BTS (방탄소년단) '작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey' Official MV ('ARMY With Luv' ver.)

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เกรซ คนเดิม
เกรซ คนเดิม Today, 06:23
Sareena Rehman
Sareena Rehman Today, 06:17
3:37 I’m Suga and everyone else like jimin and RM are the boys which I hang out with and that would be a group selfie (I’m a girl which is friends with a lot of boys)
Epic GAMER1039
Epic GAMER1039 Today, 06:10
Not really a fan of BTS or u guys but man the song is really amazing🔥👏🏼👏🏼Bless you bois.
princess of my soul
princess of my soul Today, 05:47
Let's get 30M soon. Faithing ARMYS
Yah Gomes
Yah Gomes Today, 05:29
Cadê os br??
Kassandra Eskarled
Kassandra Eskarled Today, 05:20
Estoy viendo este video porque me retaron a ver bye pero los odio que malos los que meretaro esto
Cris Ramírez
Cris Ramírez Today, 05:15
Todos muy guapos en especial jin jimin
sharine faderanga
sharine faderanga Today, 05:05
Who's that girl??
Kyleigh Moore
Kyleigh Moore Today, 05:04
Me trying to be cute around guys at my school..... 1:22There’s a like and dislike button but where’s the love button???
Maysa Martins
Maysa Martins Today, 05:00
may Love
krusty crab
krusty crab Today, 04:48
Bring back jimins brown hair
Ruth StylesHoranPaynTomlinsonMalik
Ruth StylesHoranPaynTomlinsonMalik Today, 04:43
Que asco me dan las armys la vdd
alexa hearts
alexa hearts Today, 04:26
i wish bts would do a song with black pink
Dora Mendez
Dora Mendez Today, 04:24
Bts los amo 😍
catarine BTS love bts
catarine BTS love bts Today, 04:04
Façam live do show amanhã não vou poder ir mas façem por favor
•that•one•panda 13•
•that•one•panda 13• Today, 04:00
I surprisingly like this one better than the original mv, and I don't know what I would I'd do without BTS ❤ I love all of you 😄
Paula Miranda
Paula Miranda Today, 03:45
I love this version.
Hana edits
Hana edits Today, 03:45
Bình Nguyễn
Bình Nguyễn Today, 03:28
What the fuck
Ivonne Elizabeth Otoya Herrera
Ivonne Elizabeth Otoya Herrera Today, 03:28
Lindoooooooos ❤
Ngân Phượng Nguyễn
Ngân Phượng Nguyễn Today, 03:18
Bts fuuny
Lan A
Lan A Today, 03:16
Juh Ferreira
Juh Ferreira Today, 03:08
vamos chegar em 30m
UnIcorn GYMNAST Today, 02:59
How many people thought they were going to actually sing "Army with luv"? Like if you did!
Dulce Milen Ricopa Pacaya
Dulce Milen Ricopa Pacaya Today, 02:54
bts & halsey:)
Cacildo Silva
Cacildo Silva Today, 02:51
Que bosta "BTS" só faz show em São Paulo parece que só existe São Paulo credo affs
Lizkook Lizkook
Lizkook Lizkook Today, 02:37
love u boy with luv💑RmJinSugaJ-hopeJiminVJungkook💑BTS💑
Lila Kaylila
Lila Kaylila Today, 02:14
Bts 《Boy with luv》 ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥Bts i love you
shittykittyification Today, 02:11
These Asian girls are very butch!
Jennie Min
Jennie Min Today, 02:09
1:43 Taehyung 😂❤❤
Lina Star
Lina Star Today, 02:09
Bts im in iraq 🇮🇶 i love you so much and i like Korean
Vanilla Jp
Vanilla Jp Today, 02:08
Like 👍🏻 if you saw v get scared when suga comes out of the couch
victoria araujo
victoria araujo Today, 02:02
Según su opinion cuales son las mejores canciones de ellos?
Nur santi Viergo
Nur santi Viergo Today, 01:40
NMD ARMY Today, 01:38
The Crackhead Culture is in our blood😂That’s why I purple these crackheads🤣💜
Giulia Borges Fernandes
Giulia Borges Fernandes Today, 01:38
I'm love seven members of BTS
Bts lover
Bts lover Today, 01:37
Luis Fernando Velasco Martinez
Luis Fernando Velasco Martinez Today, 01:29
La cara de taehyung se espanto cuando salió suga
Valentino Boccardoo
Valentino Boccardoo Today, 01:26
Like si te encanta bts😍
Rawan Aliraqi
Rawan Aliraqi Today, 01:20
اومييي كاش احبكممممم ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
Dara Nunura Diaz
Dara Nunura Diaz Today, 01:10
Cada año cada vez mas guapos
Escuela Estudios
Escuela Estudios Today, 01:01
Maria Miranda
Maria Miranda Today, 00:40
Hideko Chan
Hideko Chan Today, 00:26
Uwaaaaaa!I luv Taekookmin😍😘
Kristin Peil
Kristin Peil Today, 00:24
OML I just realized that bighit got 26m subscribers!Congratulations!!!
Guisel Condori Surco
Guisel Condori Surco Today, 00:08
momento 3:08 como siempre omma jin engriendo al ramon 😂😂❤❤🤞🤞
Alondra Pérez Juárez
Alondra Pérez Juárez Today, 00:02
Army and Blink
Army and Blink Yesterday, 23:37
At 1:42 take a screenshot and put it as your wallpaper
Noora Arab Army
Noora Arab Army Yesterday, 23:36
مقطع جيهوب يجنننن 2:00
tamira dookhoo
tamira dookhoo Yesterday, 23:36
I love bts 3000