Madonna - Dark Ballet (Official Music Video)

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Dougg Abreu
Dougg Abreu Today, 00:30
Uma obra! ❌♥️
APEtv. Today, 00:30
Why you so big in Brazil?
Alex Junior
Alex Junior Today, 00:30
Madonna e incrível
elpeledelaamilcosas2001/2020 nomasteveoypalpito
elpeledelaamilcosas2001/2020 nomasteveoypalpito Today, 00:13
Future Cuts
Future Cuts Today, 00:10
On repeat all day with Xavier White - Love Questions ❤️❤️❤️
Patrick Ramos
Patrick Ramos Today, 00:06
The best part for me 3:42 till the end ❤❤❤
Paulean carvalho
Paulean carvalho Yesterday, 23:54 vejam meu novo vídeo: ...see my new video
Paola Bracho
Paola Bracho Yesterday, 23:48
Work of art.
Haya Malik
Haya Malik Yesterday, 23:36
Fucking Illuminati song
Jo L Robbo
Jo L Robbo Yesterday, 23:15
Love you Madonna 💖thank you so much for sharing your voice, heart and wisdom ❤️❤️❤️
Nathalie Bissonnier
Nathalie Bissonnier Yesterday, 23:09
👍..14 k dislikes...++ 👏👏
Roberto Cuadros
Roberto Cuadros Yesterday, 22:57
viva el autotune 😜
Queangin Farrah
Queangin Farrah Yesterday, 22:55
This is not a song, this is art 😍
Lucas Monte
Lucas Monte Yesterday, 22:54
Queangin Farrah
Queangin Farrah Yesterday, 22:54
Jonas Santana
Jonas Santana Yesterday, 22:44
Esse clipe é tão, mas tão Madonna! O mundo não merece o legado da artista que a Madonna é. Felizmente sou muito fã sim!
giovanna oliveira lima
giovanna oliveira lima Yesterday, 22:44
Dorian Papanikolopoulos
Dorian Papanikolopoulos Yesterday, 22:41
This album is horrible
Rodrigo Lopes
Rodrigo Lopes Yesterday, 22:35
I Love Sakura Haruno
I Love Sakura Haruno Yesterday, 22:16
This song and music video its just perfect👌
Claudio Santos
Claudio Santos Yesterday, 22:06
Dany Grey
Dany Grey Yesterday, 21:46
Reverenda mierda satánica. Ni Belcebú la salva del Flop Flop Flop hasta en el falso trasero q trae con un camión adentro Jajajajajaj
Javier Jusino
Javier Jusino Yesterday, 21:29
o que é um vídeo de porcaria...👎
almeaalex Yesterday, 21:27
Where is madonna?
Fiorella Briceño
Fiorella Briceño Yesterday, 21:26
Hey Madonna MADAME X,hell is waiting for you!!!
Google Earth
Google Earth Yesterday, 21:15
Quem quer clipe com a Anitta?
The Otherme
The Otherme Yesterday, 21:14
did she just say outside of your supreme hoodie ?
Jason Young
Jason Young Yesterday, 21:03
Jason Young
Jason Young Yesterday, 21:03
Absolutely Dreadful !!!
Erick Nascimento
Erick Nascimento Yesterday, 20:58
Mandy Muller
Mandy Muller Yesterday, 20:55
Um conceito pesado, deu total visibilidade. Eu estou totalmente arrepiada e apaixonada !
Juniior rosa
Juniior rosa Yesterday, 20:54
Porque ainda existem pessoas que falam que ela é flop, tudo bem ela não está indo tão bem quanto antes, mais isso é tudo pela a idade e preconceito por ser mulher, se fosse um homem nada disso aconteceria, essa mulher moldou o pop atual, todos devem agradecer a essa rainha porque sem ela o pop não seria o que é hoje, Madonna love you my queen, não ligue para pessoas que te colocam para baixo ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sami Channel
Sami Channel Yesterday, 20:43
WOW Madonna since the beginning of her career has always had this incredible artistic vision 💖
Sarah Vitória
Sarah Vitória Yesterday, 20:42
Esses sons de batida ficaram muito estranhos, mas eu gostei bastante do conceito
Ana Beatriz Dutra Pereira
Ana Beatriz Dutra Pereira Yesterday, 20:23
Vim ver o clipe q a #divadepressao tanto elogiou, acabei amando ❤❤❤
Amanda Wait
Amanda Wait Yesterday, 20:21
The catholic church does not represent the church in the Bible because they go against the very Bible and Jesus they claim to worship. The word of God as it is written in the Bible stands forever. Forever it is settled in heaven. Whether you like or do not like what God says about sexual sin, His word stands. We are to keep ourselves from sexual sin. There is hope for those indulging in sexual sin, Jesus makes all things new, He is the Healer of broken souls, He takes hearts of stone and replaces it with hearts of flesh. Christians are warned by Jesus to repent, to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches, how much more do you think the world needs to repent of their wickedness?God warns us, not because He is a bully, but because He loves us and He knows sexual sin is not good for our souls, not physically or spiritually. God's word and His will is above that of mere sinful mankind. Heed His warning for the sake of your soul that is very precious to God. I love you enough to tell you the truth. Whether you hate me and the truth be it....rather that than what awaits an unrepentant sinner. I do not fear those who kill the body. I rather fear the One is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. #JESUSisLORD #JESUSmyMaster #SheepOfTheFlockOfJESUSmyShepherd
Kim Simões
Kim Simões Yesterday, 20:18
Esplêndido! Madonna sempre se supera.
brqx eris
brqx eris Yesterday, 19:39
can you say... legendaric
Roberto soares
Roberto soares Yesterday, 19:26
Isso naao é um clipe isso é uma obra de arte
Gessica Uchoa
Gessica Uchoa Yesterday, 19:25
Mano,isso é assustador é lindo ao mesmo tempo, não esperava menos da Madonna ❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷
dawlsid raehol
dawlsid raehol Yesterday, 19:23
Most Successful Female Artists Of All Time Madonna, Celine Dion, Nana Mouskouri, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Adele!!!!! 👑👑👑👑👑
dawlsid raehol
dawlsid raehol Yesterday, 19:23
dawlsid raehol
dawlsid raehol Yesterday, 19:22
I Love Her <3!!!!!
PBR Streetgang
PBR Streetgang Yesterday, 19:12
Wonder why Christian radio stations don't play any of Madonna's songs. Could it be because of her disgusting book of sex that she put out? She is a filthy pig. And anyone with a decent soul would never listen to her music for 1 millisecond.
kumsal Yesterday, 19:07
Klip biraz tuhaf, pardon baya tuhaf İngilizcem olmadığı için şarkıda ne diyor anlamadım, hiç çevirisine de baksım yok ama hoş şeyler değil sanırım
anderson Felipe
anderson Felipe Yesterday, 19:06
Os BR🇧🇷 dominando os comentários.
Jean-Luc Togino
Jean-Luc Togino Yesterday, 18:58
Only one QUEEN she Madame X 🌈👑🎵💲📿💖🗺🌏🌎🌍 Nouvelle messagère🕊 de l'Amour la tolérance et et la Paix. Pour des siècles et des siècles. Amen📿
olli manninen
olli manninen Yesterday, 18:44
At first felt embarrassed but with further listenings this is witty, funny and totally awesome. I adore Madonna's dare to do whatever she wants. By the way, that mid sequence could be something out of 70s prog classics, I hear ELP Tangerine Dream and even Kraftwerk there. Madame X, all in all, is her best since Ray of Light!
The Delivery
The Delivery Yesterday, 18:43
Str8 trash she a dam snitch anyways
Mad Dawn
Mad Dawn Yesterday, 18:43
The MTV VIDEO awards and the Grammys need a new award just to honor this video. "Up in flames" I just love that.....