Ariana Grande - 7 rings (Live From The Billboard Music Awards / 2019)

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karol Martínez
karol Martínez Today, 05:58
No me canso de ver este performance
dayanne ouwaida
dayanne ouwaida Today, 05:53
I like how she doesn't say the b-word in the beginning but then throughout the song she says it NO HATE IM A HUGE ARIANATOR
jabon -chan
jabon -chan Today, 05:50
the best 7 rings in life
Maha Qamer
Maha Qamer Today, 05:30
She hardly sang wtf
옍됴「YAN」 Today, 05:08
Ariana Grande♡♡
Emely Gomez
Emely Gomez Today, 05:07
Emely Gomez
Emely Gomez Today, 05:07
Big fain
Olivia Today, 04:38
Still a better performer than Halsey sorry
Candis Bain
Candis Bain Today, 04:35
Libby Casey
Libby Casey Today, 03:54
Now Ariana has to come out with her own Highlighter
샤이가이 Today, 03:03
춤추는거 보면 댄서들 정말편하겠다~
Salva M
Salva M Today, 02:30
1:00 Are you sure is that Ariana?2:37 Repeat please 🤩
Gacha Artz
Gacha Artz Today, 01:52
I wonder why Ari's Voice sound deep.
NERS Today, 01:24
ok but the real question iswhy is the channel name Ariana Grande with a ` at the end whatever thats called
Airam Rosales
Airam Rosales Today, 00:55
Kariny Dantas
Kariny Dantas Today, 00:48
Altea e Chiara
Altea e Chiara Today, 00:23
2015 focus2016 into you2017 everyday2018 god is a woman2019 7 rings
Camila Churampi
Camila Churampi Today, 00:10
Es broma
Camila Churampi
Camila Churampi Today, 00:10
I hate
0 0
0 0 Yesterday, 23:46
Y'all go follow my Favorite singer on IG:|
Allison Dedios
Allison Dedios Yesterday, 23:17
John Smith
John Smith Yesterday, 23:02
They all get props for NOT falling while dancing in those heels....
Aisha Adcock
Aisha Adcock Yesterday, 22:31
Claudiaycelita Vega
Claudiaycelita Vega Yesterday, 22:13
Su voz es hrrmosa
Claudiaycelita Vega
Claudiaycelita Vega Yesterday, 22:11
Dijo "Si" en español
Allison Raju
Allison Raju Yesterday, 20:01
Bryce Dean2008
Bryce Dean2008 Yesterday, 19:13
I went to ur concertmyesterday it was awesome I loved it
100000 subscribe 0 video
100000 subscribe 0 video Yesterday, 18:43
Ariana’s highlight lookin brighter than my future
Kyo- ARMY Yesterday, 17:18
AnimeObsessed234 Yesterday, 17:08
I like how tastefully she shows off her sexiness and swag. Love her 😁
Ele Valent
Ele Valent Yesterday, 17:07
Jovanna Rose
Jovanna Rose Yesterday, 16:32
Omg i'm not a fan but she's got a great voice and she's great at dancing. She's beautiful <3
ari_nickiまりぃ Yesterday, 16:29
Krisztián Mohácsi
Krisztián Mohácsi Yesterday, 15:23
Ariana láttam az üzeneted gondoltam itt elérlek le a kalappal a manchesteri támadást nagyon sajnálom láttam amit üzentél nekik egy ujságban le a kalapal
salemey Abdoul hak
salemey Abdoul hak Yesterday, 13:54
omg LOVE IT!!!!!!!
기분이 좋다ᄒᄒ
기분이 좋다ᄒᄒ Yesterday, 13:14
이거볼때마다 그냥 와.... 라는소리밖에 안나옴ㅋㅋㅋ
Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar Yesterday, 13:06
Mariah Carey Would Be Collecting The Money That Ari Had Rained🤣
Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar Yesterday, 13:03
Now Mariah Carey Should Have Known Who Is Ariana Cuz Ari Has More Subs Than Her And Is The First Woman To Claim All The 3 Billboard Ranks In Top 200
Zara Benson
Zara Benson Yesterday, 11:45
Her voice is soooooo bbeeeaaauuutttiiiifffuuulll eeekkk
Staci Gonzales
Staci Gonzales Yesterday, 10:32
It was really good
Staci Gonzales
Staci Gonzales Yesterday, 10:31
I just came from your concert in Oklahoma City
aislinn h
aislinn h Yesterday, 10:13
she showed the billboard awards what a CROWD looks like. they were so loud and I love how she picked one with a loud audience bc shittt
Shannon Chrystie
Shannon Chrystie Yesterday, 09:55
Best Flex ever!
Jocelyne,Flor Gomez
Jocelyne,Flor Gomez Yesterday, 07:58
TEA:I got click baited!😂 I put a comment and the you tuber hearted it and I was really happy but then I realized it only had like 17k and I looked at Ariana’s YouTube account and was heartbroken 😞
Cookies with cream Farris
Cookies with cream Farris Yesterday, 07:21
I went to her concert I was surprised when that car came out wow!!!
Ashna Mehta
Ashna Mehta Yesterday, 07:12
0:46 I can't stop watching it.....seems so empowering and strong somehow
Fresh Water
Fresh Water Yesterday, 06:36
Sis is Shook
Juan Diko
Juan Diko Yesterday, 06:02
Who did the plug wal wile lising the music ? ..i did cuz is awesome song 🔥🔝
D.Just Yesterday, 05:09
One of the greatest vocalists of our time.
Carlos Alberto Orozco Vega
Carlos Alberto Orozco Vega Yesterday, 04:37
Hola 🤣