Monsta X - WHO DO U LOVE? ft. French Montana

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neknarf1973 Today, 13:51
I wanna thank all other fandoms who are supporting our precious boys.THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!
neknarf1973 Today, 13:50
tosia k
tosia k Today, 13:33
7 million!!💕
Lynn Williams
Lynn Williams Today, 13:27
7,180,957 <3
Maica Jane Marquez
Maica Jane Marquez Today, 13:13
Their english speaking is damn good. It make me proud 😍 Keep it up Monsta X . Loving your PLAY IT COOL too. #monbebephilippines
Ruby Today, 12:58
l love MONSTA X~
Vanessa Youngborn
Vanessa Youngborn Today, 12:50
Damn we need this song on an album I needa be able to play this song in my car 😭👌🏻
Ashrada Today, 12:28
ARMY here, this song's amazing.😍❤️
i stan legends
i stan legends Today, 11:57
Army here to support monsta x ~This song is such a bop !//Btw guys support monsta x's japanese release :'< they deserve it
IamAmNoone Nobody
IamAmNoone Nobody Today, 11:38
2019Is KPOP Collaboration with Western Artist Year
Andreea Popescu
Andreea Popescu Today, 11:35
The one who sings at the begining of the song has such a unique and beautiful voice. He really stands out :) I fell in love with this song
Migzmigz Migzmigz
Migzmigz Migzmigz Today, 11:28
Just found ths mv a week ago..can't help bt stan them.since then,am viewing all their MVs non-stop😩.my eyebagz gettin bigger and bigger so as well my support n admiration to them☺️
Laysa Fabian
Laysa Fabian Today, 11:02
can someone plz tell me what is the name of the handsome man on 0:37
bich buoy
bich buoy Today, 10:56
i heard this for the first time on the radio the other day and i nearly fell out of my uber when i heard "monsta x"
yoongies Today, 10:43
“rappers can’t sing”jooheon: let’s see about that.changkyun: let’s get em
DAVEN REACTS Today, 10:25
So, Minhyuk is the new thumbnail now! Yaaas! I'm waiting for Wonho😍
YoYoBoi’s Roblox
YoYoBoi’s Roblox Today, 10:23
French Montana sounds like Jackson from BlackPink
Amirah Hilya
Amirah Hilya Today, 09:59
Minhyuk again? Haha but i luv it
Chanel Perkins
Chanel Perkins Today, 09:49
I know I love Monsta X🤩✨
Ariana Monbebe
Ariana Monbebe Today, 09:12
7 156 158
theasiankendoll Today, 09:02
This song makes me fall in love with Monsta x all over again. So classy and cool at the same time
tamara mohammad
tamara mohammad Today, 08:33
Amazing as always! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Lisa Raini
Lisa Raini Today, 08:29
All So handsome😘
Le Tân cuong
Le Tân cuong Today, 07:43
So cool,they handsome boy
gina Today, 07:36
Potato_ Life
Potato_ Life Today, 07:18
Monsta X: if you can’t say I’m the one for sure, then I’m walking out the door.Me: but I love you all equally😭😭😭
Bonsai Nigga
Bonsai Nigga Today, 07:17
What's the name of the guy at 0:42He's fine AF. 🔥😍
yeryeetmywig Today, 07:15
Just watching this for the 294775th time
Kristina Matt
Kristina Matt Today, 07:03
Love this song ❤️😍
sm_ 2000
sm_ 2000 Today, 06:56
I just accidentally touched on screen and yeahhh .....I just found my fave song
Dlh Simon
Dlh Simon Today, 06:53
this song issa bop
Flufdiy Today, 06:47
the new monbebe will not believe that the first person that sing is our main rapper.HELLO!!! Did you new here? welcome to our fandom. hope you like our boys (duh... who the hell no, right?) love you and stay solid. with luv❤❤❤indonesian monbebe
Sofi Rojas
Sofi Rojas Today, 06:36
Just one word ART
lol nope
lol nope Today, 06:27
when the rapper jooheon gets more lines than hyungwon
Nɪᴄᴏʟᴇ K-ᴘᴏᴘღ
Nɪᴄᴏʟᴇ K-ᴘᴏᴘღ Today, 06:19
Bunny’s K-Life
Bunny’s K-Life Today, 06:12
Goddamn.. that beat wasn’t hard but it was smooth.
Nat Jaramillo
Nat Jaramillo Today, 06:10
Alicia Rasys
Alicia Rasys Today, 06:09
Such an amazing song; smooth but gets you dancing and I am loving every second of it!
Ari Leon
Ari Leon Today, 05:51
MewMew InspiritArmyMonbebe
MewMew InspiritArmyMonbebe Today, 05:46
I'm a stream this on my spotify
Andrea Chavez
Andrea Chavez Today, 05:45
me mom :v
fofo monbebe
fofo monbebe Today, 05:38
The best k-pop group 😉💙💙
ĐẠO DỤ - ĐỤ DẠO Today, 05:30
Yulissa Martinez
Yulissa Martinez Today, 05:14
So sexy
King Aesthetic
King Aesthetic Today, 05:13
They’re definitely marketing towards America now
sooki moon
sooki moon Today, 04:34
Aaarrrhhh why can't I STOP watching this???? This song is in my head on non stop loop.
Chettagirl101 Today, 04:33
I’m wanting to join this fandom so anything I should know..?
jimin carrow
jimin carrow Today, 04:29
Wth this is so different but its not bad😍
Key 7w7
Key 7w7 Today, 04:25
Esto es arte.Aprecienlo >:v
daiana gonzalez
daiana gonzalez Today, 04:25
Esto es ARTE!!!!