Billie Eilish - bad guy (Live From Jimmy Kimmel Live!/2019)

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Kim Linh
Kim Linh Today, 06:26
Cục sì lầu ông bê lắp 🤗🤗
Matthew Collins
Matthew Collins Today, 06:06
My daughter and I love your songs. 👏
the QWT teams youtuber
the QWT teams youtuber Today, 05:58
Billie: I'll be saving a drowning man after this show
민 영
민 영 Today, 05:52
Cookie_ DoughGamer32
Cookie_ DoughGamer32 Today, 05:46
Pechka0207 2049
Pechka0207 2049 Today, 05:30
аууу... Тут кто нибудь из русских есть.BILLY, you're cool, and you sing great.
K Laus
K Laus Today, 05:23
한국어 댓글을 찾고있는사람 !!
Morkie O_O
Morkie O_O Today, 05:18
Producers: So how much auto tune do you want to use, Billie? Billie: no.
Goldman Today, 05:16
This is pure shit 💩 💩 💩
Yisus YT
Yisus YT Today, 05:14
Plantas vs zombies?
Art Bedoya
Art Bedoya Today, 04:56
Does she use auto tune
WTH 202 Sanchez
WTH 202 Sanchez Today, 04:42
When they use a auto track and people clap
Jay sumtin
Jay sumtin Today, 03:45
Catchy song but she can't reeally sing.
Garry Superales
Garry Superales Today, 03:35
Any girl with blue hair, with any regular voice, with confidence can literally do this.
Kayla O' Riley
Kayla O' Riley Today, 03:22
Something about her live vocals is my aesthetic
Marko Pontikis
Marko Pontikis Today, 02:48
shitty music. shitty person who “sings” shit and people like it, because person next to them likes it know what i see? a young girl that thinks she owns the world. but she is not so strong to stand it. she is just another performer that will probably commit sucide in the future, as every little big singer did.
Pushteti 4
Pushteti 4 Today, 02:28
10 years ago she was only 7 yo
Joseph Gutierrez
Joseph Gutierrez Today, 02:20
Jimmy kimmel: are you ok with lip syncing?Billie: DUH!
Kitis Today, 02:20
Nice playback
sodaft Today, 02:04
Playback queen.
just amyah
just amyah Today, 01:43
so i wanted to say this for a very long time...…you inspire me to write my own music and be just like you when I grow up and I'm only 12 your soooo beautiful and I mention you everyday in school, I write every school presentation about you that I get assigned, when we get free time on the computers ofc I'm listening to you and searching up your beautiful pictures and....I call you my wife but I don't like it when my friend calls you her wife too but she's always playing about it but I don't like to play about you because your my world baby girl. AND I LOVE YOR STYLE AND HOW YOU DRESS!!!!
Edgar Santos
Edgar Santos Today, 01:26
what a horrible song and shit crap haha I'm sorry but it's just the truth. :)
Ralph Today, 00:48
You Should See Me In a Life Vest
strawberry show
strawberry show Today, 00:32
Very very beautiful song 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️💛💙💚💜🖤♥️💝💖💗💓💞💕💟
RandomMarck Today, 00:00
Nice plant vs Zombies
Jack T
Jack T Yesterday, 23:55
Shes lip syncing
pol ka
pol ka Yesterday, 23:48
I love youuu woww🤩🤩❤️❤️
Cal 99ers
Cal 99ers Yesterday, 23:29
I'm always amazed they were able to make that mic recreate the exact sound as the the studio mic. Did she change any of the words to let people know it's live?
dsdd fffd
dsdd fffd Yesterday, 23:05
I am a bad.......
くんきい Yesterday, 23:01
murf503 Yesterday, 22:41
the only real word she says is duh the rest is audio track u can hear it
SANDRO CIALDELLA Yesterday, 22:38
Dottore:Ti sono rimasti 3:24 minuti di vita.Ok
Yuf Mad
Yuf Mad Yesterday, 22:33
Camila Berges
Camila Berges Yesterday, 22:12
I just saw ur songs and most of them I know and love
Zinon Yesterday, 21:48
Damn this sounds so bad
Tech Hybrid
Tech Hybrid Yesterday, 21:30
Brightburn anyone?😂
Raul Guzman
Raul Guzman Yesterday, 21:20
Todas las unicas y detergente: super yooo weee :v
Il Melone sul tubo
Il Melone sul tubo Yesterday, 20:51
Ciao from ItalyYou are fucking awesome
Zak Thanos
Zak Thanos Yesterday, 20:49
Am I a bad guy?💕🇺🇸
Quiterio14 Yesterday, 20:43
josecrack1609 Yesterday, 20:18
Isn't in live
MattThePenguin Yesterday, 20:05
why do I like this
killua san
killua san Yesterday, 19:11
pratham jain
pratham jain Yesterday, 19:08
I wanna be a bad guy i too like when you take my control
Stephan Jones
Stephan Jones Yesterday, 18:50
Why is she wearing a life preserver? And why do people like this garbage?
Nirvana nevermino.
Nirvana nevermino. Yesterday, 18:29
Ngáo ARMY Yesterday, 17:57
I LOVE U. U is very truất'ss..... Kk
sushi Important
sushi Important Yesterday, 17:56
Backsteeet Fighter뒷골목 파이터
Backsteeet Fighter뒷골목 파이터 Yesterday, 17:54
Plz hold your concert in Korea :(