CLC(씨엘씨) - 'ME(美)' (Choreography Practice Video)

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Monsta X's Teabag Brand
Monsta X's Teabag Brand Yesterday, 23:08
Enzo Evangelista
Enzo Evangelista Yesterday, 20:00
Please who is the girl in the blond short hair , sorry I still don’t know anything but she’s defenitely my bias ,
iamprincess._x Yesterday, 19:11
i bet they got rose from blackpink to sing this part 0:55 for the beuta
Aldryn Banyie
Aldryn Banyie Yesterday, 19:11
seungyeon is another level wuuuuuuu. anyway, pls stay in this kind of concept huhu
K R Yesterday, 17:47
Excuse me seungyeon thats rude
taeboo 123
taeboo 123 Yesterday, 17:30
Sleep on your beds not on clc.
SkijeuBerry Yesterday, 17:29
They have really beautiful bodies! Wow! Their moves are really shard, bold, and precise! Wow! 🤩Edit: Can someone introduce them to me? Omg. I still am confused with their names and faces. I realllyyyyy wanna stan!
Tae Seokies
Tae Seokies Yesterday, 15:52
_ knazurah
_ knazurah Yesterday, 14:42
Obsessed with this song😍
glammer Yesterday, 14:37
I streamed and streamed the official MV but I always come back to the practice choreos and watch them long after the comebacks. I think I love them even more than the MVs and the performance videos. It's just them with everything else stripped away.
Baby's Gaming
Baby's Gaming Yesterday, 14:26
Seunghee is so curvy😂💖
blackexovelvet only
blackexovelvet only Yesterday, 09:21
After ME ( MV ) im coming back hereee cause why not? sksksksks
Awddry Yesterday, 09:15
The synchronization at 2:57
NewTypeJP Yesterday, 08:51
Going off !!! Step on me !!
XxWallzxX Yesterday, 08:49
I literally think its a great song overall.
Ryann [라얀]
Ryann [라얀] Yesterday, 07:31
This is the first time watching this, gotta say as a dancer, Seungyeon is very good. Guess i found a new girl group to stan.
Kenmore 01
Kenmore 01 Yesterday, 05:16
Yeeun is so pretty omg!!!
Byeongkwannie Yesterday, 02:51
These subs are so helpful for me cause I didn't know what their names were >~<
Danicia Cardimez
Danicia Cardimez Yesterday, 02:13
Seungyeon's ponytail doing a tiny freeze everytime she dances proves even her hair can dance
Nutaella Yesterday, 00:35
Someone tell me who the girl in the white sleeveless shirt and high ponytail is omg she’s beautiful
whitemarshmallow 17 June 2019 23:32
Yeeun literally popped. (Especially the rap)
Tiffany Mayumi
Tiffany Mayumi 17 June 2019 23:23
Y’all cube is ahead of the game by putting English subtitles on a dance practice video
Fafa 17 June 2019 22:57
One of the hardest choreographies this year, prompts to them for making it look so easy on stage promoting every day.Think they (at least) deserve a nomination for best girl group on end of the year's ceremonies.
Dztruxtion 17 June 2019 16:03
Seunghee is literally the definition of thick, her body is above perfection I’m just- shes the whole package, i stan a whole queen y’all keep sleeping on my girl 🥺😪
Sugar 17 June 2019 12:45
Why in kpop they're always far awayI literally can't see anything
Kim Nadeula
Kim Nadeula 17 June 2019 12:13
if in the dance pratice im goona wear like yujin 😍
Lingzhou Liu
Lingzhou Liu 17 June 2019 11:43
Am i the only one who noticed how absolutely skinny eunbin has gotten? It's concerning....
Merva Çifter
Merva Çifter 17 June 2019 11:22
çöktünüz aq
TheFinalGamerRN 17 June 2019 11:00
Gabi Diaz
Gabi Diaz 17 June 2019 10:59
Woow It's amazing girls!!!👏👏👏
Putri Khoirun Nisa
Putri Khoirun Nisa 17 June 2019 09:57
Raffael Esler
Raffael Esler 16 June 2019 23:31
I was starting to like this song.
Kpoplike 16 June 2019 23:27
Woohoo, 1 mill views!
21minute 16 June 2019 19:26
Seunghee finally getting the recognition she deserves. 😍
Elicia Aprillia
Elicia Aprillia 16 June 2019 18:17
More and more sorn really like selena gomez❤
You are my Magic Shop in Spring Day
You are my Magic Shop in Spring Day 16 June 2019 17:40
Hey Chesires ❤️I urge you to vote more on Stapass NOW they are ranking no.2 at the moment pls vote more💪💪
Lexi Flores
Lexi Flores 16 June 2019 15:53
Who is the girl with the ponytail? She is very eye catching.. So powerful
CLC FKED ME UP!!!!! where's my wig?
CLC FKED ME UP!!!!! where's my wig? 16 June 2019 15:38
1 million. dance dance dance. This dance line can snap y'all. Better stan before you regret it
Love Life
Love Life 16 June 2019 15:18
CLC is the most beautiful band all members are nice and beautiful ❤❤
Love Life
Love Life 16 June 2019 14:51
I LOVE all members but the one that I prefer most is Sunghee. It is very nice and beautiful
Love Life
Love Life 16 June 2019 14:51
I LOVE all members but the one that I prefer most is Sunghee. It is very nice and beautiful
Army that blinked once
Army that blinked once 16 June 2019 12:32
1m v33ws almost Cheshires fighting
•mochisungie• 16 June 2019 10:21
Why is no one talking about Yeeun? 😍 She SLaAYyEd this
Bingeul Bingeul Round (What Comes Around)
Bingeul Bingeul Round (What Comes Around) 16 June 2019 09:21
Seunghee beauty
Seunghee beauty 16 June 2019 09:14
Vote CLC on Starpass.we no 3.
Zorda Puta
Zorda Puta 16 June 2019 08:41
Chen Pov
Chen Pov 16 June 2019 06:58
Eiykin Juki
Eiykin Juki 16 June 2019 06:19
Well to be honest i don't stan any other GG other than blackpink..but CLC has a good song and choreo too..shout out to themmm 💞💕🙌💃
kim mary
kim mary 16 June 2019 06:12
Sorn is perfect.💜
cch ksy
cch ksy 16 June 2019 03:43
needs help with names