Arash feat. Helena - One Night In Dubai (Official Video)

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Oyuncu Kedi
Oyuncu Kedi Today, 00:15
perfect music video Amazingg
Goddess Today, 00:09
Jak jesteś z Polski to polub ten komentarz☺️
Anne Ionescu
Anne Ionescu Yesterday, 23:48
dooset daram azizam <3
SHASUM Yesterday, 23:41
And get arrested in the morning for illegal s*x :DDD
Stef Pavlova
Stef Pavlova Yesterday, 22:55
Why everyone is obsessed by Dubai? This song is very stupid... It's a pity because all of your song are great :)
יש בעייה
יש בעייה Yesterday, 21:57
يفرح العرب بالفاحشه بوطنهم عباد ترمب الله يخزيكم. حلوه الاغنيه؛)
Nunu Right
Nunu Right Yesterday, 21:05
I’m from America and I love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏼🙌🏼
Harun Kuscu
Harun Kuscu Yesterday, 20:48
Türkler burdamı Türkiye 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Billal Hossain
Billal Hossain Yesterday, 20:43
Billal Hossain
Billal Hossain Yesterday, 20:43
Billal Hossain
Billal Hossain Yesterday, 20:43
SoN MgR Yesterday, 19:57
Nice song boss
saf in
saf in Yesterday, 19:38
nice Like it
Амират Шарибова
Амират Шарибова Yesterday, 19:11
Актриса или певица очень похожа на Алёну Шишкову.
Mr mohan
Mr mohan Yesterday, 19:11
Too good bro
Lakki Yesterday, 18:13
still no one can't beat " one night in bangkok "
myzasada Yesterday, 18:04
Love this song 😍😍😍
LILIAN KIM Yesterday, 17:55
i want it also..
Анастасия Гиржбайн
Анастасия Гиржбайн Yesterday, 17:42
Why didn't you put under the video the name of the protagonist of the video ?
Zarif Adylov
Zarif Adylov Yesterday, 16:53
Amazing !!! Три раза подряд прослушал супер.
ines bnld
ines bnld Yesterday, 16:42
Anwar Kritem
Anwar Kritem Yesterday, 16:39
In which language is the song ?
Kamran Aliyev
Kamran Aliyev Yesterday, 16:05
This girl my of❤😍💋💋💋
Muhammad Mohsin
Muhammad Mohsin Yesterday, 15:16
Artificial beauty...Come to kashmir or murree or northern areas of Pakistan.
Mohammed Arafat
Mohammed Arafat Yesterday, 14:55
Thank you for this amazing song ♥ Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Sk sumon
Sk sumon Yesterday, 14:25
Any one tel me the Female model name?
Душа Моя
Душа Моя Yesterday, 14:06
Очень красивая песня и клип просто супер ❤️🌺😍🤗🎶👍
Blanka J
Blanka J Yesterday, 13:43
Älskar Er❤❤❤❤❤
Luka Lorenzo
Luka Lorenzo Yesterday, 13:29
2:26 Thanos, what have you done? 😂
khanti koraputia
khanti koraputia Yesterday, 13:18
After a long gap returned with a bang.....Helena is looking more gorgeous....👌🏼👌🏼🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
IRAN King Yesterday, 13:18
One night in tehran ❤️
Noor Alam Ansari
Noor Alam Ansari Yesterday, 12:14
Lovely song👌From India 🇮🇳
Ramim Hasan
Ramim Hasan Yesterday, 12:14
Just awesome
Алия М
Алия М Yesterday, 11:42
Ну все, эскортницы Дубайские, ликуйте) Ваш Гимн выпустили😅
Md Naeem. nic
Md Naeem. nic Yesterday, 10:51
nice song
Justyna Kozłowska
Justyna Kozłowska Yesterday, 10:47
Kto z Polski ?Kissing from Poland 😘
Adrienn Fandeli
Adrienn Fandeli Yesterday, 10:11
Bharat Jat
Bharat Jat Yesterday, 09:41
андрей однолетков
андрей однолетков Yesterday, 07:27
KV SAMVEN MANN Yesterday, 07:26
Love 💖 from hongkong
Rasulov Mtv
Rasulov Mtv Yesterday, 04:07
Как красивый иранской язык, и английский 😍👍👍👍
Narek Avetiqyan
Narek Avetiqyan Yesterday, 02:37
This whatInfinity War??
Ayana M
Ayana M Yesterday, 01:45
Love from Mongolia 🇲🇳
Ulan Borkulov
Ulan Borkulov Yesterday, 01:33
Oh my god miss Alyena!
lilly roon
lilly roon 17 June 2019 23:44
A fuck song.. Not even romantic.
Rezwan Faysal Rezon
Rezwan Faysal Rezon 17 June 2019 23:25
A BIG Love from Bangladesh!
Alexandr488 17 June 2019 23:10
Лайк не глядя. Arash and Helena снова на высоте
NabZter 17 June 2019 23:02
Top 8 Best Places To Visit In Dubai | Cinematic Travel Video | NabZter -
دماوند بزرگ
دماوند بزرگ 17 June 2019 22:57
ای جان
О К 17 June 2019 21:55
Шикарная Аленка !!!!и отменная реклама летим в Дубаи )