Oliver Tree - Miracle Man [Official Music Video]

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Foxer Gaming
Foxer Gaming Yesterday, 23:50
Oliver: in surgeryOliver: realizes the surgeons are wearing hazmat suitsOliver: 1:13
Jared Lavoie
Jared Lavoie Yesterday, 23:35
still waiting for someone to do a highly educational video on how where his glasses are placed represents his third eye
CreepCake Yesterday, 23:34
(oliver exists) (surgery almost finished)Oliver: Fck it, im done. Ey Mike, wanna smoke pot!
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Yesterday, 23:32
Oliver mid surgery:"ow shit a rat" (runs out almost dead)
Minni Max
Minni Max Yesterday, 23:14
I fucking love this guy!
JorgeClique l-/
JorgeClique l-/ Yesterday, 23:09
El vídeo está raro a madres, pero el ritmo de la canción esta buena, la letra no se que signifique XD
Sikeml Yesterday, 22:28
He looks like vector
Alianor Yesterday, 22:15
wtf his music is amazing, so glad i clicked on that recommended vid
Oil Glutton
Oil Glutton Yesterday, 21:40
poor civic :c
Mr. Miller
Mr. Miller Yesterday, 20:46
I think he's talking about his parents 🤷🏽‍♂️
Josh Snell
Josh Snell Yesterday, 19:52
Such a Tune !!
Ziutto Yesterday, 19:34
Kairru Gomi
Kairru Gomi Yesterday, 18:39
Oliver maxed his Restoration level to 100
Vennzo Yesterday, 18:33
Yo Oliver take me on the last tour with you
GameneedMe Yesterday, 17:29
I know there is auto tune involved but it just sounds amazing great song a+++
Kane The Unsettled
Kane The Unsettled Yesterday, 17:27
Is that A J O J O R E F E R E N C E
3am Ravioli
3am Ravioli Yesterday, 16:37
Was that the pink guy car
XxKingZaerxX Yesterday, 16:33
Oliver tree needs to do a song with Twenty one pilots
Strangely Moronic
Strangely Moronic Yesterday, 15:47
Oliver gets operated on by people in Hazmat suits
SuperSimoholic Yesterday, 14:34
Why is he always in crashes, and getting run over and stuff in these videos. Like, he's got some real beef with cars.
StayFrost Yesterday, 13:30
I discovered Oliver tree from genius his hurt video and i discovered that hes the one who make alien boy, a song that i heard like last month but i dont know the title before and now im lowkey liking all of his musics
Hey Its A Person
Hey Its A Person Yesterday, 13:08
Oliver:Hey bro I forgot to tell you-Ambulance:Finish the surgery!!
Purple_leugim Yesterday, 12:26
Xynol Yesterday, 11:11
LYRICS[Chorus]Your whole life, I tried, and now I'm getting olderYour whole life, I tried, and now I'm getting closerTell me what you want, was it enough for you?Fucking up your life, was it enough for you? No way!Tell me what you want, was it enough for you?Fucking up your life, was it enough for you? No way![Verse 1]No? it's what you wanted, thoughEverything you told me, I don't need to knowIt's what you want to doEverything you ever could've wanted to do[Verse 2]Don't say it's what you needI'd say it's what you wantedDon't say it's what you need I'd say it's what you wanted[Chorus]Your whole life, I tried, and now I'm getting older Your whole life, I tried, and now I'm getting closerTell me what you want, was it enough for you? Fucking up your life, was it enough for you? No way! Tell me what you want, was it enough for you? Fucking up your life, was it enough for you? No way![Verse 3]Here we go, barely thoughI'm not searching for a miracleHere we go, barely though I'm not searching for a miracle[Coda]Your whole life, I tried, and now I'm getting olderYour whole life, I tried, and now I'm getting closer[Oliver Fucking Dies]Yello? Yo Ronnie, how are you dude?! No, I'm not doing anything right now. You tryna take some bong herbs back at the crib? Sick, lil' bro. Also, I forgot to tell you but-
Louie santos
Louie santos Yesterday, 10:56
The best anti pop
isaac selander z
isaac selander z Yesterday, 09:28
Oliver Tree is a massive douchelord. Change my mind.
Alex Roupe
Alex Roupe Yesterday, 08:54
This song is a Bop
C o n c e p t
C o n c e p t Yesterday, 08:34
Kira yoshikage
darling amv
darling amv Yesterday, 08:19
someone write how many times he dies in a music video
alma wellingston
alma wellingston Yesterday, 08:11
Ok guys, I was on a plane today and sitting in front of me was either the man himself (Oliver Tree) or a damn good lookalike of him I didn't say hi though because of social anxiety.
Audie Fooshee
Audie Fooshee Yesterday, 07:58
Weirdness is creativity and that is him creative...u can see his genius in his vids....crazy how crazy is what we love to watch
Madyson Wright
Madyson Wright Yesterday, 07:13
No matter how many times I listen, I hear "yo ho lime"I KNOW it's "your whole life" but my brain doesn't accept that
weeb Yesterday, 07:05
Oliver tree is daddy
gram Yesterday, 06:46
wish this was longer its amazing, oliver tree is such a meme but his music is absolutely amazing.
MLG PANDAS Yesterday, 06:36
Imagine if on his final proformance he gets ran over
Hawk Creeper
Hawk Creeper Yesterday, 06:32
the jnco jeans at the beginning killed me i was not expecting that much 90's in the first video i've watched of this guy.
Hydrophobic Water
Hydrophobic Water Yesterday, 05:04
Oliver gets in way too many accidents. Imagine his insurance by now 😂😂
pugislove pugislife
pugislove pugislife Yesterday, 04:32
Clayton F
Clayton F Yesterday, 04:30
Man I bump this
onyxo Yesterday, 03:43
1:13 is when I died. 😂😂
No One
No One Yesterday, 03:31
I just I want to say I was here before tik tok snatches this
Lil Cornflake
Lil Cornflake Yesterday, 03:26
Oliver posts music video with deathAh shit here we again
TerrorBan Yesterday, 03:17
I,de say it’s whatchu wanted
STENT STUDIOS Yesterday, 02:59
how the hell did he crash? lol
uwu luis
uwu luis Yesterday, 02:43
Burnt Potato
Burnt Potato Yesterday, 02:14
This just showed that death isn’t a problem. It’s the fear that comes with it C:
Rowley Jefferson
Rowley Jefferson Yesterday, 02:03
I think the reason the song is so short is because the budget would have been exceeded if it was any longer, information i assume is true considering the Hurt documentary thing lmao.
Dman Yesterday, 01:41
Great song but that cell phone ringing is going to make me go deaf.
Flowified Yesterday, 01:34
Why are you driving Joji's car
PØKE Yesterday, 01:28
Makes me cry to know he's going out of buissness