Lil Uzi Vert - Sanguine Paradise [Official Music Video]

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Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon Today, 12:51
I wonder what happens when it's on 1.25 speed
Crunchy Games
Crunchy Games Today, 12:33
Trans much
Charles Keefer
Charles Keefer Today, 12:02
Music is made for your ears not your eyes>This music video is reason enough to give up on the human race.It explains the song perfectly.JEsus Christ. My fav part is when he goes CLick Click with his fingers
oriel e
oriel e Today, 11:49
This would be the perfect song for a Blade movie
Uranus in Iran
Uranus in Iran Today, 11:27
Blade lol
Smiley' Today, 11:25
Doctor : You have 4 mimutes of your life.Me : Play Lil Uzi Vert - Sanguine Paradise.Doctor : But it's 4:14God : It's okay.
Life on Jayy
Life on Jayy Today, 10:38
Chelle Provo
Chelle Provo Today, 10:19
Fuck yeah uzi is team Marvel nice blade cosplay
Juan Roberto
Juan Roberto Today, 10:15
he’s back🥰
Rosa Española Kaotiq Sekta KS encarnación
Rosa Española Kaotiq Sekta KS encarnación Today, 09:38
Lookin sharp rockin the corn rows soulja 🔥
GhostCobra Today, 09:23
So confused on this videp
Edott Drill
Edott Drill Today, 09:22
This blade lil brother butter knife😭
Yadiel Tapia
Yadiel Tapia Today, 09:07
Uzi look like blade younger brother pocket knife
D Joseph
D Joseph Today, 08:32
in reality im 5'4 stand on my money now im 6'6 😂😂
tim borodin
tim borodin Today, 08:15
Look motherfucker instead of these videos drop eternal please and thank 😽😽
ALDO LOPEZ Today, 08:09
Me recuerda mucho a xxxtentacion
JCM NielCollins
JCM NielCollins Today, 08:00
THIS SHIT FIRE!!! Never thought I'd blow my 12's listening to Lil Uzi Vert!!!
king smoke404
king smoke404 Today, 07:55
What is this trash offical
NsKz Today, 07:45
Michael = archangel√
Bernardo Zamudio
Bernardo Zamudio Today, 07:41
It's actually the remake of blade movie
Dat1FakeFilipino __
Dat1FakeFilipino __ Today, 07:27
Isn’t this the scene from the first blade movie?
Zannie T.V
Zannie T.V Today, 07:24
I thought that scene reminded me of blade
phucc boi
phucc boi Today, 07:08
Wtf lil uzi cut off his dreads wtfffffffff
Bail3ycuhz Today, 07:05
Blood Thirsty Paradise... 👿🎯
TheMadden Father
TheMadden Father Today, 06:31
Hopefully this shit on madden 20
Kidded Today, 06:22
So its based on blade but if you understand the symbolism you know whats up
Isaiah Warren
Isaiah Warren Today, 06:16
This reminds me of blade ,literally as I typed this blade came in
James Johnson
James Johnson Today, 06:12
Does anyone else see X IN uzi???
disposable alien brains
disposable alien brains Today, 06:04
Just sounds like Lil Wayne
Augustus Gloop
Augustus Gloop Today, 05:56
Sanguinare Vampiris
Tazmanian Devil
Tazmanian Devil Today, 05:52
The last few seconds of video.... When 3of ur women catch u
Lord Dante
Lord Dante Today, 05:43
Songs fire af but is the music video from the first blade
Chip The Duck
Chip The Duck Today, 05:41
Am I the only one who got that Blade reference at 2:45?
Jeremy Today, 05:38
Logan Nelson
Logan Nelson Today, 05:20
Rhinos have 1 horn
Inferno Blade
Inferno Blade Today, 05:10
Who is happy that we recome
Aye j
Aye j Today, 04:26
Blade is an old marvle character the day Walker vampire slayer who is a vampire
Aye j
Aye j Today, 04:25
Is that blade
JuJu HD Today, 04:22
Lil Uzi keep making satanic music videos 🤷🏻‍♂️
Lil Migi
Lil Migi Today, 04:16
Me out here trying to find a secret message cuz this shit ain’t adding up
Guilherme Vitor
Guilherme Vitor Today, 04:12
thats so dope man
Lil Migi
Lil Migi Today, 04:12
Marquetta Streater
Marquetta Streater Today, 03:53
he walking like a nerd
King Hines
King Hines Today, 03:50
This is how all uzi friends died
young gunna
young gunna Today, 03:50
Uzi and Gonna on this I think 😍
David Ramesar
David Ramesar Today, 03:50
It is like blade the movie
__ Today, 03:50
The size difference is actually so cute 💕
Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas Today, 03:47
I thought it was thriller ..........nope just Blade
Fatal Fuzz
Fatal Fuzz Today, 03:39
3:00 me looking to area 51 and seeing all the dead memes
Clutch handla
Clutch handla Today, 03:24
aye its ya boi ,this song fire but please give me an opportunity to promote my channel , music and videos, I'm trying to make a small lane in this game , give me a chance please , i would love a like , positive comment , share and a subscribe we here man lets rock peace and blessings , ~ clutch handla