[MV] 홍빈 (HONGBIN) X 형원 (HYUNGWON) - COOL LOVE (Prod. dress)

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Ckyleen Mangulabnan
Ckyleen Mangulabnan Today, 13:20
we are so near to 400k views,, why is hyungwon and hongbin paid dust >:(
Monbebe Sunshine
Monbebe Sunshine Today, 11:47
I love this so much!!!
Kimy Kiwi
Kimy Kiwi Today, 10:57
Hyungwons voice!🥰
muzna Today, 09:49
386k :(
Indah Karim
Indah Karim Today, 07:52
Melina Justkn
Melina Justkn Today, 07:36
It's amazing 🔥
mariayunue Santanalopez
mariayunue Santanalopez Today, 06:37
No manchen hasta las canciones de pepsi me gustan en kpop
Joseline Gonzalez 89
Joseline Gonzalez 89 Today, 06:30
Me encanto 😍, no le entendi 😅 pero me encanto !!! 💕😍😍❤
오바참치 Today, 06:02
형원이의 눈빛은 은하수야 I LOVE YOU😘😘👍
Lemme Catch My Son Watchin Kookies and Cream
Lemme Catch My Son Watchin Kookies and Cream Today, 05:20
Finally i see some pepsi supporters...coke just aint it
Anupreeti Boro
Anupreeti Boro Today, 04:16
Is this this supposed to be a catwalk show or a fashion film or a music video 🙄💙
SunlitLotus Today, 03:50
I love how they went with the 2 members who are the most "vocally forgotten" in their groups ♥ (I've always loved Hyungwon's voice so much I'm so happy we can finally hear it properly it's such a nice mellow voice ;w;)
Anna Rangel
Anna Rangel Today, 03:42
Donghae4myvalentine Today, 03:11
is Pepsi this seductive yes.
Donghae4myvalentine Today, 03:09
Donghae4myvalentine Today, 03:07
RITS- - Today, 02:44
I rlly thought theyre saying co la
AvocadoLord Today, 02:30
I really cried over a Pepsi ad 👊😔
purpleheart Today, 02:03
Is it just me or does when they say cool love it kinda sounds like cola...No just me ok.
Vitória Ribeiro
Vitória Ribeiro Today, 01:56
Tae Eun Mi pcy
Tae Eun Mi pcy Today, 01:53
Sexy guy hyungone from MX
Rosa Lim
Rosa Lim Today, 00:56
When you never realized Hyungwon’s voice is really R&B suited bc Starship never gives him lines or only gives him the more talk-y lines AND IT TOOK A PEPSI AD. I want Hyungwon, Jooheon, and IM to sing together now 😭My Monbebe Starlight self is THRIVING.
Monbebe MX7
Monbebe MX7 Today, 00:47
Prince chae hyungwom just slay it like always
Lynn Williams
Lynn Williams Today, 00:46
379,326 <3
thalyna bernardo
thalyna bernardo Today, 00:41
Alguma BR mais, vendo mv/propaganda pepsi?
MX Stan
MX Stan Today, 00:03
Keep str34ming Monbebes & Starlights!! This song is too good to not have a lot of V13ws. The visuals alone are worth 2 million!
Monbebe Sunshine
Monbebe Sunshine Yesterday, 23:30
Keep str34ming this Monbebes!!!
I B Yesterday, 23:30
The song is so good and THEIR deep voICES YES !!!!
Samantha Rao
Samantha Rao Yesterday, 23:29
I stan.
misanthropic girl
misanthropic girl Yesterday, 23:28
Okay its too obvious hyungwon is not a human no human can be this pretty 😍
Zuchiru Yuuki
Zuchiru Yuuki Yesterday, 22:59
Ohgod-The best duo
stan IZ bijjes
stan IZ bijjes Yesterday, 21:43
Dang, I'll drink pepsi forever. Who's with me?! None? Oke.
Mortis Thorne
Mortis Thorne Yesterday, 21:10
It's so disappointing that this still only has 370k. It's been a week, Monbebes, Starlights, what are you doing? Combined this should have 4x that many. Why is this not getting the recognition it deserves? Is it because your faves from the respective groups aren't in it? Seriously.
시로인생 Yesterday, 21:00
형원 넘귀여운 dj♥
Christine Pascual
Christine Pascual Yesterday, 20:19
monsta x!!!! More lineeee to hyungwon please
sang k
sang k Yesterday, 19:53
Hyungwon's moves and hyungwon's walk and hyungwon's visuals and hyungwon's vocals....... WOW.......
Monta Bebe
Monta Bebe Yesterday, 19:19
Wow, I really loved this collaboration. They are so handsome
Am MONBEBE Yesterday, 19:11
pls support this clip and make it get 1M views. WE CAN DO IT!!!
Nymph Denna
Nymph Denna Yesterday, 18:30
กุเปนขอร้อง มุงรีบตัดมากหลออิชิป ทำมัยปากมันมั่ยตงกับเนื้อเพลงงงงงง
Amina S
Amina S Yesterday, 18:14
We streaming 🔥_🔥
Nadia Es ARMY
Nadia Es ARMY Yesterday, 17:25
Now Pepsi is my new favorite drink
Elly Sousa
Elly Sousa Yesterday, 17:21
Tentando entender pq esse MV n tem 1M de visualizações
Dain 95
Dain 95 Yesterday, 17:14
eggye-o Yesterday, 17:00
man... watching this has made me thirsty... if only there was a cool and refreshing drink out there...
Javi Yesterday, 17:00
I suddenly crave a sip of Pepsi cool love... I mean, cola
Sabīne Laura Kiršteina
Sabīne Laura Kiršteina Yesterday, 16:48
I don't like pepsi but this makes me want to drink it
Gönül Güler
Gönül Güler Yesterday, 16:38
pepsi yeah😍
Gönül Güler
Gönül Güler Yesterday, 16:37
Oh my...
Joy the Ghost Rider
Joy the Ghost Rider Yesterday, 16:31
Hongbin has such a nice voice... I never knew!
Mónica 8D
Mónica 8D Yesterday, 16:09
I need a performance video, please