Metallica: Whiskey in the Jar (Slane Castle - Meath, Ireland - June 8, 2019)

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Peter de Villiers
Peter de Villiers Yesterday, 23:58
Metallica are more popular than most politicians. Why the fuck can they then not run the world?
Bjarx Yesterday, 23:39
Help me out here! what do you call that beat Lars is playing, in the start of the video???
Tontos De Plantao Nat E Pepi
Tontos De Plantao Nat E Pepi Yesterday, 23:35
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor Yesterday, 22:40
Hairs just stood up on my arms when James played the opening bars. Awesome!
Денис Ермилов
Денис Ермилов Yesterday, 22:34
Старые пердуны))))
Трудовик Петровичъ
Трудовик Петровичъ Yesterday, 22:34
Это просто супер!!!
Señor Spookyballs
Señor Spookyballs Yesterday, 22:02
Slávka Š.
Slávka Š. Yesterday, 21:40
....Metallica je fenomén ))))....rockový fenomén ))))...tak rada by som raz zažila ich.koncert a počula na živo ))))...pozdrav zo Slovenska, poklona
hienho15 Yesterday, 21:22
Is James voice sounding like his younger self? Remember during his younger years, his voice was raspier.
Kyro Flix
Kyro Flix Yesterday, 19:51
GuitarGuru Yesterday, 18:38
why is it James getting close enough to old than his present age? he looks like 70 yrs.old and older? its not normal. LoL
andhika Dian Prasetyo
andhika Dian Prasetyo Yesterday, 18:33
Play this song and drink local alcohol called ciu from Bekonang, sing..... Ciu in the jarrr oooww!!!
Bruno_01 Yesterday, 17:49
I'm only one that thinks James look like Paul Teutul Sr. from OCC ? :D
Ender Çınar
Ender Çınar Yesterday, 15:43
Arklow Spirit
Arklow Spirit Yesterday, 15:37
If I would be push like million times......
Greg Or
Greg Or Yesterday, 15:26
James Hetfield solo ! GOOD !
TheDigitalPillars Yesterday, 14:16
Such a shame life isn't forever.
Ilya Flip
Ilya Flip Yesterday, 13:42
Мы с другом были детьми слушали их и вот мне за тридцать ,а они все играют красавцы))
Yanni Alexander
Yanni Alexander Yesterday, 12:23
James bizim mahallenin muhtarına benzemiş iyice aq.
Adelia Aura
Adelia Aura Yesterday, 12:13
ALBERTO JR AGULTO Yesterday, 12:07
Even gods grow old. But their music is eternal.
Sean Commins
Sean Commins Yesterday, 11:17
Just to let the Folk Know. ...This song 'Whisky in The Jar', was covered by Phil Lynnot from Dublin, who died young. James paid tribute to Phil, here. Sadly, Phil's Mom passed away, the weekend Metallica, did the show here in Slane, Meath, Ireland.
PROstoBiker Yesterday, 10:40
Ебать они постарели(((
Irina Belay
Irina Belay Yesterday, 10:30
Its cool old guardian!
Shagrath 666
Shagrath 666 Yesterday, 09:41
grandfather grandfather grandfather grandfather grandfather grandfather grandfather grandfather grandfather grandfather
Alan Murray
Alan Murray Yesterday, 08:50
Sound crew is mint !!!!!!
MYSEGAISBROKEN Yesterday, 07:54
Thin lizzy does a good one to that I enjoy a lot.
Eduardo Zabala O
Eduardo Zabala O Yesterday, 07:18
Qué grande Metallica!!! Ojalá no me muera sin verlos en vivo, saludos desde Santa Cruz, Bolivia!
christian rodriguez
christian rodriguez Yesterday, 07:08
I'm getting old... love love metallica😣🤘
SuperReallyNice Yesterday, 06:00
James, still a badass!
Abel Fernando
Abel Fernando Yesterday, 05:59
Anthony Hopkins on drums.... 😁😁😁
cusican1 Yesterday, 05:47
My all time favorite!
Hempearth Yesterday, 05:32
nicolas arenas
nicolas arenas Yesterday, 05:01
Jason newsted le daba power.
Steve Morgan
Steve Morgan Yesterday, 04:36
James definitely got better with age. Sounds great live
DIEGO Sandoval
DIEGO Sandoval Yesterday, 04:10
Están alistando el garage inc 2 que grande metallica
pudge thebutcher
pudge thebutcher Yesterday, 03:25
Mr.SmithGNR Smith
Mr.SmithGNR Smith Yesterday, 03:18
The more grey James lets come in...the more power his voice gets...the mans a wizard
Mr.SmithGNR Smith
Mr.SmithGNR Smith Yesterday, 03:10
Play that million dollar guitar Kirk!
ezo4 Yesterday, 01:51
I love this band so much :o) thanks
mason mortar
mason mortar Yesterday, 01:27
FUKIN A ! THX for the post !
I C Yesterday, 01:17
The best concert of my life!!!
Everybody's Dad On Acid
Everybody's Dad On Acid Yesterday, 01:13
Whack for mcdaddio, bruh.
Clare Hughes
Clare Hughes Yesterday, 01:01
This is just incredible! 🎸
Julian Chisari
Julian Chisari Yesterday, 01:00
Patôsomon Yesterday, 00:08
Phil was great
Riva Dias
Riva Dias 17 June 2019 23:55
Old, realy old but truly gold /,,/
денис жаров
денис жаров 17 June 2019 23:46
edalder2000 17 June 2019 23:12
All hail Phil Lynott and Luke Kelly!!
Nenad Kukuljan
Nenad Kukuljan 17 June 2019 23:11
Damn... they got so old