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Mark Long
Mark Long Today, 00:33
was me n Nicole nixs song. but life changed that lol
dun rokky
dun rokky Today, 00:26
hendrix4151 Today, 00:23
moral of the story you can look at women but cant grope or touch women you are not married to.
shooters for bangtan
shooters for bangtan Today, 00:21
Does no one wanna tell me what the hell is happening in that vacuum commercialEdit: no wait I think I kinda get it, it's probably about female body is always used to help sell shit because why else would she be wearing that for a vacuum commercial
New “tattoo” version🤣
ARMYONCR 4EVER Today, 00:11
omg ! baby jhope seen that :‡.
andromedaachelois Today, 00:06
Askdjghaklf I sometimes forget I'm gay and then THIS happens
Melissa Jenkins
Melissa Jenkins Today, 00:06
OMG, I love her!!😍😍🤗I need more! I'm completely hooked!..
Aimara Gómez
Aimara Gómez Today, 00:06
trinzmac Yesterday, 23:51
April Copeland
April Copeland Yesterday, 23:33
"I'm tired and angry but somebody should be" guuuuuurl!
Jonathan Duarte
Jonathan Duarte Yesterday, 23:22
Jonathan Duarte
Jonathan Duarte Yesterday, 23:21
Yeah I'm gonna ask you to please delete whatever the fuck I just saw
9 Yesterday, 23:14
Rhea Garcia
Rhea Garcia Yesterday, 23:11
Is it me or does she look like g-eazy with her pant suit scenes
Reyna Valle
Reyna Valle Yesterday, 23:00
I love u
sophie hayes
sophie hayes Yesterday, 22:55
director: how many boys do you want?Halsey: noo!director: alright then how many girls do you want:Halsey: yess!
Jarret Bross
Jarret Bross Yesterday, 22:52
Lmao I thought woman's rights was taken care of atleast 30 years besides the fact it's a catchy song, the message will fall on deaf ears
Любомир Сырокомский
Любомир Сырокомский Yesterday, 22:46
the worst movie(
Natasha Newbury
Natasha Newbury Yesterday, 22:38
Feels. So many feels. 👏
Adelya Davletshina
Adelya Davletshina Yesterday, 22:36
It's really cool, just the best clip I've seen in all time.
Кто-то Где-то
Кто-то Где-то Yesterday, 22:35
Когда не надо задумываться, которая из песен - песня этого лета.
Emmy Covers
Emmy Covers Yesterday, 22:23
I did a cover of this song on guitar if anyone wants to peep it;) It's not as good as Halsey but wanted to pay her tribute, love her empowerment, and would love some support :)
Riviera Dias
Riviera Dias Yesterday, 22:16
This video made me have nightmares.....lovee you hals!!😍😍😘💜💜
Anastasia Ivanova
Anastasia Ivanova Yesterday, 22:16
Это песня татушек?????? У меня много вопросов!!!
Donika Donika
Donika Donika Yesterday, 22:03
Director: How many boys do you want in this video?Halsey: No!
ARAB ARmy Al FAHL Yesterday, 21:37
ilove you Halsey Im Army 😘😘😘
Jessica Rogers
Jessica Rogers Yesterday, 21:18
This YouTube video is so amzing
Paro Bhatt
Paro Bhatt Yesterday, 21:17
34 M = 1.4 M like👍
Aeon Flux
Aeon Flux Yesterday, 21:17
The lyrics speaks volumes....... of my life!
hatice kübra ölmez
hatice kübra ölmez Yesterday, 21:16
You're perfect
Kristine Elizabeth
Kristine Elizabeth Yesterday, 21:15
It's cool she has Blondie in this video!! Takes me back quite a few years lol
Naila Niwo
Naila Niwo Yesterday, 21:14
راني حايرة كيفاش bts قبلو ايدوروا معاك boy with luv
Shooky Yesterday, 21:12
I’m speechless right now...This is my new pain and if this is the pain that she is feeling... we gotta be there for her
jane doe
jane doe Yesterday, 21:06
Halsey reminds me of the new generations P!nk
Parveen Hassan
Parveen Hassan Yesterday, 20:59
No I won't smile but I'll show you my teeth
Ashley Fowler
Ashley Fowler Yesterday, 20:53
am i the only one that thinks the best part is when she yells?
Got7 Jackson
Got7 Jackson Yesterday, 20:50
di Laurentis
di Laurentis Yesterday, 20:44
She looks sooo punk rock love her
mojo jojo
mojo jojo Yesterday, 20:23
Wow just another illuminati slut working for her masters she sold herself to.
Caroline Lyabastre
Caroline Lyabastre Yesterday, 20:21
frightful,poorly done and disgusting as usual...
Lin Yesterday, 20:17
Damnnnn girl 🔥☄️
Flor maria Castillo
Flor maria Castillo Yesterday, 20:05
“Keep my ex’s in check in my basement “ me 😂😂 and I wonder why I’m single 🤦🏻‍♀️
Flor maria Castillo
Flor maria Castillo Yesterday, 20:04
“Cause kindness is weakness” - my wrong ass toxic mentality 24/7
Flor maria Castillo
Flor maria Castillo Yesterday, 20:03
“I’m tired and angry but somebody should be “ - I feel ya
David Lagattuta Jr.
David Lagattuta Jr. Yesterday, 20:00
This song and video is gold.
Sydney Hatch
Sydney Hatch Yesterday, 19:59
2:28 When your mom tells you to hurry up and clean your room
Mehpara Huseynova
Mehpara Huseynova Yesterday, 19:57
I tasted blood and it is sweet
Микола Коропатніцький
Микола Коропатніцький Yesterday, 19:57
Плагиат squaash - neobones
ginabirdsong Yesterday, 19:49
Can't get enough of this! And Blondie?......oh fuck ya!