Kygo, Chelsea Cutler - Not Ok (Lyric Video)

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AlinosAlan Yesterday, 23:59
Dominika Jucha
Dominika Jucha Yesterday, 23:53
Vitor Santos Barboza
Vitor Santos Barboza Yesterday, 23:45
mais que $%&#*"'
Estelita jajajajaja
Estelita jajajajaja Yesterday, 22:01
Maravillosa 😘😘😘
Allgemeinwissen19 Yesterday, 21:32
Büşra Adsız
Büşra Adsız Yesterday, 21:29
Seven months, two weeks and seven daysSince I left, who's counting anyway?But for me the only thing that's changedIs the distance between New York and LASeven months, two weeks and seven daysSince I was so easily replacedIt's so strange how I recognize her faceBut tell me, does she make you feel the same?Kills me to know she's sleeping in my placeIt's midnight and I'm wastedSo wasted, I'm wastedI can't believe I'm calling you up againI know I might be crazySo crazy, I'm crazyI can't believe I'm calling you just to sayI'm not okayI just called you to say, oohI'm not okay, ohI just called you to say, oohI'm not okayI'm not okayAnother day with whiskey and cheap wineBut it don't stop this dream back in my mindMy friends…
Dalal Alrbee3
Dalal Alrbee3 Yesterday, 21:28
No one is going to say that “two weeks and seven days” is a bit obtuse to say?🙂
Kabari Roy
Kabari Roy Yesterday, 21:05
Nikhil Jha
Nikhil Jha Yesterday, 18:51
Monica Msuya
Monica Msuya Yesterday, 18:22
bruce marowa
bruce marowa Yesterday, 18:18
Kygo never dissapoints
ZELDA GAMING Yesterday, 18:14
Chelsea cutler❤❤
Mousike Records
Mousike Records Yesterday, 17:55
0:49 my monitors are not working properly!
Life ?
Life ? Yesterday, 17:51
So, this song is about lesbians?
Timothy Yesterday, 17:30
Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this movies: "Your123movies com" Captain Marvel 2019 Step 3. Enjoy! My hands shall wear no wedding ring," she continued, slipping it from her finger. "The roots shall twine about them. Ah!" she sighed, pressing her head luxuriously on its spongy pillow, "I have sought happiness through many ages and not found it; fame and missed it' love and not known it; life - and behold, death is better. I have known many men and many women," she continued; "none have I understood. It is better that I should lie at peace here with only the sky above me - as the gipsy told me years ago.
Emily Valeria
Emily Valeria Yesterday, 17:19
I realised the meaning of the song ...
Đức Phạm
Đức Phạm Yesterday, 16:01
anyone try play this song with x2 speed yet??? Cuz its make me higher than original song :3
black white
black white Yesterday, 15:53
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T S Yesterday, 14:20
Very nice song
nadal cool
nadal cool Yesterday, 13:53
i like this song can you make some more songs (:
Ariel Zanuverdy
Ariel Zanuverdy Yesterday, 13:03
im not a gay
Ibrahim Ibrahim
Ibrahim Ibrahim Yesterday, 12:57
Perfect song
Afia Jannat Arpy
Afia Jannat Arpy Yesterday, 12:42
Is it a male or female sound?
MugGod Yesterday, 12:37
>Little Big - I'm OK>Kygo - Not Ok
ryan ng
ryan ng Yesterday, 12:28
Escucha musico es mi otro ano
ryan ng
ryan ng Yesterday, 12:27
Change lyric so easy to me.
Kuta Fonorito
Kuta Fonorito Yesterday, 11:23
love the song
Kara Yesterday, 10:55
Muhyideen Mohammed
Muhyideen Mohammed Yesterday, 10:23
Errr..two weeks and seven days?
pita pitota
pita pitota Yesterday, 08:32
La tonada y el ritmo se parecen mucho a la canción "solo" de Demi Lovato
Monserrat Torres
Monserrat Torres Yesterday, 06:05
Like si la estas escuchando en el 2019 üüüü
UTA- Tokyo
UTA- Tokyo Yesterday, 04:07
Electria eat Food
Electria eat Food Yesterday, 03:54
Me everyday, even without boyfriend
Hi I'm Juaah
Hi I'm Juaah Yesterday, 03:21
can u tell me ? how can make this vid ??? by wwhat programme :>
James Parco
James Parco Yesterday, 03:13
the saddest part when the one you called don't care about you at all. well at the end of the day you only have yourself =(
علي الشهري
علي الشهري Yesterday, 03:03
I like this 😉✌️
아쓰 Yesterday, 01:59
난 괜찮지 않아
Ryker Wilder
Ryker Wilder Yesterday, 01:15
Wait a second isn't seven months two weeks and seven days just seven months and three weeks
Emilio Torres
Emilio Torres Yesterday, 00:59
StormRunGaming Yesterday, 00:15
This was on a playlist.. I had to come in the room to add it to mine. :) Great job!
Rafaela Goes
Rafaela Goes 17 June 2019 23:49
Nikada 17 June 2019 23:19
2 weeks and 7 days = 3days
MOON SHATER 17 June 2019 23:07
This lyric vid is terrible tbh
Hadouch18 To Play!
Hadouch18 To Play! 17 June 2019 22:25
when i see that it reminds me of hawkmoth from miraculous ladybug anyone? i mean the butterflies then not the song.
Imboreddontjudgeme 17 June 2019 22:23
2 weeka and 7 days is 3 weeks tho
Dani Schäfli
Dani Schäfli 17 June 2019 21:47
Ich bliib Emotionsdirekt.. Bis alles verbii isch und au denn.. Well wa gäbs schlimmers we alles schlechte under dä Teppich zchere..?
Dani Schäfli
Dani Schäfli 17 June 2019 21:45
The only thing that changed is the distance between YOU AND ME ❤️🌹
hamidou chabouni
hamidou chabouni 17 June 2019 21:37
i'm Not Ok:Why:Becausethe song is beautifulThe truth is that it is very very very very beautiful
Dani Schäfli
Dani Schäfli 17 June 2019 21:34
I'm not okay without my Wuschelknubbel..❤️💝🌹❤️⏰☠️♊️♉️🕉☯️🕊🌹💝
HEDAN MUSIC 17 June 2019 21:22
this song gets me high🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍