Stray Kids "부작용(Side Effects)" M/V

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다크호스 Today, 14:06
Noraini A Rahman
Noraini A Rahman Today, 13:49
Just me or have another people got see it...3:49-3:51I.N wear ARMY (BTS fans) shirt...If just me , I'm so happy...🤩🤩🤩
Moria HIHIHI Today, 13:46
This gives me billie eilish vibes but stray kids style
1911 daniii
1911 daniii Today, 13:27
they're one of the more original groups i've seen , this shit is a damn masterpiece
Hennie Niel
Hennie Niel Today, 13:05
Back another day to make it better by listening to Stray kids ;S
Kpop Shitz
Kpop Shitz Today, 13:00
nobody:no one:me doing my homework: mY HeAD huRts
Stray Stay
Stray Stay Today, 12:57
Omg guys I'm going to their concert in a few weeks HDHDUEDBIASNEIXKQUDCX
SockJean Today, 12:52
SockJean Today, 12:44
Why every time I listen to this song, I feel pain somewhere on my body and I always end up hurting myself. Like rn while typing this my arm hurts
Bang Chan skz
Bang Chan skz Today, 12:41
Stay lets make 29M Fighting
Sueweeties Stay
Sueweeties Stay Today, 12:35
Let's for 30M STAY
Sueweeties Stay
Sueweeties Stay Today, 12:34
Congrats for 50M MIROH M/V 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊
dania aurora
dania aurora Today, 12:24
Wow always amazing stray kids you are perpect
MOOnnn전정국 Today, 11:39
This is my first time to listen their song and I think I am falling in their voice. The soundtrack was very very very very high quality!!!!! I love it so much and the music video were high quality too!!! Frighting!!Sraykids><>< I Love this song very very very much!!!Thank you for making this high quality music><><!!! From Army
Ask ah ah We qwerty qwerty
Ask ah ah We qwerty qwerty Today, 11:37
Голова раскалывается!
Ayesha Tanveer
Ayesha Tanveer Today, 11:30
Stray kids oppa please come to Pakistan international stays here
EXO & ATEEZ Today, 10:39
Del Today, 09:57
Anyways, [email protected] Side Effects 🤙
Toby_ Belle
Toby_ Belle Today, 09:45
my heart hurts
Jimin has jams you egg 2.0
Jimin has jams you egg 2.0 Today, 08:36
My brain during an exam
Mikaela Mitsuba
Mikaela Mitsuba Today, 08:15
Sigh I've given up on trying not to whip my laptop across the room each time anyone of them starts singing... or moving... or breathing, cuz that just ain't gonna happen their all just too talented for us all. Smh us couch potato's need to str34m some more too, we don't need the views slowing down; now do we?
Karla Vazquez
Karla Vazquez Today, 07:24
My babies
Karla Vazquez
Karla Vazquez Today, 07:05
Hope you’re having a great day
Karla Vazquez
Karla Vazquez Today, 07:04
Karla Vazquez
Karla Vazquez Today, 07:04
So proud of you guys
Karla Vazquez
Karla Vazquez Today, 07:04
Love you guys
Karla Vazquez
Karla Vazquez Today, 07:04
Karla Vazquez
Karla Vazquez Today, 07:03
We need to Str34m harder
onion rings
onion rings Today, 06:56
everybody lets get this to 30M before the 19th !
Daniela Lopez
Daniela Lopez Today, 06:28
Sorry for the spam but pentagon will have a comeback tomorrow and universe (pentagon’s fandom name) would appreciate any help str3ming to get them their first win,they debuted in 2016 but they don’t have a first win yet,sorry for bothering 😅
Valéria Torres
Valéria Torres Today, 06:10
São muito minhas vidinhas😭❤
•Luli :3
•Luli :3 Today, 06:00
Diane Alaine Alcayde
Diane Alaine Alcayde Today, 05:57
We made it with 'My Pace' and 'Miroh' surely we can also make it for 'Side Effects' and to their other MV's so keep $+R34m!nG guys! Fighting! 💛🖤
Carlya aint no fish inside Way
Carlya aint no fish inside Way Today, 04:36
I love this song more than I hate myself
Karla Vazquez
Karla Vazquez Today, 04:01
Get IDOLCHAMP and vote
Karla Vazquez
Karla Vazquez Today, 03:28
Lets get it to 30M in 2days after that the mv will become a month old
Trinh le
Trinh le Today, 03:16
When ur bored str34ming and u just scroll through the comments to look at other positive stays ^-^Keep up the good work stays!! Cmon we can get 29M!!At least 28.7M by today?
viveka rusa
viveka rusa Today, 03:12
Arte que no
karen janeth
karen janeth Today, 02:56
la amoooooo, loveeeee
Natalia V
Natalia V Today, 02:55
Can't stop loving this song
كيم ميومي
كيم ميومي Today, 02:41
Aq Kamu
Aq Kamu Today, 02:29
Lyne Elali
Lyne Elali Today, 02:25
1:02 and 2:00 and 2:24 his voice is like suga (bts)
Stray Kids My Loves
Stray Kids My Loves Today, 02:13
Your life, your decisions, your choices, are only up to you. Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. You can not swim for new horizons until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. The struggles we endure today will be the ‘good old days’, we laugh about tomorrow. Stray Kids are my daily dose of happiness.
nopi143 Today, 02:10
Miroh just pass 50M 💛Let's make Side Effect 30M. Fighting Stay. Love y'all
Lushi Today, 02:00
stray kids more like yes kids.
Karla Vazquez
Karla Vazquez Today, 01:49
2 days to hit 30m
Carola Strada
Carola Strada Today, 01:34
c’è qualcuno di italiano che sta leggendo i commenti in questo momento???se sì, streammate più che potete perché questi ragazzi meritano il meglio🌈
irisuyu Today, 01:29
when they said: aAAaaHH, i felt that
D A N C Y Today, 01:23
one of the best K-pop songs what i ever heard omg😭🥰!!!!