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I don't got a life
I don't got a life Yesterday, 23:31
Wow I've been sleeping on them for too long
YR REVELUV Yesterday, 22:53
Hey Cheshires! I'm currently making videos of CLC's most viewed fancams on my channel and it would me a lot to me if you can check them out :)
dayx 2
dayx 2 Yesterday, 20:46
People still sleep on Clc especially knet. You can see on wjsn boogie up comments.(some or most are knet) I mean, is great wjsn cosmic popular in korea .so, can CLC get popular in korea too? :( TT I know knet prefer cheerful,cutesy,fairy,and so on...unlike they are from big3 .
merve bakırtaş
merve bakırtaş Yesterday, 19:47
stan&support CLC !
CutexKawaii Yesterday, 18:51
Why people STILL sleeping on CLC...
Lynnah92 Yesterday, 18:46
Song is ok but difference between (g)i-dle & clc is that (g)i-dle is memorable and clc is not. Especially when they perform on music shows clc is not memorable at all. When it comes to (g)i-dle every girl has memorable voice. Here memorable is only blonde rapper (and maybe elkie and sorn). Some girls sound the same... they debuted like ages ago and they're still not memorable...
Suisen Kensei
Suisen Kensei Yesterday, 18:41
I'm so obsessed with this part: 2:42Elkie voice with seunghee hights notes!
Prinka Kumari
Prinka Kumari Yesterday, 17:54
SkijeuBerry Yesterday, 17:25
This is such a bop!! Omg!!! ❣️
Stray Kid's & NCT's Wife
Stray Kid's & NCT's Wife Yesterday, 17:19
The lyrics, Its wonderful. It fits CLC so much
; Heejin
; Heejin Yesterday, 16:38
is it true that they're racist ?
taengoo taengoo
taengoo taengoo Yesterday, 16:30
said it before and going to say it again. CLC deserves the recognition, they have been in this field for so long and been a fan since pepe. i wish people will stop sleeping to this gems.
Haziq Ismail
Haziq Ismail Yesterday, 15:19
Sadly, CLC didn't get anything for this comeback 😭😭😭
Eric Kessler
Eric Kessler Yesterday, 14:59
TWIИИ Yesterday, 14:56
yeeun's rap is the most catchy part in my head...
Tạo tik tok
Tạo tik tok Yesterday, 14:55
How many international fans Supporting CLC? | |/
Jessie Valdez
Jessie Valdez Yesterday, 14:52
Ooohh they are good 👊👏👏👏🎉🎉
Altantsetseg Munhuu
Altantsetseg Munhuu Yesterday, 14:46
wooooow perfect
El Dictator
El Dictator Yesterday, 14:43
Who was shooked at 3:05 ? Because i was
Shanta Tuba
Shanta Tuba Yesterday, 14:42
I am already become a fan of CLC they’re so beautiful and amazing ❤️👌🏻 Edit: Sorry i am actually know about CLC these 2 days ago so I am sorry if you feel weird
LEE K KING Yesterday, 14:22
This song remind me of 4 minute - hate
Neverlands Cheshires
Neverlands Cheshires Yesterday, 14:15
What are you doing Cheshires??!! WAKE UP NOWW!! Some of you keep saying that they are underrated while you don't vote for them or stream the MV. It has been 3 weeks and they haven't won any shows. If you REALLY WANT them to WIN MOREE, please:1. Share their MVs for your friends who also like Kpop. That will make our fandom bigger2. Stream as much as you can 3. Vote on Starpass, IdolChamp and Mnet McountdownThis comeback they might not win but we can give them MORE wins in the next comeback. 3, 5 or may be 10 WINS for our QUEENS❤( sorry if my English isn't correct)#CLC3rdwin#FightingCheshires😻
Miclak Yesterday, 13:32
i love it
넬슨 Yesterday, 13:31
If you want to support CLC please go subscribe to CLC's official YouTube channel: ,also subscribe to Sorn's channel: PRODUSORN: ,and Seungyeon's channel: SEUNGMONG: .
Bahar Bay
Bahar Bay Yesterday, 13:23
6m 💝
TWIC-XO ! Yesterday, 13:15
Lets make them win ?
Snsd ngg
Snsd ngg Yesterday, 12:27
Bop of this year honestly. So gooooood
123hihihi Vicente
123hihihi Vicente Yesterday, 12:23
huslen erdene
huslen erdene Yesterday, 12:10
Yeeun-ah is there anything you cant do? How dare u steal my ❤️
Graz R.J.x23
Graz R.J.x23 Yesterday, 11:57
clc ♡♡
hannah swift
hannah swift Yesterday, 11:50
please help , I don’t know Korean language , but i have tried to sing ateez song in Korean language please can someone have a look at it , and tell me how are my pronunciations? It will be great if some Korean listen it and tell me how it is??? N please do correct my pronunciation mistakes
Sara Kim
Sara Kim Yesterday, 11:11
Please download the "Starpass" and "IdolChamp" app, so that we can be better prepared for their next comeback.
L J Yesterday, 10:37
This mv look cheaper than the other mv before
Pierre John Zacchio Bucog Casinto
Pierre John Zacchio Bucog Casinto Yesterday, 10:34
Oh fuck!!!!!!! Why the hell is this video still 6M like it deserves so much more!!!!
blackexovelvet only
blackexovelvet only Yesterday, 09:52
20M whose with me?
xpeachyx. xpcyx
xpeachyx. xpcyx Yesterday, 09:40
This gives me 4MINUTE ""hate"" vibes 😁
darrick ngo
darrick ngo Yesterday, 09:27
Ok Clc just wrecked my kpop girlgroup bias.
-forever rain-
-forever rain- Yesterday, 08:11
stan clc, stan art¡!
ayşe canpolat
ayşe canpolat Yesterday, 08:10
Gp Gumi
Gp Gumi Yesterday, 08:06
my ultimate bias seunghee never disappoints even though bias wreakers git me gud <3
jeonslolita •
jeonslolita • Yesterday, 07:57
YAY 6M😭💛
alienprotein Yesterday, 07:41
we robbed them this comeback :(
STAN_CLC Yesterday, 07:39
CLC channel + 1theKME = 8,505,524No = 20,784,992I Dream = 1,131,482Distance = 1,607,044Black Dress = 28,879,625Where are you? = 1,706,576Hobgoblin = 25,842,175No Oh Oh = 2,510,958High Heels = 1,660,417Like = 4,656,459Pepe = 10,739,866
Victory 33
Victory 33 Yesterday, 07:13
Dance so fire
lee Fox
lee Fox Yesterday, 06:10
they're so underratedlike come on ppl, this is a bop
Daisy Diaries
Daisy Diaries Yesterday, 05:55
A l e
A l e Yesterday, 05:37
queens of kpop
BTSLOVEE FOREVER Yesterday, 04:58
Not trying to brag or anything but I Stan CLC
forever be neverland
forever be neverland Yesterday, 04:51
YAS KEEP GOING CHESHIRES!! Stream as much as you can and vote on Starpass we are so close to the first place!
Susu Yesterday, 04:45
I don’t Stan clc but Yeeun can step on meeee