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Shadi Khadour
Shadi Khadour Today, 12:40
My love💙😍
HoPEG Lee Today, 12:23
if this isn't art, then i don't know what it is
Lavender Purple
Lavender Purple Today, 12:06
I GOT 7 Lai
I GOT 7 Lai Today, 12:02
Baldovino 워나블 Geanne Paulette
Baldovino 워나블 Geanne Paulette Today, 12:02
this song be telling us something about depression. that black person was the depression and it's controlling him at first but in the end he learned to be in it and lived in it which makes him the person at the end of the video. it's saddening what depression can make to a person. let's all be nice to each other because we don't know what is everyone is going through inside. this music video is very timely.
A GOT7 Fan
A GOT7 Fan Today, 11:40
The talent!! Who’s ready for GOT7s comeback on the 4th?! Super hyped!!
stan pentagon
stan pentagon Today, 11:06
Can we get a high quality mv like this for Got7 too
Fleur du désert Amazigh
Fleur du désert Amazigh Today, 10:46
Jackson bébé Im So sick today sorry make history You are 👉🏻❤️👈🏻
father faheemzz
father faheemzz Today, 10:25
yoo our baby hit 10mil views!!!
IKIGAI Desu Today, 10:09
Tazqia Putri Humaira
Tazqia Putri Humaira Today, 09:52
Who's hearin this after I love u 3000?
Choco chip kookie
Choco chip kookie Today, 09:48
Jackson you're so great😍 wish this song were longer🔥 #TeamWANG
razitni Today, 08:59
what? that's it? too short like a shot of a bullet lol... seriously want more...
Arwen Elron
Arwen Elron Today, 08:51
Jackson ~♡
Elvira Haydter
Elvira Haydter Today, 08:30
Arwen Elron
Arwen Elron Today, 08:28
...bullet to the heart...
Bangtan, seu amor me pegou
Bangtan, seu amor me pegou Today, 07:06
tudo vai ficar bem, eu te amo. <3
Shian Socorro
Shian Socorro Today, 07:02
any onces here and not clicking the feel special ad?
Shian Socorro
Shian Socorro Today, 06:58
the beat tho
Gigi 0 3 0
Gigi 0 3 0 Today, 06:54
Stefania Bbtaღ
Stefania Bbtaღ Today, 05:44
Whoever hurt jackson enough to write this song, turn on your location, I just wanna talk
Mary Kathrina
Mary Kathrina Today, 05:42
He is now suffering depression too. T^T our baby Jackson, please be strong. We love you T^T ♡
Jackie Reyes
Jackie Reyes Today, 05:36
YALL THATS MY FUTURE HUSBAND 😍😍but also I miss the old Jackson☹️
evangeline castro
evangeline castro Today, 05:22
Jackson is really a full package. One of the most talented person i know.
Yaz- V
Yaz- V Today, 05:14
bro, why does this not have more likes!!!!!!!!!!? it deserves more bcrewgvjcerbfckbc
marcela peñaipil
marcela peñaipil Today, 05:14
Esto Es ARTE..!!😢😍💕Jackson Te Amo ❤💋Nunca Olvides Que Las Ahgase Te Amamos 😢💕💜 Siempre Estaremos Para Ti Y Para GOT7💋❤
linda chen
linda chen Today, 05:10
beautiful ❤️
linda chen
linda chen Today, 05:10
- ғᴀʙʀɪᴄɪᴏ
- ғᴀʙʀɪᴄɪᴏ Today, 05:01
Fica forte maninho você vai vencer isso Jackson, você não tá sozinho nós somos uma família, força irmão!
Yessica Escobar
Yessica Escobar Today, 04:49
Yessica Escobar
Yessica Escobar Today, 04:49
Yessica Escobar
Yessica Escobar Today, 04:49
Yessica Escobar
Yessica Escobar Today, 04:49
Shan Eishi
Shan Eishi Today, 04:30
why is it so effin short? ☹️
Dania García
Dania García Today, 04:02
I Stan Monsta X
I Stan Monsta X Today, 03:54
Wow! This was amazing! So catchy and the video was so intriguing. 😍
ดวงนภา ฤากิจนา
ดวงนภา ฤากิจนา Today, 03:28
Jackson​ ​Fighting​
Kim Gabriela
Kim Gabriela Today, 03:27
Jackson se que no me entiendes pero te lo dire de todos modos NO MUERAS!! POR FAVOR, SE FUERTE!!
tawin thongkajay
tawin thongkajay Today, 03:26
#i love you 3000 song
Fleur du désert Amazigh
Fleur du désert Amazigh Today, 03:26
Je suis libre all life for You ❤️Je t’aime mon beau chinois I say You the beautiful words and i will make You the best kisses better than Drama no doubt 😂🥟🥢Im sweet strong and nasty Im sur You like it because this not fake love as in the sound of Bts this is most love ! Im sûr monsta X will Be jealouse ...LOL I can’t say You goodbye bébé never Because You are my heart im your bullet 👈🏻 Bang 💋good night
SoyYo 17
SoyYo 17 Today, 03:26
Every day, all day. with you. LOVE U
kpopislifeu STANTALENT
kpopislifeu STANTALENT Today, 03:24
I literally listen to this every day gosh even at school
manoela pereira dos santos
manoela pereira dos santos Today, 02:56
que fofo
hannah padolina
hannah padolina Today, 02:51
Jackson is so talented 💛lovin this song
Panpan Feri
Panpan Feri Today, 02:45
I love you Jackson
menina loka eu só loka
menina loka eu só loka Today, 02:08
You love Jackson °♡°
ダメPark Today, 01:42
Love u jackson💕
Erandi Meza
Erandi Meza Today, 01:39
y realy love it. i can stop to listen
PokemonTheGathering Today, 01:32
Whoever added English subs it is too fast.
I sou Gabyy
I sou Gabyy Today, 00:58