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Nick Today, 10:02
“Kard has the same concepts”
Chivita Diaz
Chivita Diaz Today, 09:04
Nayla abigail
Nayla abigail Today, 08:11
Chloe Gianetta
Chloe Gianetta Today, 07:55
OMG SOMIN&JIWOO are so cute, pretty, & GUCCI
Jahaira Vargas
Jahaira Vargas Today, 06:10
Omg 🔥 I love it ❤️
Samantha M
Samantha M Today, 06:01
I loveeeeee kard
Maddie vs The World
Maddie vs The World Today, 05:51
Dumb Litty sounds like they're gonna get blackout drunk in a club lol
sarah molina
sarah molina Today, 05:50
Quien esta aqui después de ver los documentales de kard 🙌 Kard tus patrones Siempre hidden kard 💖💖💖💖💖👑👑👑👑👑👑
Danilo Dinizo
Danilo Dinizo Today, 05:45
Lindos amo vcs
Amira husna Haminjee
Amira husna Haminjee Today, 05:35
i'm sorry. not hating Jiwoo but i think her stylist styled her kinda over in the red costume. she was perfect in black n white costume tho. in the red 1, she looks creepy. or maybe thats the concept. lol
Jaiden Reid
Jaiden Reid Today, 05:31
That was amazing
Italia naomi Roldan Manzo
Italia naomi Roldan Manzo Today, 05:30
Los amoo
Candy Blue
Candy Blue Today, 05:17
Como amo vocês❤️💕😍♥️
Dilenia Herrera
Dilenia Herrera Today, 04:23
I feel like jiwoos red makeup makes her look sad, like she already has sad eyes the makeup makes her look more sad, idk if it’s just me who sees this 😐
Polita Pelusona
Polita Pelusona Today, 04:23
Ellas son tan hermosas y ellos guapos, la idea del video y la música, todo tan perfecto.Love kard
Alejandra Today, 03:56
SO GOOD! I been watching it since it came out.
STN Today, 02:16
حبيت 💓
Nathaly VG
Nathaly VG Today, 02:07
Esta canción si es arte y se merece wins y millones de visitas más que otras.
iloveu so much
iloveu so much Today, 01:36
Isinha karalho
Isinha karalho Today, 01:16
enaltece esse grupo mano, eles merecem mais reconhecimento ;-;
Moona Lita
Moona Lita Today, 01:00
7 million lets go hiddens
bTs mUcHo
bTs mUcHo Today, 00:28
Why are they so UNDERRATED I CANT
지구별 Today, 00:10
Julieth monsalve
Julieth monsalve Yesterday, 23:19
Me encantan
kathy TL
kathy TL Yesterday, 23:04
kathy TL
kathy TL Yesterday, 23:01
Залинка Малинка
Залинка Малинка Yesterday, 23:01
Залинка Малинка
Залинка Малинка Yesterday, 23:00
Steph Mora
Steph Mora Yesterday, 22:10
Yo quiero a BM asi encadenado que no pueda escapar 😍😍😍
수원한시박바 Yesterday, 21:53
BM's feet era
iha cooky
iha cooky Yesterday, 20:26
ninguém:absolutamente ninguém:eu: we go dumb dumb dumb dumb
Chichi Charouna
Chichi Charouna Yesterday, 20:11
When I saw the MV at the beginning I was like woooooow wtf they are so great and talented they are a perfect group kard I love you so much ❤ ❤ 💕 💓 J SEPH bm somin jiwoo wooow you are so great fightiiìiiiiiiiiiiiiing ❤❤❤
Anime Gamer
Anime Gamer Yesterday, 19:59
Ok idk know has 6mill views it should have way more and I feel like KARD are one of the best groups and are so underrated
maicon gameplay
maicon gameplay Yesterday, 18:36
Amo vcs
Natalia Diaz
Natalia Diaz Yesterday, 18:30
la amo, definitivamente esta es mi nueva canción favorita
-*ᏦᏟᕼᎪ *_* ᑭᎪSᕼᎪ*-
-*ᏦᏟᕼᎪ *_* ᑭᎪSᕼᎪ*- Yesterday, 17:47
Who likes BM?👇
lil Batsy
lil Batsy Yesterday, 17:41
Im só addicted to 0:47
lil Batsy
lil Batsy Yesterday, 17:38
I DARE you to point out a Kard song who isn't a F*cking good Hit. No, I DOUBLE DARE YOU!i will wait...
Noob Michael
Noob Michael Yesterday, 17:17
Está procurando um comentário Brasileiro né? achou ;-; :)
e moonlight
e moonlight Yesterday, 17:09
Watching the ads so Matthew can eat lol (if you watched the 2nd part of the documentary, you'll know the reference)
Hnun Hnun
Hnun Hnun Yesterday, 16:45
Pasa X Aquí
Pasa X Aquí Yesterday, 16:29
me encanta esta canción, apoyo desde España
Wanny Gonçalves
Wanny Gonçalves Yesterday, 15:31
Kim taehyung * TATA
Kim taehyung * TATA Yesterday, 14:52
Love you ❤❤😍😝❤❤
지구별 Yesterday, 14:47
Cesar Delvalle
Cesar Delvalle Yesterday, 13:18
Me encantó el video 💜💜💜💜💜💜
KeKe Simming
KeKe Simming Yesterday, 12:45
Y'all keep supporting KARD. I'm sad this doesn't even have 7 million views yet and its been almost a month. This song goes so hard.
Friendlyz Freez
Friendlyz Freez Yesterday, 11:48
BM as Hefaistos/AresSomin as AphroditeJseph as HadesJiwoo as Persephone/AthenaIts a theory?
Hirai Momo X Pink Lamborghini
Hirai Momo X Pink Lamborghini Yesterday, 09:41
J.Seph be looking like the Jokerrr DAMN SON 😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️
Bruiser Yesterday, 09:12
This is probably my fav one