Ed Sheeran - South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B) [Official Video]

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E N C Today, 11:55
ANDY JONES Today, 11:51
Princess G. Eslit
Princess G. Eslit Today, 11:46
Thats why i really love cardi. Oh gee that bitch
Lofi Dog
Lofi Dog Today, 11:38
Эд Ширан и Карди Б? Зачем смешивать что-то прекрасное и хорошее с говном?
Jack Courtney
Jack Courtney Today, 11:21
Camila is so hot
Dana Writes
Dana Writes Today, 11:16
Cardi is super fun
Ann Saerens
Ann Saerens Today, 11:16
Ik heb aangegeven Nederlands ondertiteld dus klopt hier weer ni
Owl Hoax
Owl Hoax Today, 11:14
Cher Lloyd - MIA
Owl Hoax
Owl Hoax Today, 11:14
Guysss do stream Cher Lloyd - M.I.A noww 🙏🙏🙏
Owl Hoax
Owl Hoax Today, 11:13
guyss go do stream Cher Lloyd - M.I.A noww
Owl Hoax
Owl Hoax Today, 11:13
stream Cher Lloyd - MIA nowwww
My favorite singer Ed sheran
Amina Yussuf
Amina Yussuf Today, 10:24
Camila cheating on shaw mendes
Mikhael Simanjuntak {M}eta{L}ize{R}
Mikhael Simanjuntak {M}eta{L}ize{R} Today, 10:19
1:14 Need For Speed Carbon Anying wkwk
Sana Imran
Sana Imran Today, 10:12
She got the white dress which she is wearing less
Rajballabh Baruah
Rajballabh Baruah Today, 10:00
All GOAT's in one video🥰🥰
Anwar Bin
Anwar Bin Today, 09:55
The one real character in this mv only cardi b
Luis Bienvenido
Luis Bienvenido Today, 09:54
someone can explain me what Cardi said in the last part in video. pls
CHAICHA _ Today, 09:03
Love everything about cardib
Serenade Sins
Serenade Sins Today, 08:59
Hit like if you love Ed Sheeran!!Hit subscribe if you love Camila cabello and Cardi B!!😜
Zinlue’s Life
Zinlue’s Life Today, 08:55
Love everything about this 😩❤️
Jesse Maldonado
Jesse Maldonado Today, 08:29
Nice *
DPC Today, 08:03
Is he still churning out mediocre crap!
Alex cool Arias
Alex cool Arias Today, 07:41
Cardi mad halarious
Raj Realizer
Raj Realizer Today, 07:40
Hey sir Ed sheeran watch my new released song ( who deserves you)https://youtu.be/tzK8LGifY2A
We Care
We Care Today, 07:30
James Charles is twerking on you. Click to undo👇
조동우 Today, 07:29
2:46 boxing 101 camila cabello!
Rose Gonzalez
Rose Gonzalez Today, 07:12
Monisha Nandagopal
Monisha Nandagopal Today, 07:08
Camila wants to be a waitress and serve hot males all the time?? ??
Raine Mueller
Raine Mueller Today, 06:49
That last part was the best part. Motherfucker. Hahahaha
Srivastava Melodies
Srivastava Melodies Today, 06:10
Can I get 1 like for Ed 🙂
Tiani Thompson
Tiani Thompson Today, 05:51
Now I'm not the greatest fan of Cardi B but I have to admit that she had the funniest part at the end. LMAOOOOO
Lilit D
Lilit D Today, 05:36
Wie geil ist das denn 👍👍👍❤
Rahul Giree
Rahul Giree Today, 05:30
Good , but what was the video about ??🤔🤔
Afuk Com
Afuk Com Today, 05:23
Jyoti Yadav
Jyoti Yadav Today, 05:19
Ohk! M.V. is the superup but hey, anybody noticed how handsome the guy is 🤤❤
Deth Rex
Deth Rex Today, 05:12
Omg that cardi at the end there being all grandma style and all made me laugh hard
Mindfulness Today, 04:47
20Billion now This because of I over watch it
Helbert Salimbangon
Helbert Salimbangon Today, 04:47
4:40 (Speaks Filipino) hala uy!
Rachel M.
Rachel M. Today, 04:37
3:55 wow she looked like Amanda Bynes there for a second
Sarah Hulkkonen
Sarah Hulkkonen Today, 04:27
Cardi ruins this. Shes so annoying
Niña Angelicka
Niña Angelicka Today, 04:25
No one:Literally no one: Cardi B: as Cardi B. Okuuur!!
phuong hong
phuong hong Today, 04:18
This mv is so awsome:)
Alejandra Suarez
Alejandra Suarez Today, 04:18
Camila en Sayulita Mex , Ame el video
call me ace
call me ace Today, 04:07
Haha..i think cardi b needs to have a comedy movie..it will be hilariously funny.
Haidei Abluyen
Haidei Abluyen Today, 04:03
I love the ending.... cardi b..
Bibang Maginsay
Bibang Maginsay Today, 03:58
Ugly ass necklace !😂😂😂 hoo mother fucker!😂😂 lol
ha rold
ha rold Today, 03:48
Rodelyn Imissyou
RufusGaming86 Today, 03:38
Ed coukd have been good, legendary almost but he traded it for a quick paycheck. He's loaded for life financially no doubt but will be forgotten about before he passes. Unlike, some of the musical icons that have came and gone before him.
ugagradrn Today, 03:35
Did he say “tea amo” lol