Billie Eilish - bad guy (Live From Saturday Night Live)

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Sherry Light-n-Love
Sherry Light-n-Love Today, 09:27
She is so humble <3 Love You Billie and Finneas <3 <3 <3
the temz
the temz Today, 09:14
Imangine seeing Billie like this on your house
Ten Jin
Ten Jin Today, 07:50
เมย์มิว แชแน่ล
เมย์มิว แชแน่ล Today, 06:32
ชอบบิลลี่ ไอลิชมากกกกกก หลงเสียง
KEVIN VG Today, 03:34
Like si ablas en español no me dejen solo
dan crep
dan crep Today, 01:36
i liked it
SidAhmed Meddah
SidAhmed Meddah Yesterday, 22:09
This song is shitty
Roman SMA
Roman SMA Yesterday, 21:34
И всё-таки DUH у нее лучше всего получается! Чекайтей;) 2:08 дааах
Elias Silva
Elias Silva Yesterday, 20:14
Como ela consegue fazer isso
そーしろー Yesterday, 19:04
Billie like JOREEN KUJO
Sofi ko mania
Sofi ko mania Yesterday, 17:53
Обожаю тебя
Yonatan Nir
Yonatan Nir Yesterday, 15:00
Proof that the earth is flat
Septian Zulfahnur
Septian Zulfahnur Yesterday, 13:17
Bisa kitu
スーパー7 Yesterday, 09:15
0:44 (゚ー゚)(。_。)?
muhtasin fuad
muhtasin fuad Yesterday, 06:19
Rest In Peace gravitational force
Ki Grey
Ki Grey Yesterday, 05:53
What is that room ?! How ?! Great performance!
azucena Esquivel
azucena Esquivel Yesterday, 05:10
Alguien de México??👌😂💜
Martina Maniezzi
Martina Maniezzi Yesterday, 02:15
I like the way she looks so pretty and shy once she's done being the bad guy
Mysterious Jimi
Mysterious Jimi Yesterday, 01:44
a bit off topic... I'm looking for a music composer / creator for a project. BIG plus, if you write lyrics as well. DM me on Instagram @mysterious.jimi for more information. /JimiBtw, Billie Rocks 🤘
sary tie
sary tie 16 October 2019 23:20
Joris van Dijk
Joris van Dijk 16 October 2019 23:04
Cringiest comment section ever...
SpecialDetermence 16 October 2019 22:36
Yup just as horrible as i thought
alla alejnikova
alla alejnikova 16 October 2019 20:56
she walks even through the wall. She walks through space and time to a strange Russian who is called a virus.🤩🤩🤩
Full episodes Of Nickelodeon series
Full episodes Of Nickelodeon series 16 October 2019 19:59
Sub me and get three new subs and comment done after subbing me for confirmation
Katerina V
Katerina V 16 October 2019 19:10
It's a cool perfomans, I like Billie. Though she has no voice.
Zuren *
Zuren * 16 October 2019 18:42
Song:White shirtBille :nah,i'll just wear the black one!
james borhan
james borhan 16 October 2019 17:52
I think the room is rotating and the camera is fixed.....
Xx Tentaction
Xx Tentaction 16 October 2019 17:09
Billie ngentot billie itu yg gw teriakin klo nonton konser billie
Keith Franklin
Keith Franklin 16 October 2019 16:07
Woulda been cooler if she was actually singing
aunthau MV
aunthau MV 16 October 2019 15:58
Aubrey Plaza will hit it off with this one.
Queen Potens
Queen Potens 16 October 2019 13:20
How did she walk on walls?
Yun Bky
Yun Bky 16 October 2019 11:33
Baby Acerap
Baby Acerap 16 October 2019 10:42
I use cheap hp thats why i can only hear the music...
Gai Ko
Gai Ko 16 October 2019 10:20
Jolyne Cujoh's style, not bad :-)
Yun Bky
Yun Bky 16 October 2019 10:13
So cool 😍
I was Killcam
I was Killcam 16 October 2019 10:12
How does anyone like this? You can hear all the overlays over powering her voice so its completely over edited. It doesn't even sound like her at all
Yun Bky
Yun Bky 16 October 2019 10:10
Caitlin Dudar
Caitlin Dudar 16 October 2019 08:55
How does she make absolutely everything look and sound hot?! I wish she’d marry me
랩하는박종호 whatDa_buck
랩하는박종호 whatDa_buck 16 October 2019 08:02
어케했누 시ㅂ.. 어떻게 하셨나요 빌선생님 ??
mic XD
mic XD 16 October 2019 07:58
Pero que trasero
James Wiggins
James Wiggins 16 October 2019 07:01
Am I the only one who doesn't really get Billie Eilish?
Dave Santiago
Dave Santiago 16 October 2019 05:30
Why are there people pretending to play instruments. It's not like we don't know that's all electronic.
Jariah Bolden
Jariah Bolden 16 October 2019 05:16
How did she walk on a wall
Max Black
Max Black 16 October 2019 03:08
Billie 🖤
Sara of Isla
Sara of Isla 16 October 2019 01:21
billie and ariana are out here walking up and down the walls loli made a cover of bad guy, pls help ya girl out and give it a listen
Максимус VORONIN
Максимус VORONIN 16 October 2019 00:41
Kirill Zuev Presents
Kirill Zuev Presents 15 October 2019 23:28
Халтурно сделано.
PERKUSIONANDO 15 October 2019 22:29
I love you billi
BuskerWill'ь 15 October 2019 21:59
Нолан гений
Jatinderpal Singh
Jatinderpal Singh 15 October 2019 21:59
Mind fucked first time 😂😂😂😂But I got it👍👍👍👍