armes
Bts Armes Yesterday, 22:59
جننو استمروا عشقي وجنوني
аватария лайф
аватария лайф Yesterday, 22:58
Здесь есть русские(кто арми?, лайк на комм)
mix bts jungkook
mix bts jungkook Yesterday, 22:27
Love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💓💜💓💖💖💖👍👌👏
Shaleen Morris
Shaleen Morris Yesterday, 21:56
Can Kai keep those wings like forever he so adorable💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💙💛
krajewskapoprostu •
krajewskapoprostu • Yesterday, 21:30
ale gowno XDDD
Delicious Kookies
Delicious Kookies Yesterday, 21:13
I just love this song it has some creepy vibes but it's so aesthetic and cuteee😊😇💜❤❤
SEDRA ZETON Yesterday, 21:07
اكو عرب بالطيارة
sarah games games
sarah games games Yesterday, 20:31
Algum BR ?
Xiao Tan
Xiao Tan Yesterday, 20:26
Tangina nyong mga kpoop.Kpopangit nyo!!!!
LegitStarGd Yesterday, 19:58
Please vote for our summer acoustic remix on idol champ in the category 4th week of June 🙏🏼http://mbcplus.idolchamp.com/app_proxy.html?type=vote&id=vote_1266_489
Mychan Totolini
Mychan Totolini Yesterday, 19:55
It‘s unique and special. Love it👍🏻 Keep up your own style and hard work guys
giovanna Souza santos
giovanna Souza santos Yesterday, 19:13
I love you bts sou português tá
asep mediate18
asep mediate18 Yesterday, 18:08
Yawlo gw ketingalan Lagian kgk ada teaser nya sih tau tau langsung mv kan gw kaget:v
Ade Nurul Husna
Ade Nurul Husna Yesterday, 17:31
Guys lets streaming it to 5M views and make TXT proud of us
Ade Nurul Husna
Ade Nurul Husna Yesterday, 17:31
This song is gonna work with the crown song
Mawlyuda Bazarowa
Mawlyuda Bazarowa Yesterday, 17:05
But it's childish😧😞
Van Huyen
Van Huyen Yesterday, 17:04
Łîåñä Yesterday, 17:02
Я в конце заплакала от счастья
Alexandra Ojeda Maguiña
Alexandra Ojeda Maguiña Yesterday, 16:58
Fes canción
We Sing PH
We Sing PH Yesterday, 16:25
Subscribe to our channel if you really love TXT.
IliveforJungkook'sABS itMakesMyHeartboomboom
IliveforJungkook'sABS itMakesMyHeartboomboom Yesterday, 16:23
Those 4.7 million people who viewed this MV have some taste 💙💛😉💓Who's still here?
M E Yesterday, 16:16
Jcee Yesterday, 16:05
What is the name of our fandom?🤔
Hillman Syach
Hillman Syach Yesterday, 15:34
Eh btw kamarnya mirip kamar eunha pas di MV Fingertips ya ??
Rens Rens
Rens Rens Yesterday, 15:26
One of the best vids i've ever watched😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜
oh man holy shit
oh man holy shit Yesterday, 15:23
ok thanks for giving me a headache Bighit...now I need to find out the story of this and crown...I just found out crown and this song is connected
Shine Yeu
Shine Yeu Yesterday, 14:49
i see TXT, i click
BeomgyuJams Yesterday, 14:40
sry im late,our internet just died for a week
uno más del monton
uno más del monton Yesterday, 14:17
❤❤❤💕me muerto , como es que recién veo este mv?😍💕
Park Jihoon
Park Jihoon Yesterday, 14:16
I always watch it and love it😭💜
박지세 Yesterday, 13:49
TXT universe has started y'all
uwu uwu
uwu uwu Yesterday, 13:32
This is beautiful but dang why no teaser? 😂 they just snatched our weaves without our permission or telling us..
V_MIN_KOOK BTS Yesterday, 13:12
BTS: DEBUTED AS BAD ASS BOYSTXT: DEBUTED AS CUTE LIL BABY BOYS!!I mean, look at their mv's!Can't wait to reveal their abs....Oh, just me? Okie...
Alexandra Rush
Alexandra Rush Yesterday, 12:42
Usually I'm a big fan of upbeat songs, but this one touched my soul.
KIM SEOKJIN Yesterday, 11:54
Come to be my teacher - JIN
Geral montes
Geral montes Yesterday, 11:48
Khe pedo con ese vídeo 😫😫😫🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭😭
Mila Unceha
Mila Unceha Yesterday, 11:46
Teori lagi...Teori lagiPusing akutuh babeh mbul:'(
たまごサンド Yesterday, 11:44
Taemin's Noodle Legs
Taemin's Noodle Legs Yesterday, 11:32
This song makes me so relaxed that I forget about my worries❤
밍지에오ミンジ Yesterday, 11:11
빅히트 해명해 해명해 해명해 해명해 해명해 해명해 해명해 해명해 해명해
Alexandra Gómez Rosales
Alexandra Gómez Rosales Yesterday, 11:04
dónde quedó el "morepurisosa, but I love it"? 😔👊
SUGA MIN YOON GI 696 Yesterday, 10:29
🚕🌟TXT LovE💖💖💖
Reinielle 1
Reinielle 1 Yesterday, 10:21
GUYSSSSSS!!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!Someone said that the lamp beside Yeonjun was flickering, and it isn't just flickering... It's a morse code saying "help me"... Can you guys help me, to check if it's real? I'm not good with morse code
Cici Treverson
Cici Treverson Yesterday, 09:35
Honestly beautiful, but not gonna lie also weird . Not really what you’d expect from a kpop video. Made me feel like I’m watching a play.
Cici Treverson
Cici Treverson Yesterday, 09:32
Anyone else wishing for a dark concept from them soon or is it just me.
Talia Doan
Talia Doan Yesterday, 09:27
InsertJams Here
InsertJams Here Yesterday, 09:09
Damn bang pd I trusted u my screen breaks for 2 weeks and no one takes it and I find this 🤧