Miley Cyrus - Mother's Daughter (Official Video)

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MileyCyrusVEVO 2 July 2019 17:26
PauLaSama369 Today, 13:53
Brrr, horrible.
K I Today, 13:52
Trump: Grab them by the pussyMe: SWISH SWISH MUTHAFUCKA
K I Today, 13:50
Society: Women are only to be in the kitchen, look after their children, submit to their husbands, pray, keep their opinions to themselves, and dress decently.Me: swish swish muthafucka DONT FUCK WITH MY FREEDOM!
Zelda Honda
Zelda Honda Today, 13:50
I feel like making a more FAMILY FREINDLY song outta this
TheAdebayoakinfenwa Today, 13:47
Right can anyone timestamp me the fat lardass?? I really can't listen to this abomination
KiritoSAmv Today, 13:41
am i watching porn or something ?
K I Today, 13:41
George Soros should be proud of this, its not his style but his ideology lol
K I Today, 13:38
Sir Queef
Sir Queef Today, 13:37
skip to 0:29 face it thats why we all came right?
LusitanoDeGema Today, 13:30
This video represents the fall of western society pretty well.
Alex Naples
Alex Naples Today, 13:20
Swish Swish Mothafucker
Seductive Angels
Seductive Angels Today, 13:18
I love this song :D
Michael Knowles Anthony
Michael Knowles Anthony Today, 13:11
Fucking whore
twenty one
twenty one Today, 13:06
Why do sshe need to say that Halleluiah' word🤷🏿
hilary PH
hilary PH Today, 12:56
Maria Ljungström
Maria Ljungström Today, 12:47
Elli loves pizza
Elli loves pizza Today, 12:39
aei -
aei - Today, 12:32
2:30 is that her real mom
aei -
aei - Today, 12:30
I loved her as hannah Montana in my childhood Then as a preteen I hated her when she started doing rlly nasty things with balloons on stage...Now I’m back and I’m a huge fan again as a 16yo teenager. I love u Mileyyy she was great in Black Mirror
Mia Eddy
Mia Eddy Today, 12:29
Miley you are being used as a Satanic pawn. Wake up!
Elizabeth Kiss
Elizabeth Kiss Today, 12:29
ohh no, what is this clip?too much...
Nathaniel Selemon
Nathaniel Selemon Today, 12:27
laura Today, 12:27
It is very funny music
Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore Today, 12:21
Miley: '' not an object ''Also Miley: objectifying herself throughout the whole video
Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore Today, 12:20
what did I just watch
Katarina Tumpa
Katarina Tumpa Today, 11:59
Female anthem!
Paint Protection Melbourne
Paint Protection Melbourne Today, 11:59
lol what did i just watch ..Love the song .. Love Miley .. Just not sure what this clip is about
Paul Wolf
Paul Wolf Today, 11:59
Tyle to ma wspólnego z muzyką co masturbacja z miłością.
le meow le purr
le meow le purr Today, 11:54
Yummy Burger
Yummy Burger Today, 11:51
i really like the tune and the sound. but i find the lyrics is freak and the video makes me feel lady gaga is not that eccentric.
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy Today, 11:47
I hate feminism.
Ketija Zemture
Ketija Zemture Today, 11:46
My period:
Starson Kurbah
Starson Kurbah Today, 11:44
Futuristic Madonna
TheJhorNerd Vlogs
TheJhorNerd Vlogs Today, 11:41
i bet the dislikes are the people who have no freedom
STempaz 90
STempaz 90 Today, 11:39
Trumps 2020 victory speech: “Thank you Miley, that is all.”
vaginapenisification Today, 11:32
I dream to cut out her tongue.
LILMOOKIE Today, 11:32
We love Miley Cyrus as much as we love Hannah Montana !
Henny Seifert
Henny Seifert Today, 11:28
I don't know but this sounds so similar to Taylor's Bad Blood at some points.
Alisa Makedonskaya
Alisa Makedonskaya Today, 11:28
Zaida a
Zaida a Today, 11:20
Felicidades!! has encontrado el comentario en español que tanto buscabas
zelilah xo
zelilah xo Today, 11:13
what does virginity is a social construct mean
Monica Ivey
Monica Ivey Today, 11:12
Damn miley cyrus this is amazing and inspiring Much love and respect 💜🦋💜🦋💜🦋
Fantazy Pot
Fantazy Pot Today, 11:09
Yet no nips shown 🤷‍♂️
Vuqar Alizade
Vuqar Alizade Today, 11:08
Chiquislover Roblox
Chiquislover Roblox Today, 11:04
I miss Hannah Montana
Pathfinder red the Good Neocon
Pathfinder red the Good Neocon Today, 11:00
So jumping in a latex suit & making crass videos about your freedom is a sign of empowerment 😂😂😂
Leo Hernandez
Leo Hernandez Today, 10:50
Hey I'm a hoe
Loris Alberti
Loris Alberti Today, 10:39
Wow amazing video and obviously amazing song!
Alexxx Today, 10:38
Perfect message, awesome video!