Slipknot - Unsainted [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Slipknot 16 May 2019 16:34
WE ARE NOT YOUR KINDNew Album August 9Pre-order & Watch "Unsainted" | #WeAreNotYourKind
Pritesh Gold
Pritesh Gold Today, 00:31
3:05 that dab tho.. :P
RMSHulk Today, 00:23
Muito Bom!
Apple top
Apple top Today, 00:09
How satanic do you want in this video ?Slipknot : yes
Rieky Imanuello
Rieky Imanuello Yesterday, 23:53
Geloo masi idup aee ni band, 😐
Gods Reclamation
Gods Reclamation Yesterday, 23:51
Don’t know how I feel about this song. Mehhh..
Natalia Yesterday, 23:47
This is mediocre at best. It is my opinion, if you enjoy it, I am glad you are.
Loucos Br
Loucos Br Yesterday, 23:46
Br ?
Loucos Br
Loucos Br Yesterday, 23:46
heaven sanchez
heaven sanchez Yesterday, 23:33
the thumbnail looks like GHOST'S "Dance Macabre"Only I see it? Ok have a nice day -.-
chaudhary hamza
chaudhary hamza Yesterday, 23:32
When you are constantly ignored and you are constantly underrated
Austin Knutesen
Austin Knutesen Yesterday, 23:29
Good ass song
miguel correa
miguel correa Yesterday, 23:14
OMG song
Cameron Matthews
Cameron Matthews Yesterday, 23:01
Got that Vol 3 vibe a bit, not really Iowa. I'm good with that
Pheonix 2
Pheonix 2 Yesterday, 22:49
Trash music, such garbage
Evil Salt
Evil Salt Yesterday, 22:08
1.25x speed
Cryo Scar
Cryo Scar Yesterday, 22:03
dunno what everyones problem with coreys mask is...i damn like it!
Izzy Pooh
Izzy Pooh Yesterday, 21:52
Sid dabbed at 7:09-7:10🤣
Dima Smirnov
Dima Smirnov Yesterday, 21:41
Miguel Rodríguez
Miguel Rodríguez Yesterday, 21:32
Alguien Abla español
Actremeniz Yesterday, 21:12
If you guys missed the live slipknot 2019, Click here :
DoNnA PiTty
DoNnA PiTty Yesterday, 20:57
Bondlion Yesterday, 20:47
Да не то уже совсем как раньше!
LOS CZE Yesterday, 20:41
35 295 people click on dislike, why?
Nicolai M
Nicolai M Yesterday, 20:41
Not my music!!! Cream - FOREVER!!!
Edgars Gerskovics
Edgars Gerskovics Yesterday, 20:37
Laurens Klappe
Laurens Klappe Yesterday, 20:36
Hell yeah
Anthony benavides salas
Anthony benavides salas Yesterday, 20:27
Este es el slipknot que queríamos escuchar, las mascaras son punto aparte
emmanuel castro
emmanuel castro Yesterday, 20:20
i love ,it is veryinteresting
I_H8_Unknown_Callers Yesterday, 20:15
1:38 the looks the police gives your neighbor for calling them on you for blasting Slipknot
roberto sanchez allende
roberto sanchez allende Yesterday, 19:44
Fucking pop
Stoneyitis Burnstrees
Stoneyitis Burnstrees Yesterday, 19:29
Jay is such a better drummer than Joey. Lol he even covers Joey's own shit better than he did LMAO. Still bummed about Chris leaving though.
Oswaldo Ramos
Oswaldo Ramos Yesterday, 19:10
Like si hablas español, 🤘
Bodyslam Media Productions
Bodyslam Media Productions Yesterday, 18:53
Bray Wyatt brought me here.
OBE GUTO Yesterday, 18:51
Algum br aq?
PURGEXX Yesterday, 18:48
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 unsaintedddd
Dusty Turtle
Dusty Turtle Yesterday, 18:41
But Who Is Tortilla Man????????
MyrtleMollusk 885
MyrtleMollusk 885 Yesterday, 18:39
This song is badass i cant wait for them to make new songs!
Noname Noname
Noname Noname Yesterday, 18:36
Slipknot is shit in video making.. srsly this is just some fucking mask-ugly fashion show, like.. look at this mask, whoooa look at this one, wtf? and this random "super-ultra metaphoric inserts", geeez..Awesome music though !
El Zou
El Zou Yesterday, 18:25
Where was the last image shot? It looks like a Church or a mosque
Rasit Sakayik
Rasit Sakayik Yesterday, 18:19
Sizin çekeceginiz kılibe tüküreyim. İsrail domuzları amerika piçleri
hunterswine Yesterday, 18:12
Tito Cordero
Tito Cordero Yesterday, 18:05
Sid looks like the Merchant from Resident Evil 4 lmfao
Steve Olson
Steve Olson Yesterday, 18:02
Damn Jay's a fucking madman
John Michael
John Michael Yesterday, 17:48
JAY! Middletown New Jersey represent !!!!
hunterswine Yesterday, 17:34
Stay the fuck away me.
hunterswine Yesterday, 17:21
What's been done to my family & I will never be forgotten.
Bebe Ovo
Bebe Ovo Yesterday, 17:14
Shudhanshu Yadav
Shudhanshu Yadav Yesterday, 17:09
It's heavy for being rock